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Brighten Up Your Home This Festive Season With These Easy DIY Diwali Décor Ideas!

Amidst the nippy weather change, the last few months of the year are marked by celebrations and festivities. And one of the most-awaited festivals that falls around this time of the year is Diwali! From intensive house cleaning to hunting for the perfect Diwali decor, the planning and preparation begin days in advance. 

Diwali is celebrated with great fervour in every corner of India. Although the traditions and activities may vary from one state to another, the essence of the festival remains the same across the whole country. There’s no doubt that a lot of time, energy and money goes into decorating the house for this 5-days long festival. And with the ongoing pandemic, stepping out into bazaars and streets is not a wise decision.

But what if it was possible to add brightness to your home without wandering around the markets in search of decorations?  Instead of purchasing pricey Diwali decor, why not use what’s lying around your house? Empty bottles, old newspapers, bangles and even fruit peels; all these things can be used for making elegant and exquisite decorative items! 

10 DIY Diwali Decoration Ideas To Bring In The Festive Vibes

Here are a few simple DIY Diwali decoration ideas that you can use to light up your house this festive season. 

1. Fairy Lights Hula Hoop Chandelier

Video via Festive Lights/YouTube

Fairy lights are among the most common Diwali party decorations. Instead of just hanging a few strings of light around your house, get a little more creative with these wonderful hula hoop chandeliers. 

How To Do It:

  1. Wind strings of fairy lights around a hula hoop. 
  2. Let the ends of the string drop down. 
  3. Hang these beautiful chandeliers above your dining table or in your foyer to amaze your guests with your home decoration skills. 

2. Make Your Own Diyas

Video via Glamrs/YouTube

The traditional diyas are among the best Diwali lighting ideas for balconies, front doors, courtyards and stairways. This year, add a personal touch to your Diwali decor by making your own diyas

How To Do It:

  1. Take a cup of wheat flour (atta) and some water to it. Knead the mixture into a dough and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. 
  2. Once the dough seems hard enough, mould it into diyas of different shapes. 
  3. Use non-toxic paints to decorate the diyas
  4. Use wads of cotton to make wicks. 
  5. Now pour in some melted wax in the diyas and place the cotton wicks in them. 
  6. It is best to make the diyas on the same day you plan to use them so that they last a little longer.  

Diyas can be decorated with many everyday items like colours, beads, bangles, etc. In fact, here are 10 DIY diya decoration ideas that are perfect for Diwali.

3. Glass Bangle Candle Holders

Video via Ventuno Art/YouTube

Up next on the list of unique Diwali decoration ideas is glass bangles candle holders. If you own dozens of glass bangles that you don’t even use anymore, this one’s for you! 

How To Do It:

  1. Glue a few bangles one on top of the other, giving the holder a cylindrical shape. 
  2. Let the candle holders dry before placing candles or diyas inside them. 
  3. These colourful candle holders will look beautiful when placed along the staircase! 

4. Fruit Candles

Video via Kroger/YouTube

If you are planning to use eco-friendly Diwali decor this year, you are going to love these amazing fruit candles. 

How To Do It:

  1. To make DIY fruit candles you need oranges or sweet lime and a few tea lights. 
  2. Cut the orange/lime fruit into two and carefully scoop out the pulp from the two halves. 
  3. You may give the peels a zig-zag cut design with the help of a pair of scissors. 
  4. Now place tea lights in the empty peel. Your fruit candles are ready!
  5. These DIY candles will fill your house with a fresh tangy aroma. 

5. Bottle Lanterns

Video via DIY Crafts/ YouTube

One of the best Diwali lighting ideas for balcony, garden or backyard is bottle lanterns. Here is how you can make this super simple Diwali decor! 

How To Do It:

  1. Take a clean empty jam bottle and use glass liners to draw designs and patterns on it.
  2.  Fill 1/4th of the bottle with a mixture of sand and glitter.
  3.  Now place a candle or tealight on top of the sand and glitter mix. 
  4. Wind a thin wire around the neck of the bottle if you want a hanging lantern. If you don’t want to hang them, you can simply place the lanterns on the garden table.  

6. Flower Decoration 

Video via NS Creative Collections/YouTube

Your Laxmi pooja decoration is incomplete without flower decoration. There are several ways in which you can use flowers to decorate your house:

How To Do It:

  1. Make a wall hanging for Diwali by stringing together a few flowers. 
  2. Place multiple flower strings side by side to make a flower curtain! 
  3. Fill up an earthen or brass basin with water and add in a few flowers or petals. Now put in some diyas or candles to make a beautiful centrepiece! 
  4. You may also use flowers to decorate your furniture, doors, windows, mirrors etc.
  5. If making rangoli is not one of your major skills, play it safe with a simple flower rangoli this year. 

7. Patterned Paper Lampshades

Video via Little Crafties/ YouTube

Handcrafted lampshades are one of the simplest DIY Diwali decor ideas you can use to brighten up your home. 

How To Do It:

  1. All you have to do is take a thick rectangular piece of paper and draw patterns on it. 
  2. Now perforate the paper along the lines of the pattern. 
  3.  Fold the paper to make a cylindrical structure and stick the ends together. 
  4. Place the paper lampshade over lamps, tealight or fairy lights. The light will beautifully shine through the patterned holes. 
  5. DIY lampshades can be placed inside the house as well as out in the garden or backyard. 

Also, check out 10 easy ways to DIY diwali lanterns to give a colourful and modern twist the to traditional kandil.

8. Wineglass Lamps

Video via Kashmira Art/YouTube

Give your Diwali decor a classy touch with these elegant wineglass lamps. 

How To Do It:

  1. All you need to make these lamps are wine glasses, artificial flowers and tea lights.
  2. Put the artificial flowers in the wineglass. 
  3. Now, fill ¾  of the glass with water (just enough to submerge the flowers). 
  4. You can also put in a few crystals, coloured stones or pebbles along with the petals. 
  5. Place the tealight on top. 
  6. You can put these decorative wineglass lamps on your coffee table, dining table or windowsill. 

9. DIY Hangings

Video via Crafts and Kitchen/YouTube

Another simple yet elegant Diwali decor idea is wall hangings. The best part is, these decorations are pretty easy to make and they work well to fill up bare spaces. 

How To Do It:

  1. Just string together decorative items like sequences, beads, pom-poms and tassels on a thread. 
  2. Customize your DIY wall hanging for Diwali with ornaments and trinkets of your choice. 

10. Paper Craft

Video via My Style Of Making/ YouTube

Use craft paper, old magazines and newspapers to make quirky Diwali decoration at home. You can turn this into a fun activity for the entire family, especially the kids. 

Paper mache, origami and quilling are just a few of the many techniques you can use to make amazing paper decorations. Here are a few papercraft ideas you can use: 

How To Do It:

  1. Make accordion fold paper diyas and stick them on the walls.
  2. Make strings of paper flowers to make your very own wall hanging for Diwali. 
  3. Decorate bare walls, doors and windows with DIY paper streamers. 

You don’t have to be an expert in art and craft to make these simple Diwali decoration at home. All you need is a little creativity! Making your own Diwali decor will not only add to the festive cheer, but it is also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your family! Imagine the pride you will feel when you see your house adorned with these lovely handmade decorations. Brighten your home this festive season with these unique Diwali decoration ideas.

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