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20 DIY Christmas Décor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Space

Christmas is associated with the holiday spirit. During this time, every corner of the house, including the bedroom, living room, or kitchen, is full of Christmas décor that makes the space look charming and warm. People truly get a chance to embrace their creative side by choosing some doable projects, including planning for budget-friendly Christmas decorations indoor, that makes the place express itself beyond words.

It is truly fun to compile the collection of inspiring Christmas home décor that brings in joy and a personal touch, which makes Christmas truly exciting as it should be. So why not bring around love, happiness, party, fun, and all the imagination together with the amazing DIY Christmas décor ideas?

Explore some great DIY Christmas décor ideas that can be used for decoration and bringing out your home’s beauty this Christmas.

20 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas To Bring In Joy & A Festive Spirit

1. Bedroom Decorations

While decorating the home for Christmas, the bedroom is the left-out part. One can create a holiday vibe in there too without a restriction or limitation by hanging around the string lights, the scattering candles, twinkling lights, pine cones, plaid pillows, red bed throw and so as a part of Christmas decorations indoor, making the room merry and providing a wintery feel on the Christmas eve.  

2. Paper Spirals

Totally easy to make, this last-minute decoration of Christmas home decor is one of the simplest ideas. All one needs is to fold the scrapbook paper in a triangle shape by making use of the spiral maker cut in the groove. Once done, just use the tapes to fasten the end and get a flowery accessory, all ready! 

3. Dinner Table Decorations

It is one of the most important and one of the best parts indoors. With the simple use of silver candle handlers or wood chargers on the table ends to make an add-on to the Christmas decor. You can also use golden tableware together with a cinnamon stick for adding additional texture and a stunning look. 

4. Wall Hanging

Using the sewing machine (if you have it), one can stretch out the advent calendar that can be useful for many upcoming years. It is a part of the amazing Christmas wall décor that provides decoration a rustic look.

5. 3D Paper Star

All you need to learn is that trick to fold the paper into a paper star (3D). It will gather up the beauty and can be placed on the Christmas tree or can be hung (down the ceiling or down the fireplace mantel) using a string attached to the same.

6. Winter Bulb – A Perfect Gift

Using some supplies of paper (cute ones), one can wrap it around the bulbs and make it a perfect winter bulb gift. It is a thoughtful and the best gift for the teachers or the neighbours that can be used as Christmas door decorations.

7. Paper-Made Christmas Tree

This provides a rustic warmth to the DIY Christmas decorations. These miniatures of Christmas trees made out of paper require card stock, paper cones and scissors along with hot glue guns, faux berry branches, and some fake snow. Believe this; it is truly a perfect part of the décor.

8. Paper Cup Bells

These Christmas themed bells are made out of paper cups and a perfect for Christmas door decorations. All one requires is some paint, ribbons, paper cups, pipe cleaners, and glitter.

Paint the cups as per the desired colours, connect the beads and then add the jingle bells using pipe cleaners. Do not forget to tie up the ribbon.

9. Handmade & Painted Wood Slice Ornaments

Easily available online and at the craft stores, the wood slice can be used for painting a simple design, words using the craft paint (white). Once done, just hang it around and get the best Christmas wall décor.

10. Decorations With Wreaths

As a part of Christmas wreath ideas, either use a natural one to adorn the door or make out a plastic cup using disposable cups. You can even try the wreath made of berry, that fits right in for creating the charm and an appeal at a low price during the Christmas festivities.

You can even try the vintage Christmas ornaments wreath if still not satisfied with the other Christmas wreath ideas. It is an easy make, made up of glass ornaments and the tinsel garland.

11. Ornament Tree

Apart from having some beautiful Christmas wreath, you can pick the branches from the garden from the florist, and create a long-lasting display for the season. Just decorate it using the ornaments after placing it into the glass vessel (can be filled with colourful marbles).

12. Christmas Trees – Tree Branches Or Wooden Pallets

Use a long-fallen branch from a tree or single-use wooden pallets to provide a rustic look together with the other decorations. Make sure not to compromise with the coloured ornaments and lights, which can provide uniqueness for the front porch. Bring out your painting skills and woodwork. Make sure that the decorations remain stunning and form the part of best DIY Christmas decorations.

13. Wine Cork Reindeer

Having a beautiful Christmas wreath isn’t enough. Sometimes an add on works perfectly and believe it or not but the tiny reindeer created using the wine corks and used along with other Christmas table decorations does bring out the cuteness of the same. The job is very easy, and if there are kids at home, they will really love to be a part of it. All one needs is some screw pins, embellishments (for the face of the reindeer), springs, and a little time.

14. Sock Snowman

Create a cute snowman without having to sue the sock. As a part of Christmas decor, this adorable little craft can be easily created at home. Just fill the sock with the rice and check the size according to the requirement. Once the sock is filled, tie up the top with the rubber band for using a thread. Also tied up the middle for differentiating the body and the head of the snowman. Once done, fix the eyes, button, and make sure to wrap a scarf to provide a complete look.

15. Light Trees Wall Hangings

If you need more Christmas décor ideas, the attractive wall hangings that are made out of the sparkling lights and the trees will be a perfect choice to be put in every room, including a dining room. These hangings can be silver lights or the fir trees.

16. Jar Snow Globe

Create some personalised jar snow globe and bring out the snowflake decorations that will be loved by all. Believe it or not, it is very easy to create it using glitter, mini trees, a jar, fake snow, a snowman, and a Santa. You can even fill in water to create perfect DIY Christmas decorations toys.

17. Painted Jar Snowman

Snowflake decorations add a mesmerising view to the house. Apart from the same, the snowman and the Santa are also considered to be Christmas figures that can create wonders with any Christmas décor ideas.

Note: For creating a painted jar snowman, put the tape in the area where the eyes and the mouth are to be drawn and then start painting the jars.

18. Pinecone Elves

Make sure to be a little more creative by converting the pinecones as a part of other Christmas table decorations. The mini wood beads can be perfectly used as the head that can further be decorated using the caps or the mufflers. Just choose the colour as per the desire and create perfection with creativity.

19. White As The Base Colour

While having the bright decorations all around, create a white surface to provide a better virtual look to the room. White fur tree clothing can also be used along the wall surfaces (white-coloured). Make sure to put a lot of space for providing a wintery look and the red colour, that will add a perfectly beautiful look which is stronger and better.

20. Light Fixture For A Creative & Bright Look

In order to provide a perfect festive touch, the light fixture will be helpful. You can even use the ornaments to hang around in the dining room or the kitchen. Decorating a Christmas wreath with lights is another great idea to brighten up your home..

Hope you made a pick amidst the discussed Christmas décor ideas, that are quite simple and classy. It will provide a great feel for the festive season and ensure the house is decorated with perfection. So, why wait when you can have fun for yourself and your family, trying up some Christmas décor ideas.

Have a great Christmas, full of lights and brightness all around!

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