Life5 Benefits Of Eating Local

5 Benefits Of Eating Local

Recently when the whole ‘Made In India’ concept was trending it kicked us to think a lot more consciously about our choices. Buying from local brands, visiting local places and standing up for local voices are all influential for the right reasons. And as we as a society are turning towards the local and understanding its importance, let’s also know how it’s beneficial for us.

5 Positive Reasons To Eat Local

1. Eating Locally Grown Food Reduces The Travel Time From Farm To Home

One of the biggest advantages of eating locally grown food is that you directly contribute to strengthening the country’s economy. While the current crisis has taken a lot from us, it has given wings to many small businesses that are doing some truly phenomenal work. Supporting our own people and our farmers is one of the foundations for a better, self-sustained tomorrow. And it’s not just the farmers, it’s the people who ferry the produce, the packers, the movers, the cleaners and others. Their livelihood depends partly on all of us. Besides this, by eating locally, the travel time from farm to home is reduced. This helps in retaining the freshness and hence its nutritional value.

2. Consuming Locally Grown Food With The Seasons Keeps Our Bodies At Their Healthiest

Food is our connection to place, to land and to the seasons. Eating local food has vast benefits for consumers, producers and the planet. On the consumer end, buying locally grown food means one is eating with the harmony of the seasons. Mother nature has perfectly designed hydrating and cooling foods (like watermelons and cucumbers) to become ripe in the summer heat and warming and nourishing foods (like sweet potato, carrots and turmeric) to be ready for harvest in the cool months. Eating with the seasons keeps our bodies at their healthiest. Eating locally has a profound impact on the producer. For crops sold at the mandi, the lion share of that revenue goes to the middle man, not the farmer. 

3. Locally Grown And Produced Food Focuses On The Taste And Is Free Of Harmful Ingredients

Made from real ingredients: Locally grown or produced products are full of flavour. This is because local businesses like us use real ingredients which are free from artificial and synthetic materials. The raw materials used to make our final product are handpicked and are of high quality. We focus on the taste we deliver to our customers to increase our customer satisfaction. 

4. Supports Local Economy

In the era of international companies capturing the Indian market in every field and making small businesses run out of their customers and business, small businesses help each other and they rely on each other to make business. Eating and buying from local businesses help our economy and provide the businesses, the local farmers, and manufacturers the platform they need to grow.

5. Provides Safer Products And Food

Locally produced food doesn’t include any artificial raw materials or any acids and chemicals which are harmful to everyone. We use locally grown and produced materials that are organic and free from adulteration. Small businesses provide clear instructions and all the information relates to the ingredients and raw materials used in making the final product.

Key Takeaways 

  • Local produce definitely has fewer preservatives
  • Buying local we can improve the financial condition of the farmers which in turn may be beneficial for all
  • Purchasing local can facilitate the economic stability of the farming community
  • By getting local meat and dairy products, we can make sure that the sellers meet all standards

The whole idea of bringing local products and services to people’s attention is definitely a great move. This means that we are acting more responsible and fair to our resources. Hence, keep supporting the locals!

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