HealthUncomplicate: Why Do Boobs Sag?

Uncomplicate: Why Do Boobs Sag?

Pata hai, workout karne se boob sag kar jata hai!” or “Tum abhi tak baby ko breastfeed karwa rahi ho? Tumhara breast sag ka jaega jaldi”. You must have heard something along these lines at least once in your life. But why do boobs sag? Let’s visit its common causes and bust a few myths about it.

5 Common Causes Of Breast Sagging

1. Age

Ageing causes the ligaments that make up the breast tissue lose their elasticity and start stretching. The diminishing fats and tissues that serve as an underlying support affects the fullness of your breasts. And this usually becomes the most pronounced during menopause. 

2. Gravity

With time, gravitational pull reveals itself in the form of sagging boobs. And this is more common among women with big boobs. 

3. Lack Of Sufficient Support

Not wearing a well-supported bra that is a perfect fit for you is bound to take a toll on your assets. And this is expected to start becoming apparent after 30 to 40 years of your life. 

4. Weight Fluctuations

Frequent and major weight fluctuations can lead to the tissues in your breasts to stretch. Make sure to maintain your weight without the required limit to reduce the chances of premature boob sagging. 

5. Smoking

As you may already know, cigarettes are carcinogenic, which makes elastin breakdown in the body – the elastin fibres that are responsible for giving your skin the element of elasticity throughout your body. Not just that, the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun too play a role in damaging the skin. Leading to a loss of elasticity. 

Busting 3 Myths About Sagging Breasts

1. Breastfeeding

Uncomplicate: Why Do Boobs Sag?

One of the most common myths related to the sagging of your assets. There are several instances when women steered clear of breastfeeding their babies fearing that their breasts will sag, along with other physical changes their body will undergo. After being explained and convinced about the actual factors that cause boob sagging, they felt far more confident and assured about breastfeeding their babies. Sagging due to pregnancy is a reality but breastfeeding? The answer is a clear “no”. What makes breast sagging evident during breastfeeding is the result of pregnancy and not feeding your baby. And that happens as a result of the stretching of the ligament during pregnancy. 

2. Working Out 

There are a whole lot of articles that talk about the exercises to avoid, to prevent the drooping of your breasts. And some more that guide to do certain exercises in a particular way to prevent boob sagging. There are studies that have proved that exercising does not loosen the tissues and ligament of your breasts, apart from the sagging that anyway happens as a natural part of ageing. However, it is better to wear a sports bra, so that your skin doesn’t strain while performing high-intensity exercises. 

3. Wearing A Bra

There are several people who believe that not wearing a bra causes boobs to sag due to gravitational pull. And then there are some others who believe in the opposite – wearing one causes boob sagging. In reality, it is not the bra that is responsible for this. It is its size. A bra that is not suitable for your breast size is the actual reason behind your sagging boobs. Wearing the wrong size may not only make your assets droop but also lead to other health problems like pain in the neck and shoulders. Hence, although your bra size does not have much effect on your breasts, wearing the correct size is necessary for other health reasons. 

3 Tricks To Prevent Breast Sagging

1. Build Up On Chest Muscles

There are various exercises that help you develop chest muscles. For instance, pushups, butterfly chest squeeze, and dumbbell chest presses, among others. However, make sure that you do these under the strict guidance of a trainer before you can do them all by yourself. 

2. Kick The Butt

Uncomplicate: Why Do Boobs Sag?

Smoking is one of the leading causes of saggy boobs, as we’ve already talked about earlier. Stop smoking with the help of nicotine tablets, or talking to people trying to stop smoking, or talking to a doctor. Stop smoking gradually by limiting the number of cigarettes every day rather than all at once, to prevent withdrawal symptoms. 

3. Follow A Healthy Diet Plan

Include foods in your daily diet that are known for maintaining the elasticity of the skin in your breasts. These include beans, fish, and chicken. Bank more on fresh fruits and veggies, and have whole grains in moderation. 

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