Buzz 46Buzz 46: 5 Lessons You Can Learn From Birthday Celeb Shilpa Shetty's...

Buzz 46: 5 Lessons You Can Learn From Birthday Celeb Shilpa Shetty’s Yoga Practice

Swipe left below to know the 5 fitness lessons you can learn from Shilpa Shetty from her yoga routine.

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Buzz 46: 5 Lessons You Can Learn From Birthday Celeb Shilpa Shetty's Yoga Practice
There’s no doubt that Shilpa Shetty is one of the fittest and hottest celebs in tinsel town. And a dedicated yoga routine is one of reasons behind those awe-inspiring curves, and her calm and balanced demeanour. On her birthday (8th June), here are 5 takeaways from the actor’s yoga practice.
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1. Yoga Is At The Core Of Her Fitnes Routine
Shilpa is an ardent advocate of the traditional Hatha Yoga, which is an integral part of her fitness regimen. This form of yoga combines asanas with mindfulness and breathwork. It specialises in bringing balance and strength to the body and the mind by channelling the vital force of energy.
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2. Perfect Choices To Balance The Body & The Mind

Tolasana (Scale Pose), Shirshasana (Yoga Headstand), Eka Padasana (One Leg Pose), Vrikshasana (Tree Pose), and Mayurasana (Peacock Pose) are some of the yoga poses that she swears by. And the results are fabulous to say the least!
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3. Tratak Meditation To Boost Mental Health
The diva devotes a few minutes of her fitness routine to Tratak Meditation, an ancient practice that is known for not only being a stress-buster but also strengthens eyesight, reduces unwanted thoughts, and improves concentration and the quality of sleep.
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4. Gatyatmak Uttanpadasana (The Raised Leg Pose) For Post-partum Moms
Shilpa recommends the Gatyatmak Uttanpadasana or The Raised Leg Pose for post-partum women. She explains that it is one of the best exercises for the lower abdomen as it strengthens the pelvis, hips, and legs, along with the perineum muscles. It enhances the functionality of the reproductive organs and also powers the walls of the uterus post-childbirth.
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5. A Lean Diet For That Hot Bod
She starts her mornings with a glass of amla (gooseberry) and aloe vera, followed by a bowl of porridge with brown sugar and a steaming cup of tea for breakfast. For lunch, she has brown rice or chapati with dal, sabzi, and chicken curry. The fitness influencer snacks on a brown bread toast, an egg, and green tea. She has soup, salad, and a chicken dish for dinner, which she completes by 8 p.m.
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