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10 Super Simple Ways To Lift Up Your Mood

While we know too well that happiness doesn’t last long, it is by no means fair to forget that the same applies to other emotions and feelings as well. Sadness, disappointment, and dejection are not exclusive to you. Each one of us fell into the rabbit hole once, but the silver lining is that everyone came out and you will too. As impossible as it may seem, snapping out of a deteriorating cycle of a bad mood can be much easier when the first steps are placed right. Knowing how to improve your mood instantly is essential to getting up from a fallen state. It’s time to try something that works the best for you and stay stress-free, whether it’s professional or personal.

As you celebrate April as Stress Awareness Month, TC46 brings you ways to get rid of stress, bring in peace and boost your mood with ease. It is vital to take care of your mental health and trying new things or simply making a change in the routine can help. More often than not, an individual’s personal habits can be more damaging. It can ruin their mood and drain their energy. Watch the video to know more. Here are 10 ways to turn your mood around for the better.

10 Ways To Bust A Bad Mood

Studies have found that women are more susceptible to chronic stress than men. However, there are plenty of activities that you can indulge in to rid yourself of negative influences. Here are a few tips on how to improve mood instantly, and gain the courage to keep making it better from there.

1. Move Around

A bad state of mood makes us curl into our shells, forces us to keep indoors, be sedentary, and generally move around less. But getting away from your stagnant mental state is equally about getting away from a lethargic physical state that the mind has put you into. Movement can mean you can simply go out to take a walk. Maybe plan an evening of going out with empathetic friends; not to a fancy party but just a casual outing. You can even take a weekend off for yourself and get away from your routine space to rejuvenate. Simply moving into a new space gives immense energy to the mind and is an assured mood booster. Moving around can also mean losing your body and mind to your favourite music, watch this amazing video to learn about 5 quick ways to stop feeling like a potato!

Exercising is also what movement can be about. While you may think you are too lazy to implement this, let me just tell you that it is safe to blindly trust exercising to liven up your spirits quickly, if you truly want the improvement. You need not do anything heavy and hardcore. Easy aerobic exercises work equally well to increase endorphins (natural mood lifters) in the body, reduce immune system chemicals that worsen depression, and help you get better sleep. Physical movement is connected to mental health and moving your body out of your routine is the quickest way to stop feeling depressed and gain your vitality back. 

2. Sustain Your Hobbies

Being in a consistent bad mood makes you leave your most cherished hobbies unattended. You do not do the things you love because of being in constant stress-induced guilt. But, as I said before, the first step is what matters the most. Pick up on your hobbies again. Your brain will have to pay attention to more tasks and its responsiveness will improve. You’ll definitely feel much better about yourself even with the very first time you get back to your football, cooking, weird wrapper collection, or whatever. 

3. Get Some Sun

A lot of us might not be morning people, while another lot could be those turned nocturnal due to downgrading mood. The prior should know what the latter know. Mornings may seem sleepy but for once in your life, try going to bed early and waking up early the next day. The amount of things that you can do without even trying to be productive gives a great sense of achievement. The morning sun can shed some real magic and knows how to improve mood. You might also get enough time for incorporating a little exercise. 

4. Declutter Your Mind & Breathe

Dr Bhavna Barmi, a Delhi-based clinical psychologist says that decluttering the space around us has many mental health benefits such as reducing anxiety, reducing stress, feeling energized, and feeling a sense of confidence. “Humans actually prefer order and symmetry. Hence creating order reduces your anxiety”, she says. The mind is put to a task that requires problem-solving, a getting-things-done attitude, and organizing. All of these activities employ the mind in a different arena of productivity and thus reduce stress and anxiety. Just ten minutes is enough for your brain to feel the stress release that comes with organizing. You needn’t employ your entire day. 

5. Sleep Tight

Yes! Many’s favourite activity of the day has the greatest potential to protect your mind from the harmful effects of stress. Make sure to have a sound 8-hour sleep every day to keep your brain healthy and fresh.  Sleep deprivation can be the cause of your psychological condition, apart from just alleviating it. Sleeping enough keeps your brain alert, promotes a good mood as well as keeps your weight in check! Maybe that can be your inspiration. Cut down your tasks into smaller bits and stop waking up into the night to achieve them. 

6. Eat Chocolates!

Oh, the sweet treatment for a bad mood works biologically! Resveratrol, the antioxidant in chocolate, provides a rush of endorphins and serotonin (which allows the brain to regulate mood)to the body. Always keep a bar of good-quality chocolate at hand. What can be a quicker mood booster for you?  

Did you know that stress can cause you to indulge in self-sabotaging behaviour? Watch this video and learn about 5 signs that you’re self-sabotaging and how to stop and let yourself grow as a person. 

7. Indulge In Deep Self Care

Sparing some time to care for your body can really have you feeling rejuvenated and alive. Take a long, thorough shower. Wash your hair and body squeaky-clean. Apply moisturizer and some fragrance. Maybe light a scented candle or diffuse essential oils to calm the mind down. Do some skincare. Do not shy away from self-care if you are a man. Unlike what media feeds you, self-care is for all. It is not about whether you like to pamper yourself or not, the human body definitely likes it. The body requires good care and a relaxing pause from time to time. It affects the brain by releasing stress. Head on over to the Red Dot Shop and fill up your cart with homemade natural hair oil for a champi or an indulgent natural coffee body scrub!

8. Give Joy & Receive It In Return

Even though you might feel like a mess due to your depressed mood, still do something kind for your friend who’s going through their own set of problems. Pick up your phone and send them a cheerful message. Maybe ask if you can call them. Engage with them, listen to them, be empathetic, and lend kind, supportive, and motivating words. Helping others is extremely satisfactory and joyful. Your mind will answer with a positive response. 

9. Try Music Therapy

Music knows how to be in a better mood! Yes! Turn up some good music and let your body and mind feel the rhythm. You don’t need to be a singer or dancer to get along. Just play your favourites. It reduces stress-causing hormones and makes you feel more upbeat and motivational, giving you the strength and energy needed to take further steps towards better mental health practices. 

10. Change Your Diet

Making changes in your diet can affect your mental health. Consuming Omega-3 Fatty acids can help relieve a depressed mental state due to its anti-inflammatory property. Omega 3s can also directly, and easily travel through the brain cell membrane and regulate mood-related molecules inside. Mild to moderate clinical depression can be treated in part using fish oil supplements with higher EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid).  

Taking the first step in the right direction is important with anything that you do. A bad mood can begin with something as small as feeling guilty for not waking up on time. With most of the daily cases, it is quite easy to lift oneself up with the tips listed above. But when a depressive mood becomes regular,—as has happened to many of us during these long periods of lockdown—these tips have to be put to use regularly in order to break away from degrading and stressful routines. These tips are timeless tried-and-tested techniques to keep in mind regarding how to lift up the mood. You can rely on them and try incorporating them into your routine. You are brave enough to take the first steps. Everything will fall into place once you persuade yourself into regularity.

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