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Video: Nutritionist Simrun Chopra Lists 5 Nutrients Women Must Include In Their Diet

Do you find yourself preparing elaborate meals for you and your family yet facing health issues? The answer might be a lack of proper nutrients. The right food can not only support your mood, boost your energy and help you maintain a healthy weight but it can also be a huge support through the different stages in a woman’s life. Women need certain nutrients to improve energy and mood, combat stress or PMS, boost fertility, enjoy a healthy pregnancy, or ease the symptoms of menopause.

Women often don’t prioritise their own dietary needs and are busy putting their family first. You may feel you’re too busy to eat right or try to adhere to an extreme diet that leaves you short on vital nutrients. If you’ve been feeling cranky, unusually hungry yet low on energy, or have swollen ankles, unexplained hair loss and skin problems, they are all classic symptoms of nutrition deficiency in women. Simrun Chopra helps you balance your diet with nutrients every woman should include in their meals.

Simrun Chopra Lists 5 Nutrients For Women

Health Benefits Of These 5 Nutrients

Most micronutrients are abundantly available in natural food sources. Eating a variety of different coloured fruits and vegetables, varying the lentils and legumes you eat and even cycling the grains you consume will give you access to a variety of nutrients. Focus on eating at least 2 cups of vegetables a day, 2 seasonal fruits, and dark leafy greens at least 3 times a week.

1. Iron

Women need more iron during menstruation and pregnancy.

  • Promotes healthy pregnancy
  • Provides increased energy
  • Helps better athletic performance

2. Vitamin B

B vitamins are especially important for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

  • Aid in fetal brain development
  • Reduce the risk of birth defects
  • Help keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy

3. Vitamin D

It is an important factor in the prevention and treatment of an array of medical conditions.

  • Helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body
  • Promotes skin protection and rejuvenation
  • Provides normal growth and development of bones and teeth

4. Calcium

It helps fight osteoporosis, which affects primarily postmenopausal women, making the bones weak and more susceptible to fracture.

  • Helps build and maintain strong bones
  • Aids heart, muscles and nerves function
  • Lowers the risk of osteoporosis

5. Zinc

Zinc is needed for DNA synthesis, immune function, metabolism and growth.

  • Stabilises blood sugar levels
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps keep your skin, eyes, and heart in healthy condition

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