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Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine That Will Make You Reach For A Glass

Wine is the perfect drink to satisfy the craving for something delicious that excites our taste buds! Wine has had its own time travel journey from the ancient times of 4000BC to the 21st century. Wine not only provides a great buzz but the health benefits of wine, when consumed in proper quantities, are endless!

Wine is produced from fermented grapes of a wide variety and one such largely used type is the Vitis vinifera grape, also called the wine grape. There are a plethora of wines available such as red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, rose, and dessert wines. Some like it white while some want it red. The benefits of wine including white wine benefits and red wine benefits make it the all-rounder for women who are ideally looking for a great drink along with added health perks. 

Surprising Health Benefits Of Wine

1. Boosts Your Immunity

Wine is a great immunity booster if consumed in the right quantity. Wine contains a great amount of magnesium and zinc which adds great muscle and nerve strength. Remember excessive wine can only lead to a reverse impact on your immunity. 

2. Provides Antioxidants 

Drinking Wine Provides Necessary Antioxidants

Antioxidants in wine help protect the lining of blood vessels in the heart. Some studies say that wine helps fight cancer building cells in our bodies. Thus making wine a great drink of choice with its amazing red wine benefits and white wine benefits.

3. Can Help Prevent Getting A Stroke

Drinking Wine Improves Heart Health

Need another reason to open up a wine bottle? As per a study in 2016, two-three glasses of wine can reduce the risk of an ischaemic stroke by 10%. But mind you, consuming only a limited quantity can do so whereas an excessive amount of wine would just increase the risk of a stroke.

4. Can Help Fight Depression

Drinking Wine Helps In Fighting Depression

In the daily struggles of life, women balance their own world along with a million other things. Depression and other mental health issues have become common in women. Two to seven glasses of wine a week has been said to combat the onboarding of depression in women.

5. Reduces The Effects Of PCOS 

Wine Helps In Reducing The Effects Of PCOS

Wine consists of a particular compound called resveratrol. Resveratrol is the star compound of red wine. Red wine benefits women by providing resveratrol which reduces the level of testosterone levels in women. It reduces the irregularity of periods and excessive hair. White wine benefits include reducing stress and allowing a calmer body cycle which brings about a healthy hormonal balance in women.

6. Reduces The Effects Of Diabetes

Wine Reduces The Effects Of Diabetes

Resveratrol reduces type 2 diabetes and restores the balance in blood sugar levels. Blood sugar is constantly affected by our lifestyle. Resveratrol helps keep blood sugar in control, therefore allowing the reduction of type 2 diabetes.

7. Helps Activate Your Brain

Wines Helps In Activating Brain

Wine is good for our brain as red wine benefits us by flexing those memory muscles. Resveratrol reverses dementia and memory loss. It also helps impaired communication skills, language understanding, and focus issues.

8. Helps Protect The Bones

Wine strengthens bone density allowing our bones to be stronger and less brittle. White wine benefits in building stronger bones as it contains a minimum of 12 gms of calcium in each glass. We always thought milk was our only option but ladies, we can now have wine!

9. Contributes To Better Gut Health

Wine Improves Gut Health

The gastric acid lining our stomach gets stimulated by wine thus aiding in quicker digestion. Drinking wine encourages the growth of gut bacteria and acts as a prebiotic to help digestion. 

10. Helps Your Skin Glow!

Drinking Wine Helps Your Skin Glow
Picture Credit: L’Oreal

One of the outstanding advantages of wine for women is that it helps keep acne and wrinkles at bay. Wine contains great antioxidants that kill acne-causing bacteria along with reducing wrinkles. Check out these other benefits of red wine for skin here.

Now that we’re aware of the list of benefits of drinking wine, let’s answer the most frequently asked questions;

  • How do you drink wine? 
  • Drink red or white wine? 
  • How to drink red wine and how to drink white wine? 
  • Are ways to drink wine defined differently? 

Answering the last question first -yes! There are different ways of drinking wine. The question of how to drink wine also includes; how to drink red wine and how to drink white wine.

How To Drink Wine The Right Way

Step 1: Choose The Right Glass

Choose The Right Glass Before Drinking Wine

The glass determines the real aroma of the wine. As per research, wine tastes the best when served in the right shaped glass. The stem of the glass being long or short does not matter. The shape of the glass vessel matters. The aroma which travels from the wine to our noses adds to the flavour of the wine. Also, wine should not be served up to the brim of the glass as it does not allow the aroma vapours to travel and cuts down the flavour of the wine.

Red wine is usually served in a glass with a wider and bigger vessel to cut the spicy feel of the wine. It allows the ethanol vapours of the wine to add to the flavour. White wine is usually served in smaller glasses as white wine has more floral aromas and is kept at cooler temperatures.

Step 2: Test The Wine 

Test The Wine Before Drinking

It’s best to ask for recommendations for wine, especially at bars or at the wine store. Tasting the wine before choosing an entire glass is a great way to go. Ask yourself whether you want a sweet wine, dry wine which is an unsweetened wine, crisp or smooth wine. The choices are aplenty.

Step 3: Smell The Wine

Smell The Wine
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This is the entire plot of the process of wine drinking! So do not skip this. It looks funny when everyone around is directly just drinking their beer or vodka and you’re busy smelling your wine. But wine is no fun without swirling it and smelling it. Go ahead, swirl and smell the wine and take in the amazing aromas.

Step 4: Taste Your Wine

Taste Your Wine

Take small sips of the wine. Let it move around your palate and absorb all of its flavours. Then swallow it and enjoy the after taste of the wine.

Wine is the ultimate relaxation drink. When consumed in a limited quantity, it is extremely beneficial. You can tell yourself you are just drinking fruits. Dive into the world of wine confidently and enjoy!

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