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A Preventive Healthcare Specialist Shares 10 Diagnostic Tests Women Need To Get Done In Their 30s Annually

If you have reached your 30s, then you must have been recommended a few health tests by your doctor already. Annual health checkups should be given utmost priority to weed out problems before they create havoc. This is not just for people with a history of certain conditions in their family but for each and every woman to help lead a healthy life.

To know more about these vital tests, TC46 connected with Dr Amol Naikawadi, JMD & Preventive Healthcare Specialist at Indus Health Plus. Here he talks about early detection, importance of full-body check-ups and a list of tests for women in their 30s.

1. Diagnostic tests are effective when it comes to early detection

Diagnosis is an important public health strategy in all settings. It focuses on detecting symptomatic patients as early as possible. Diagnostic tests help us in identifying the presence or absence of disease. Based on that, one can decide the treatment procedure. Diagnostic tests also support the early detection of several cancer types and improve the clinical outcomes. It is cost effective, improves patient safety and quality of care, and minimizes over investigation. It also increases the chance of successful treatment.  

2. An annual full-body checkup helps to identify and screen for conditions related to family history

Full body checkups make sure that we are fit and fine. It also reduces the risk of complications. The increasing stress in our environment and fast-moving lives makes us susceptible to various diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. These are very common health concerns nowadays. This has made the regular monitoring of health very important. Full body checkup helps to diagnose issues in time. It also helps to identify and screen for conditions related to family history and makes sure our vitals are working fine.

3. You more susceptible to hormonal conditions after the age of 30

In their 30s, women go through a lot of hormonal and lifestyle changes. There are many conditions which may arise due to it and parameters which are related to the bone health, blood pressure, sugar level may get affected. Some conditions can be back pain, osteoporosis, heart disease, arthritis, anxiety, reduced metabolic rate, cervical cancer, breast cancer, diabetes and more. Therefore, as suggested in the previous discussion, diagnosis, and regular checkup both, play an important role in getting successful and timely treatment (if required). The disease conditions women are susceptible to during their 30s are more likely to increase in their 40s. And timely diagnosis, periodic health screening and consultation with doctors can reduce the chances of getting severe conditions.

4. 10 essential tests women should get done in their 30s

Here is a list of some tests that women should go for:

  1. Pap Smear: Women should go for pap smear every three years. It looks for signs of cervical cancer.
  2. Breast Cancer Screening: Screening mammograms and related clinical exams consist of breast cancer screening.
  3. Cholesterol Test: Women should get a baseline screening for triglycerides and cholesterol levels.
  4. Blood Pressure Screening: Diagnosis for high blood pressure or hypertension is very crucial as high blood pressure can lead to various complications.
  5. Diabetes Screening: The FPG test and the 75-g oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) are recommended for diabetes.
  6. Thyroid Function Test: Blood test for thyroid is suggested to detect thyroid disorders 
  7. Kidney Function Test: Blood tests like level of serum creatinine must be taken into account to check the kidney functions. 
  8. Test For Vitamin D Deficiency: Women in their 30s should regularly monitor the level of vitamin D. 
  9. Infectious Disease Screening: Women who are sexually active should get herself tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea. CBC or complete haemogram tests are useful for that.
  10. Dental Checkups: It is suggested to visit the dentist annually for evaluation and cleaning.

5. Lifestyle and diet changes women in their 30s should adopt for better health

In their 30s, women are more susceptible to bone related issues. It is suggested to take care of their diet and lifestyle. Few tips can be followed:

  1. The topmost concern is the metabolic rate. Women should plan their diet in such a way to keep their metabolism high. It can help combat slowdown that can start around this time. 
  2. Food rich in fiber helps in maintaining high metabolism and maintains blood sugar levels. A balanced diet rich with vegetables and fruits is recommended. They should cut on processed food and saturated fats to maintain healthy weight. 
  3. Many women plan to start a family at around this age. In this case it is suggested to increase the intake of iron and folate (vitamin). Also, withering of bone is the major concern for women in their 30s. They should increase the intake of calcium. Good sources of calcium include milk, curd, chia seeds, broccoli, cheese, almonds, and more.

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