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    10 Dos & Don’ts Of The Lockdown You Must Follow

    To combat the rise of COVID-19 cases in India, the government announced the lockdown. To maintain social distancing and curb the spread of coronavirus, we are all staying indoors. With restrictions on stepping out of the house, citizens are taking extra precautions. 

    Along with this, people are facing the influx of misinformation and rumours. Sitting at home is making a lot of us hopeless and lazy. Many are confused about what to do and what not to do during the lockdown. It is vital to know the dos and don’ts of this lockdown period. 

    1. Do Practise Social Distancing

    Practice Social Distancing During This Lockdown

    Humans are social animals and the need for socialising is powerful. But during this testing time, we must practise social distancing. If you have to step out to buy essentials and groceries, make sure you avoid certain hours. Stay away from crowds and avoid going out unless absolutely necessary. Use the services provided by volunteers to get groceries home delivered.

    2. Do Maintain Proper Hygiene

    If and when you do go outside, wash your hands the minute you come home. The safest solution is to take a bath after coming home from the market or store. This will ensure an optimal level of hygiene. Also, wash the grocery bag along with the fruits and vegetables properly.

    3. Don’t Visit Senior Citizens

    Don't Visit Senior Citizens While In Self Quarantine

    If you have older relatives living near you, do not visit them. Visiting your nana-nani or dadi-dadi to check up on them during this pandemic is not a good idea. Connect with them through phone or video calls. There are a number of volunteers and organisations that are making sure senior citizens are taken care of.

    4. Don’t Travel In Public Transportation

    Don't Use Public Transport During Self Isolation

    If you have to travel a long way to get essentials and groceries, use your private vehicle. Don’t travel in taxis, cabs, autos and trains. Private transportation cuts the spread of coronavirus while public transport puts you at the risk of getting infected.

    5. Don’t Panic, Stay Aware

    Stay Calm, Don't Panic

    WhatsApp and social media are filled with misinformation. Though the government is trying their best to stop the spread of rumours and misinformation, we must do our bit as well. Stick to credible sources for news. The Indian Ministry of Health has created a WhatsApp bot to answer all our queries. 

    6. Do Take Up Household Chores

    Take Up Household Chores While Self Isolating

    During the lockdown, your domestic help will not be available to come and help you out. It is vital that they stay back home and stay safe. So plan your chores beforehand. If you are working from home, make a schedule for all your tasks. Plan your shopping as well and create meal plans based on the ingredients in your pantry.

    7. Do Use Home Food Delivery Sparingly

    Use Groceries Sparingly During This Lockdown

    The Indian government has eased the restrictions on home food delivery services. This has proven to be a relief for students, bachelors, disabled people and senior citizens. Many such service providers have started ‘contactless delivery’ and are taking great care to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Do order food to take a break from cooking but only do so sparingly.

    8. Don’t Step Out In Groups

    Don't Step Out In Groups During The Lockdown

    Going out to get essentials is not an excuse for family and neighbours to step out in groups. Seeing empty streets and police roaming around might be anxiety-inducing. But do not go out in groups. Avoid meeting up on building terraces or in your complex. This is the time to practise social distancing, not socialising.

    9. Do Clean Your House

    Clean Your House While In Self Quarantine

    Dusting and mopping are a part of our everyday cleaning routine. But it is necessary to wipe our phones, laptops and remotes as well. These electronic devices are dirtier than most things in our houses and the ultimate clean-up routine should include these things. 

    10. Do Stay Healthy

    Stay Healthy, Stay Indoors

    This lockdown can be hard on many of us. The feeling of isolation along with the lack of motivation might adversely affect our mental and physical health. The key is to eat healthy, work out regularly and take care of our mental health. Practise yoga and mediation as an overall solution.

    The lockdown period might hamper hope but the goal is to survive this pandemic. It is easy to lose motivation, get lazy and develop a pessimistic mindset. But the horizon is looking brighter than ever. Social distancing is helping us break the chain of this pandemic. Stay home and stay safe!

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