Budget ShopperBig Savings Shopping Guide: 30 Must-Have Festive Picks This Diwali

Big Savings Shopping Guide: 30 Must-Have Festive Picks This Diwali

Diwali brings along a ton of sales, discounts and offers. But how valid are these and can you say with confidence if the price listed is worth it? There’s no need to spend your life savings this Diwali to make it special. Whether it’s gourmet food items, stunning home decor, trendy fashion that’ll make heads turn or sustainable gifting options, TC46 has got you covered.

Try this list of 30 unbelievably amazing products for your Diwali celebrations that are worth every paisa!

10 Must-Haves For A Delicious Diwali Spread

1. Almond Flavoured Coffee By Perfetto

Nothing says welcome like a cup of piping hot coffee on a chilly winter’s day on Diwali. Enjoy the nutty, teasing flavour of almond infused into the fresh, fresh coffee with your guests. Or make amazing desserts and coffee-shakes using this nutty almond coffee. This is a tasty gift you can send to your loved ones this festive season!

Price: Rs 199

Buy It Here: Shop for this aromatic coffee on Red Dot Shop, TC46’s curated e-commerce shopping destination!

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2. Honey Variety Pack By Maaticha

This honey variety pack offers a selection of 100 % Indian honeybee collected deliciousness. From the mono-floral fields to the wildflower forests across India, bring to your table a degustation of the small batch honeys. Serve it on your cheese platter while entertaining guests or simply send it across as a gift this Diwali!

Price: Rs 360

Buy It Here: Buy this variety pack of honey at TC46’s online marketplace for organic foods, Red Dot Shop!

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3. Cashew Coconut Butter By Native Tongue

Inherently sweet cashews from Goa and coconut, this is stone ground to a smooth nut butter and perfumed with cardamom and saffron. Use it to make a smoothie by blitzing a heaped spoonful of nut butter in a blender along with milk or with water for a dairy free version. This recipe is a great fit for your Diwali party.

Price: Rs 350

Buy It Here: Add this nut butter to your cart on Red Dot Shop today, TC46’s online store for gourmet foods!

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4. Old School Peanut Butter By The Odd Gumnut

This is a jar of pure, delicious peanuts. Packed with plant protein, the peanut butter isn’t guilty of breaking your diet. It simply delivers a yummy taste you can devour this Diwali. Make a peanut butter shake, sandwich or even laddoos!

Price: Rs 280

Buy It Here: Shop for this wholesome peanut butter on TC46’s curated e-commerce website, Red Dot Shop!

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5. Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough By Dough Shope

The authentic taste of dark cocoa with dark chocolate chunks that’s sure to entice you. This edible cookie dough is enough to bring a smile to every child’s face and even your inner child. Gift this to the munchkins in life this festive season and spread some joy!

Price: Rs 330

Buy It Here: Get this edible cookie dough from TC46’s webstore for the latest food trends, Red Dot Shop!

6. Rise Up Kombucha By The Odd Gumnut

A fizzy, raw probiotic beverage that takes you from your morning health elixir to post-dinner digestive. Kombucha has several health benefits but the taste is uniquely awesome as well. So this Diwali, ditch the same old drinks and serve some organic goodness in a bottle!

Price: Rs 700

Buy It Here: Buy kombucha from Red Dot Shop, TC46’s very own destination for local brands!

7. Strawberry Preserve With Kerala Vanilla By Native Tongue

Handpicked strawberries from Mahabaleshwar teamed with locally grown Kerala Vanilla makes for the most delicious breakfast table spread. Spread it over pancakes, shake it in a cocktail, top it over tea cakes or use it as a glaze on your Diwali desserts. The options are endless with this food item.

Price: Rs 325

Buy It Here: Shop for this strawberry preserve at Red Dot Shop, TC46’s very own curated e-commerce destination!

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8. Moringa Powder By Maaticha

If health is your priority this festive season, then this moringa powder is just perfect for you. It is locally sourced from small-scale chemical-free farms in Maharashtra. And, it is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, especially high in iron, calcium, vitamins C and B6. It is also a great source of plant – based protein, especially for those on vegetarian or vegan diets. 

Price: Rs 250

Buy It Here: Buy the moringa powder from TC46’s online marketplace of homegrown brands, Red Dot Shop!

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9. Smoked Aam Panna By Native Tongue

This Aam Panna is flavoured with a signature blend of toasted spices, making it a perfect khatta-meetha cooler. Give this delicious drink a try this festive season that’s sure to be a party hit. Make a delicious cocktail with it or simply add it as a dressing to your salad.

Price: Rs 250

Buy It Here: Shop for the rustic smoky Aam Panna at Red Dot Shop, TC46’s online shopping destination for your festive needs!

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10. Thandai Nut Butter By Native Tongue

Just like the traditional way, the nuts and spices are painstakingly stone-ground for hours till they release natural oils and come together as a smooth creamy flavour-packed nut butter. Make a gourmet dip for fruits, add it to a smoothie or shake and make Diwali flavourful.

Price: Rs 375

Buy It Here: Get the tandai nut butter at TC46’s e-commerce marketplace with curated brands, Red Dot Shop!

10 Must-Have Fashion Pieces For A Stylish Diwali

1. Red Spagetti Strap Kurti By The Hand Made Store

This red cotton strappy kurti with wooden buttons detailing is all you need for a minimalistic chic look yet super comfy to wear this festive season. This handloom piece is made with 100% natural cotton, is naturally dyed, hand-spun and handwoven. Add a statement choker and earrings set to complete the look.

Price: Rs 2,999 (Rs 1,999 after discount)

Buy It Here: Buy this gorgeous kurti at the Red Dot Shop, TC46’s e-commerce fashion destination!

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2. Kurta Dhoti Set By Prayas

Pink is in this festive season and Prayas’ kurta dhoti set is the comfiest and trendy outfit to fulfill the checklist. This pink handloom mid-thigh kurta has self-design weaves, a round neck and designer back with flared sleeves. The tulip style dhoti in solid pink has half elastic at the waist for comfort.

Price: Rs Rs 3,899 (Rs 1,650 after discount)

Buy It Here: Shop for this ethnic wear set at TC46’s trendy fashion online marketplace, Red Dot Shop!

3. Rich Green Gem Ring By Erka

A stylish piece of statement jewellery, this ring will definitely elevate your festive outfit. The colour gives it a royal vibe while the pearls add elegance and grace to the complete look.

Price: Rs 750

Buy It Here: Get this finger ring with a traditional touch at Red Dot Shop, TC46’s curated online shopping destination!

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4. Royal Blue Thread Work Midi Dress By Prayas

Office Diwali party approaching and you have nothing new to wear? Grab this stunning dress by Prayas that’s a great culmination of trendy fashion with comfort. Make it festive with pearl jewellery and white pumps.

Price: Rs 2,899 (Rs 1,299 after discount)

Buy It Here: Buy this alluring midi dress from TC46’s curated online marketplace, Red Dot Shop!

5. Kalamkari Maxi Dress By Prayas

Comfort and maxi dresses go hand in hand and that’s just what you need this festive season. Round neck with flared hem, this dress made with Kalamkari fabric is a style statement. The delicate print offers elegance to your look.

Price: Rs 3,299 (Rs 1,650 after discount)

Buy It Here: Shop for this comfortable yet stylish dress at Red Dot Shop, TC46’s online fashion store with homegrown brands!

6. Aurora Geometric Earrings By House Of Kalart

Elegant geometric earrings, eye-catching, this piece is a perfect conversation starter. Its original design and distinct style makes them a perfect accessory, whether you’re dressing up or down.

Price: Rs 2,750

Buy It Here: Shop for these statement earrings at the Red Dot Shop, TC46’s curated e-commerce marketplace!

7. Purple Strappy Kurti By Prayas

Prayas’ strappy kurti with a fun, trendy pattern is a solid choice for the festive season. This 100% cotton piece is versatile to suit any occasion, especially Bhai Dooj. Add a pair of your favourite jeans and some chunky silver oxidised jewellery to complete the look.

Price: Rs 2,200 (Rs 1,100 after discount)

Buy It Here: Shop for this stunning kurti at the Red Dot Shop, TC46’s curated marketplace for all things fashion.

8. Coral Button Down Printed Dress By Prayas

An elegant shade of peach with blue thread work, this dress is in sync with the colour trends for Diwali 2021. It’s a great choice for Diwali brunches, Bhai Dooj, Choti Diwali and many more festive occasions.

Price: Rs 2,599 (Rs 1,039.60 after discount)

Buy It Here: Get this charming dress from TC46’s webstore for homegrown brands, Red Dot Shop!

9. Golden Merge Neckwear By Erka

This statement necklace is an exclusive piece of jewellery adorned with marble stones and golden beads. The colour makes it a versatile item and can suit any of your festive season outfits, from ethnic to fusion.

Price: Rs 3,000

Buy It Here: Shop for this classy neckpiece at TC46’s online store for all this trendy, Red Dot Shop!

10. Embroidered Gold On Red Kurti By The Hand Made Store

Crafted in natural dyed cotton khadi with detailed mirror hand embroidery, this kurti is festive-ready. The embroidered gold on red with small detailing on the neck helps you achieve a statement minimalistic look. Pair it with flared bottoms, bindi and bangles!

Price: Rs 3,499 (Rs 2,599 after discount)

Buy It Here: Buy this ethnic kurti at Red Dot Shop, TC46’s curated webstore for local brands!

10 Must-Have Sustainable Gifts For A Wholesome Diwali

1. Yellow Leaf-Shaped Platter By Vaani Crafts

Ditch the boring way to serve food to your guests. Here is a unique platter that you can add to your kitchen items and make your kitchen creatives. It has a unique pattern and can be used for serving a variety of condiments, snacks and starters. It’s an ideal gift for your loved ones this Diwali!

Price: Rs 825

Buy It Here: Get this yellow leaf-shaped platter deep dish for your one-dish meals here from the Red Dot Shop, TC46’s one-stop-shop for all desi brands!

2. 3-Tier Dessert Stand By HN Hues

If you’re a fan of desserts, then this is definitely for you! Serve up frosting-swirled cupcakes or desi mithai with artful charm on this trio of rounded platters this Diwali. The central rod disassembles for easy storage and transportation. Ideal for weddings, tea parties and other social events. Bonus: It is available in 2 designs!

Price: Rs 2,600

Buy It Here: Buy this gorgeous dessert stand from the Red Dot Shop, TC46’s e-commerce marketplace for stunning home decor!

3. Wildlife Collection Soy Candle By Acasa Desain

Fragrant with its 100% eco-friendly aroma candles, Acasa Desain offers a collection of luxurious scents. The innovative and eco- friendly aroma candles are made out of bees and soy wax. They are available in jars, wooden pots, festive packaging and more! Select from 6 fragrances and gift away!

Price: Rs 1,200

Buy It Here: Get this fun Diwali gift from TC46’s curated online store of sustainable brands, Red Dot Shop!

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4. Black Pottery Teapot-Cups Set By Terracotta By Sachii

This aesthetically designed teapot set is a stunning gifting option for the festive season. Longpi pottery from Manipur is made from a mixed paste of ground black serpentinite stone and special brown clay, which is found only in Longpi village. Serve your adrak wali chai and set the mood this Diwali!

Price: Rs. 3,300

Buy It Here: Buy the gorgeous set from the Red Dot Shop, TC46’s curated online marketplace of homegrown brands.

5. Aqua Green Shade Coasters By HN Hues

These natural-looking resin coasters are an enviable piece of home decor. This is a perfect product of presentation on office tables, dining tables, coffee tables for placing all types of beverage cups and glasses. The colours bring an elegant charm to any room of the house and are sure to get you compliments for your choice. Add it to your shopping list for the festive season.

Price: Rs 1,600

Buy It Here: Pick up this delightful decor item from Red Dot Shop, TC46’s online store of desi, homegrown brands!

6. Solo Tahitian Pearl Bracelet By Nirwaana

This piece represents the marriage of old and new pearl style jewellery. A single pearl earring is the biggest one among the pearl trends, and it’s only getting bigger as more designers are flaunting them in their runway designs. This Diwali, gift it to the special woman in your life!

Price: Rs 1,900

Buy It Here: Buy this unique bracelet at the Red Dot Shop, TC46’s curated online fashion destination!

7. Blue Serveware By Vaani Crafts

A must-have for your next house party, this Blue Serveware from Vaani Crafts makes events extra special. It’s perfect to serve curries and all kinds of pasta. It is ceramic, handmade and lead-free and is dishwasher and microwave safe. The lid design and the grooves make it a stunning piece on your dinner table. The subtle elegance of this decor piece is a great match for the festive season.

Price: Rs 625

Buy It Here: Place your order for this blue serveware piece on TC46’s very own curated e-commerce marketplace, Red Dot Shop!

8. Resin Tray By HN Hues

This beautiful hand decorated resin tray is painted with a glossy, sparkling resin pour. This tray will set you apart from the crowd and will not only add beauty to your home decor but elevate the hospitality experience of your guests. It’s a great gift for your newly wed friends this Diwali.

Price: Rs 3,000

Buy It Here: Shop for this tray at Red Dot Shop, TC46’s online shopping destination!

9. Ocean In A Drop Wall Clock By HN Hues

Functional art is the trend for 2021 and this wall clock is a great example of it. Put it up in your living room or your room. This resin charm will never fail to please you with its beauty. It makes your wall simple yet stylish. It’s a fantastic gifting option for the festive season.

Price: Rs 2,900

Buy It Here: Get this wall clock today on TC46’s e-commerce website for all things home decor, Red Dot Shop!

10. Assorted Nut Butter Mini Series By Native Tongue

This gourmet food hamper consists of Thandai Nut Butter, Gurbandi Almond Butter, Cashew Coconut Butter and Marzipan Cashew Butter. A brand that specializes in organic, sustainable food products made with local produce, this hamper perfectly fits the bill. Gift it this Diwali to a loved one and see the smile pop on their face.

Price: Rs 590

Buy It Here: Shop for this assorted nut butter hamper at TC46’s online store for homegrown brands, Red Dot Shop!

Diwali holds a special place in our hearts. Make gifting your hero, in times like these when people can’t meet their loved one’s, they can always celebrate together by sending products made with love. Shop from this TC46’s list and light up your world with joy!

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