LifeDecorGive Your Room An Instant Makeover With These Easy & Affordable Ideas

Give Your Room An Instant Makeover With These Easy & Affordable Ideas

Even though there is comfort in familiarity, looking at the same walls and fixtures may get boring over time. A little makeover or change of aesthetic can quickly fix that. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate or complex. Here are some easy DIY decor ideas to give your bedroom an instant facelift.

DIY Decor For Your Bedroom Walls

When ideating on how to makeover your bedroom, walls are often overlooked as spaces of efficient organisation or storage. With these ideas, you can quickly transform your boring bedroom wall into a functional aesthetic. Click here to know some amazing glass bottle decoration ideas and change the look of your home.

1. Geometric Shelves

Put a fancy twist to your shelves by picking them in fun shapes – anything but the plain, old horizontal kind. They can be squares, triangles, hexagons, polygon, or any unique shape you like. Pain them all white in a wooden varnish or your favourite colours. You can club them together on the wall or use them as single accent pieces. Use them to store trinkets, souvenirs from travels or little planters for some freshness in your room.

2. DIY Posters

Got a favourite band, 90s TV show or a dream destination? Have a favourite quote that you live by? Adorn your walls with beautiful posters of these things that will always bring a smile to your face. You can print out these designs in full colour on a glossy sheet and then put them in a plain black frame. This will put maximum focus on the picture. If you are feeling crafty, you can draw these designs in monochrome or colour them in a medium of your choice. Frame them similarly and arrange them in fun patterns on your wall.

3. Vertical Garden

A space crunch doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the freshness and joy of green plants. You can plant them vertically on your walls in hanging planters. You can also put hooks on the wall and upcycle old bottles or cans as hanging planters. Use succulents and air-purifying plants that do not need a lot of water and can thrive indoors.

4. Jewellery Hooks

Why keep your beautiful jewellery hidden when it can add a blingy aesthetic to your room? Look for quirky-designed hooks or paint old ones with a fresh, lively shade. You can also use a long hanger with multiple hooks for this DIY. Mount them at a convenient location on the wall and hang all your neckpieces, rings and bracelets. For earrings, you can mount a foam or corkboard, and pierce the pairs through it. 

Decor Accents For Your Bedroom 

You don’t need to burn a dresser-shaped hole in your pocket or get new wallpapering to make your room look chic. It is only a question of creativity. Here are ideas on how to decorate your room with simple things:

1. Origami

This is a fun and easy craft to instantly amp up your decor game. You can pick up coloured sheets, large scraps of paper, old maps and newspapers or any other variety of sheet you like to fold into fun shapes. You can then hang them on your window, above your bed or place them around on tables and shelves. Start out with easy designs if you are unfamiliar and keep practising to get better.

2. Painted Kites

Image Via Instagram / Del Marin

Add some playfulness to your room with painted kites. Find them in different sizes and paint on your favourite patterns. Be careful though as kite paper is very thin. Once dry, arrange them on your wall for an inexpensive yet colourful DIY for your room.

3. Embroidery Rings

Often cast only in the supporting role of holding the fabric while it gets embroidered, embroidery rings can be championed as beautiful decorative frames. You can paint or embroider on fabric, set it in the ring, cut off the excess on the sides and hang the ring from the wall. Or you can take an empty ring and crochet it with a thick thread around it to make a wall hanging.   

4. Fun Cushions

Bored with your monotone cushions or plain pillows? Add a zing to them with some craft! For smaller, decorative cushions, sew on frill patterns in pastel shades for a cool look. You can tassel the ends of your pillowcase to give it a facelift. If you like to paint, you can hand-paint geometric patterns, favourite quotes or easy Indian embroidery patterns like warli. You can also try to find sequined kathi cushion covers to add a dash of colour to your room.

DIY Decor With Lights

When scratching your head about how to decorate your room, keep the humble fairy lights in mind. Their soft, warm glow can lend a comforting look to your bedroom and there are so many fun ways you can use them to decorate.

1. Light Streamers

You can hang streams of fairy lights from walls in different patterns by securing edges with nails or hooks. You can also wrap your bedposts, edges of shelves and tables or your window frame with these lights. Stick to the classic, romantic yellow light or go the trippy way with a bright blue or pink light.

2. Bottle Lanterns

If you have old glass bottles lying around, make them into cute lanterns. Clean them out and stuff them with streams of fairy lights. You can also paint them on the outside and scratch out patterns so that the light from inside the bottle casts patterned shadows. Place these bottles near your bed, on your study table or in any corner of your room that could do with some decoration. Also, check out 10 easy ways how to make lanterns with minimal effort this Diwali.

3. Light Tree

Add a whimsical look to your room with a light tree. For this, get a big, sturdy branch and clean it to remove splinters, insects and dust. Also, remove leaves as they decay over time. Then you can paint it in your favourite colour or just add a coat of varnish to retain the wood colour. For the magical bit, wrap the branches in with streams of fairy lights in any colour you prefer. You can fix the branch on the floor of a corner or hang it using sturdy wire. Then switch on the lights to live the fantasy.

While these ideas are a great place to start, there is no limitation to what you can do to uplift your bedroom aesthetic. How to decorate your room is completely up to your craftiness, and resourcefulness. Upcycle things you already have lying around the house, give them a fresh coat of paint and arrange them creatively around your room. It is best if you can also find a functional utility for such things so that you can decorate without cluttering.

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