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Women & Erotica: 5 Must-Read Books That Will Pique Your Interest

Women have consumed erotica for centuries. From Mills and Boon and Harlequin to the Fifty Shades of Grey series, there has been a steady rise in the demand for erotic novels and books from women. In fact, many women prefer books and literature to indulge in self-pleasure. Science says that erotica can help women with their sex life just as well as their libido and pleasure – whether playing solo or with a partner.

The word ‘erotic’ has gained an incorrect assumption of being smut or filth, or straight-up pornography. But the truth is that erotic is a blanket term for anything that turns us on sexually. And not to forget, the beauty of turn-ons is that they’re different for everyone. The same goes for the world of erotic fiction and literature.

Did You Know?

The world’s oldest and most widely read guide to the pleasures and techniques of sex, the Kama Sutra, was compiled around fourth century A.D. by Vatsyayana in India.

5 Erotica Books To Add To Your Reading List

Here’s a guide to figuring out what tickles your fantasy and excites your imagination.

1. The Ultimate Guide To Sexual Fantasy: How To Turn Your Fantasies Into Reality By Violet Blue

This book is almost a blueprint for readers to use sensual fantasies to change past habits, learn new manoeuvres, and put imagination back into their sex lives. Wit and enthusiasm are the key points as sex educator Violet Blue take people on a tour of the wide world of sexual fantasies. She offers masterly advice for dirty talk, playing with toys, roleplay and dress-up, making amateur porn, and exploring fetishes, sex scenes, phone sex, and much more. The book is all-inclusive with tons of games, sources, and lots of fun. The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy is the ideal book for brave readers who want to securely turn their passionate fantasies into reality. Also, find a detailed read about female masturbation here.

2. Women On Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women’s Sexual Fantasies By Nancy Friday

The author’s previous two books offered an unprecedentedly thorough and fair look at the inner fantasy lives of average women. In Women on Top, the author returns to this topic while collecting detailed sexual fantasies from over 150 contemporary women from various frameworks. This book is based on private individual interviews and letters that update the conversation opened in her earlier works on women’s sexual fantasies. Also, it details how women’s erotic lives have changed over the past few decades and which parts have remained the same.

3. Legends Of Lust: Erotic Myths from Around the World By Autumn Bardot

This book surprises the readers with the arousing mystery of the ancient world. Not unlike uncovering a sensuous diamond in the rough, Legends of Lust unveils the burning intensities that lay dormant behind your beloved mythological stories. This is a mature, première collection of fourteen steamy, sensual short stories by Autumn Bardot. It is an eruption of sexy, dirty, and romantic retellings. The book will take your love of tales to a whole new level.

4. Who’s Been Sleeping In Your Head? The Secret World Of Sexual Fantasies By Brett Kahr

World-renowned psychotherapist and researcher Brett Kahr reveals the astonishing truths behind secrecy, shame, and taboo in the largest study ever undertaken on sexual fantasy. This groundbreaking book is based on surveys of 23,000 men and women from eighteen to ninety years of age. A comprehensive account of what our fantasies tell us about ourselves, this book overthrows traditional wisdom about sexuality today.

5. Arousal: The Secret Logic Of Sexual Fantasies By Michael J. Bader

The author states that most people have sexual fantasies, but only a few know their meaning. People are curious about, yet disturbed by the things that arouse them. But they are usually too embarrassed to disclose their most private fantasies to their partners or therapists. In this engaging and stimulating book, the author offers a groundbreaking new theory of sexual desire This theory will free men and women and allow them to better understand their sexual inclinations.

While some prefer visual aids for sexual stimulation, some chose an erotica book with sensual language for the same. The need for a new and tantalising way to indulge in self-pleasure or sexual intercourse will never end. You can pick whatever makes you love yourself more without judgement.

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