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8 Most Comfortable Cuddle Positions You Must Try This Winter!

It’s officially cuddle weather. Who can have enough of this? Although it is said that women are more partial to a warm embrace, men should try it too as it is a simple yet meaningful way of expressing love. It defines a relationship and builds intimacy between couples. Not just that, there are a host of health benefits of cuddling. 

Without much ado, let’s dive deep into cuddling benefits, its types and its impact on relationships. 

9 Interesting Benefits Of Cuddling In A Relationship

The benefits of a good snuggle are immense. Read on to know about cuddling benefits. 

1. Boosts The Production Of Oxytocin

The love hormone, oxytocin, goes on overdrive on making physical contact. This implies that cuddling is a powerhouse action for the production and release of oxytocin. This hormone can also lead to feelings of trust and sexual arousal, which justifies the reason why it is referred to as the “love hormone”.

2. Creates A Feel-Good Factor

The release of oxytocin while cuddling makes you feel good. What’s more, it also makes you feel the positive effects of being close to someone. 

3. Controls Stress And Anxiety

The release of oxytocin makes you feel safe in your physical self. Cuddling goes a long way in helping you control stress and anxiety by creating a sense of calm. Extremely stressed about a situation at home, or for a work presentation? You now know what to do!

4. Empower Your Immune System

Research shows that hugs and cuddling have the potential to protect you from stress-induced weaknesses in your immune system. This is especially true for stress caused due to fighting with someone. Nah, the list doesn’t end here. Cuddling encourages the production of white blood cells or lymphocytes that play an integral role in fighting diseases. It also causes a dip in cytokines that might cause inflammation as well as reduces existing levels of cortisol.

5. Reduces Blood Pressure

In a stressful situation, a hug will definitely pull down your rising blood pressure. Physical support from a person you love enhances mental health, encouraging you to want to fight the odds. This lowers your blood sugar level.

6. Enhances Sexual Satisfaction

Emotional closeness to your partner automatically boosts the feeling of closeness to them in other instances as well. Studies have also found that hugging and cuddling after sex also increase sexual satisfaction. Not just that, cuddling before sex is also a sign of wanting to initiate sex. 

7. Helps With Improved Sleep

Finding it difficult to fall asleep? Try cuddling with your partner. It does not leave you sexually satisfied but dosing off feels a lot easier for a cosy cuddle sesh.

8. Keeps Pain Away

Cuddling is no less than therapy – physical, emotional, and mental. It serves as an opportunity for receiving positive energy from your cuddle partner, proving to be a source of natural healing. 

9. Lets Emotions Do The Talking

A touch can communicate a thousand emotions without you even saying a word. It can communicate love, longing, sympathy, gratitude, and so much more. You name an emotion and it can surely be communicated through touch. 

10 Best Cuddle Positions To Build That Intimacy In Relationship

Want to know about the best cuddle positions? Here they are.

1. Spooning (Small Spoon)

Ideal for cuddling and a little spoon is the place to be. You get all loved up, plus you two get to be so friggin’ adorable. And if you have a sudden urge to get up, not much is stopping you.

2. Spooning (Big Spoon)

if you are the more nurturing one and/or you are in need of something solid to hang onto because it’s all just too much take the power position and grab onto their big back and hang on. Super comforting for both of you. Pro-tip, if the cuddle space is small- say a couch, always choose to be the big spoon, so that you are not the one who’s hanging at the edge… (shuu). 

3. Cuddle Hug 

Lie on your sides facing each other, hug and…just keep hugging. Super intimate and a great way to connect with some eye contact and kisses. 

4. Half Spoon 

In the underrated Half Spoon, lay your head on your partner’s chest while they lie on their back with their arm around you, or vice versa. You can listen to their heartbeat or fall asleep.

5. Seated Cuddle 

This is the best position if you are on a serious Netflix binge watching spree! Keep watching the show but retain some semblance of human contact by leaning over and putting your head on your partner’s shoulders. They can put their arm around you and/or you can slide your legs onto their thighs for extra love.

6. Lounge Chair Cuddle 

This position can allow the receiving partner (the one leaning back) to feel supported, cared for, and desired, Tumbling says. Simultaneously, it may allow the giving partner to feel confident in being able to provide support. This is another position that may increase feelings of connection and vulnerability—and on multiple levels.

7. Intertwining Legs

This is the best cuddle position if you want a little connection but aren’t that into cuddling! Lie side by side on your backs and intertwine your legs freestyle “like they’re headphone cables

8. Sandwich Cuddle

This is the best position ever! Lay on top of your partner, and use them like an actual bed. This pose is not sustainable for long durations but it’s fun, cute and intimate. You and your partner cannot get closer than this with cuddling. 

2 Ways By Which Different Cuddle Positions Impact A Relationship

Here’s a list of how different cuddle positions impact your relationship:

1. Encourages Intimacy

Cuddling enhances physical intimacy. However, the opposite – cuddling after making love – is essential too. Cuddling after sex leads to better sexual satisfaction and a stronger relationship.

2. Strengthens Your Bond

As mentioned previously in the article, the cuddle hormone leaves both of you feeling connected. The more you hug and cuddle, the closer your bond is likely to be.

So, go ahead and snuggle to make the most of the cuddle hormone. 

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