HealthFitnessAsana 46: Yoga Routines Of Your Favourite Bollywood Celebs

Asana 46: Yoga Routines Of Your Favourite Bollywood Celebs

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Asana 46: 7 Bollywood Celebs Who Swear By Yoga & An Insight Into Their Routines
Yoga is for one and all, whatever be our age or health condition. So versatile and evolved is the fitness form that are different postures that specialise in treating and preventing various health conditions and for different phases in our lives - PCOS-induced medical conditions, pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause, menopause - you name it and yoga has a solution for it. Kudos to some of our leading Bollywood ladies for getting it up on the global map. Here are 7 of them.
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1. Malaika Arora
One of the most enthusiastic, self-confessed proponents of this traditional fitness routine with its roots in India, Malaika cannot have enough of it. And her hot bod & toned skin stands testimony to the wonders that yoga can do for us, irrespective of our age.
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2. Kareena Kapoor Khan
You may have noticed the glow on Poo's face when she talks about yoga and pilates during her interviews. Yoga is definitely one of the reasons behind that natural radiance on her face and firm skin, quite a feat considering this diva is no more in her 20s. And her IG posts will vouch for that.
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3. Shilpa Shetty Kundra
Yet another B-Town beauty well into her 40s who lets her self-love and self-care routine do all the talking on her behalf. And her fitness regimen features high on that list, with yoga being one of her personal favourites. Go check out her Instagram now!
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4. Priyanka Chopra Jonas
The Citadel star may have set up her home away from India but her love for everything Indian is well known. DIY desi nukhe for healthy skin & hair care passed down generations and, of course, yoga. She depends on a generous dose of yoga, apart from other fitness forms, to do the trick for her.
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5. Alia Bhatt
This multi-talented actor & entrepreneur is another Bollywood celeb on the block who depends on a regular fitness routine to maintain overall health. What does she do, you ask? Yoga is the answer yet again, along with other fitness forms as well. It is also the raaz behind how she regained her pre-pregnancy fitness after becoming a proud mom to baby Raha.
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6. Deepika Padukone
One look at her & it becomes next-to-impossible to get our eyes off the shapely jaws, toned arms, and washed board abs of this leggy lass. And the secret behind all this is yoga, cardio, pilates, strength training, and oodles of sports activities.
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7. Sara Ali Khan
One quick look at Sara’s Insta handle and it is strewn with images of her fitness routine - quite a few of them with her in varied yoga postures! A proof of how she swears by it. And why not? Because that, along with a strict daily diet, is precisely the reason why this chulbuli star is the way she is, from the 96kg chubby young adult she was before her Bollywood days.
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