WorkCareer8 Quirky Office Desk Decoration Ideas

8 Quirky Office Desk Decoration Ideas

Most people today spend more time at their work desks than they do at home or any other place, to the point where it can become dull and boring. Adding some quirky office desk décor can help in making the workplace more exciting and fun, and bust those office blues. 

Of course, there are limitations to how much we can modify our cubicles or office space, and we cannot change the entire layout of the space. However, some simple elements can be added as desk accessories to rejuvenate and freshen up space. 

Benefits Of Decorating Your Work Desk

Work may feel boring on some days, but a personalised desk becomes your own haven for productivity and creativity. Quirky office décor items can also attract people’s attention and become an easy icebreaker when you have a colleague coming up to your desk.

Some interesting desk décor ideas shared here are eye-catching and help add some fun element to a dull desk. Read on for great ideas on how to decorate your office desk.

How To Decorate Your Work Desk

1. Inspirational Quotes

Decorate Office Desk With Inspirational Quotes

Everybody needs a blast of motivation from time to time at work, and inspirational quotes are a great way to get motivated. Print out some interesting and motivational quotes in your choice of font and put them up in a place that can remind you to give your best every day. Quotes can be printed and framed or simply pinned on the cubicle wall if they have soft boards. 

2. Insta Décor

Use Your Best Insta Pictures To Decorate Work Desk

The social media addicts and Instagram fans would love this as it is a great way to add some warmth to your workspace. Choose a bunch of your best Instagram photos and print them out. A décor idea that is quite common for bedrooms can be scaled down to add to your cubicle décor. These photos can then be pinned up on the soft board which you can take off and replace as and when you like. You can also attach them to a string, letting them hang loose. 

3. Desk Accessories

Work Desk Accessories

Choose from a variety of desk accessories that are practical and decorative. Most of you will have received some form of desk accessory as a gift from a colleague that can find its way on your desk if you like it. If they’re practical, you can put them to good use as well. Few of the typical desk accessories that can be decorative and quite useful are:


Digital Calendars For Work Desk

Although we mostly rely on our digital calendars for referring to dates and scheduling meetings, having a physical calendar within reach can be quite helpful. Noting down important tasks is much easier. There are many printable calendar pages available that can also be pinned up every month on the soft board, if you have one. 

Charging Docks

Fancy Charging Docks For Office Desk Decor

A variety of fancy yet compact charging docks are available to buy under the category of office supplies. Charging docks would be quite helpful on desks that have limited plug points.

Desk Plants

Small Plants For Work Desk

Probably one of the most common office desk décor items you would find are desk plants. Usually, small potted ones come in cute designs and can be kept in a corner to spruce up the workspace without cluttering it too much.


Pushpins For Office Desk Decor

These are the most useful things you could invest in when buying office supplies. Nowadays, pushpins come in different shapes and fun designs. Opt for more unique shapes than the regular ones, so you end up decorating your space without spending on something without practical use. 

Pen Holders

Pen holder For Office Desk

They are essential for a desk that you want to keep clutter-free. Pen holders are the easiest desk items to find and keep those pens and pencils handy when you need them, instead of having to search for them all over. 

Mouse Pads

Personalized Mouse Pad On Work Desk

For the creative ones, use a personalised mousepad much like your own space. Nowadays, personalised mouse pads can be ordered online. You can add a favourite photo from your recent vacation or those with your loved ones to remind you of special moments while you keep working. 

4. Decals

Decals For Work Desk

Why should decals be limited to the walls of the home alone? Decals can be found in magnetic forms or stickers, the latter being more common. If you have metal spaces or drawers, you can put up quirky magnetic decals to decorate the cubicle. Sticker decals are easily available and can be added to any surface, making your workstation super cute. 

5. Seasonal/Festive Décor 

Seasonal/Festive Work Desk Decor

Some like to bring out their inner creative genius. If you need ideas on how to decorate your office desk, look up some exciting and easy DIY projects, and you’ll realise you don’t need to spend a fortune on buying fancy desk accessories to decorate your space. 

If you like to change the style every now and then, go for festive themed décor to get you into the holiday mood at work without hampering productivity. Add paper cut-outs or a printable that sets the mood for the rest of the month or week, depending on the time of the year. 

6. Desk Décor For Freelancers

Work Desk Decor For Freelancers

Not all people work within the confines of an office cubicle. These freelancers create their workspace at home. While it may feel convenient to be a freelancer and be able to work from anywhere you want, productivity drops after a point without having a designated workstation. Given the flexibility that freelancing offers, having a dedicated and well-designed workspace is essential to keep you on track. So, put in that effort to spice up your office desk décor and choose colour schemes that make you feel your motivated best. 

7. Less Is More

Keep Your Work Desk Decor Simple

The simple rule of less is more always works. A desk cluttered with decoration is not always a practical idea. Keeping maximum working space will help in focusing on work and not let the decorations become a distraction and counterproductive. So be minimalist and classy. So, get yourself a basic ‘less is more’ approach if you’re the simple and subtle one. In this approach, you could simply choose to keep your desk minimalistic and neat, with only a notepad, a plant, a mousepad and a pen stand. Minimalism is the new fancy!

8. Over-The-Top

Tiny Hangings For Office Desk

If you’re the type who likes beautiful chaos, you could choose to fill your desk with all things quirk- keychains, ribbons, polaroid photographs, danglers, post-its, fairy lights, and even tiny stuff toys!

Even as we move towards a more minimalist approach to designs and décor across spaces, work desk décor is something most of us would love to invest in. Amidst all the stress that work might give you, a decorated and personalised space gives you that sense of familiarity, homecoming (of sorts) and a space you can call your own. Work environment influences our efficiency. It becomes a space that belongs to you, and when it positively impacts the mind, it also boosts productivity. Thus, it is a rather good idea to allocate some time and energy into your workspaces, making it a lively and pleasant space for productivity and creativity; rather than the typically dull and gloomy den that comes to mind when we think of workspaces.

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