HealthFitness5-Step Home Workout Routine To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

5-Step Home Workout Routine To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Working out at home is the next big thing. From hectic schedules to factors like convenience and saving money, home workouts are gaining popularity due to several benefits. Apart from being good for your wallet, it creates a comfortable environment. Along with that, it is the best way to maintain social distancing and avoid crowded places.

Home workouts deliver better, if not similar, results. With a ton of fitness programs online, apps and personalised training sessions on video calls, getting and staying fit at home is a dream come true for many. Here’s a simple yet effective workout routine you can do without any equipment.

5 Benefits Of Working Out At Home

  • You don’t have to travel or wait for machines or equipment, and thus save time
  • No gym fees or the need for expensive equipment, making it low cost
  • You can work out at any time of the day according to your schedule
  • There is complete privacy making you feel confident
  • You don’t have to feel any pressure to keep up with anyone and can go at your own pace

3 Trendy Home Workouts To Try

A 20-30 minute workout routine can yield amazing results. The key is consistency and doing it correctly. You can customise your own workouts and change it up whenever you want.

1. Yoga HIIT

This unique form of hybrid training is a new trend like Aqua Zumba or Yogalates. Yoga HIIT is the combination of the ancient art of Yoga combined with HIIT (high-intensity interval training). This workout helps you achieve a serious calorie burn while simultaneously lengthening and stretching your muscles. It uses dynamic yoga poses and often ends with some full-body yoga-style stretches. It is perfect for people who struggle with sticking to a routine as it offers novelty. Ustrasana, Bhujangasana and Paschimottanasana are some of the yoga asanas for belly fat reduction.

2. Dance

If you are someone who can’t stay still when your favourite song comes on or loves shaking a leg, this is the perfect workout for you. Dance workouts combine the goodness of cardio by choreographing moves to upbeat songs. This requires no equipment, just your mobile will do. Select a high-tempo song with great beats and get dancing. There are plenty of tutorials available, online along with professional trainers who specialise in dance workouts.

3. Crossfit

Crossfit is a mix of different HIIT exercises combined into one. It focuses on building core strength along with working out your entire body. If you are looking for a workout routine that delivers great results with maximum intensity, this is the one for you. Crossfit training works best for those who know and understand their capabilities and limitations. From jumping jacks and burpees to squats and lunges, it has a variety of exercises for your whole body.

Step-By-Step Workout Routine

1. Warm-Up

Warming up before jogging, running or working out is a must. It helps the body prepare for what’s coming next. Warm-up exercises loosen stiff muscles and help them stretch. They also regulate blood circulation and alleviate oxygen levels.

  1. Start by rotating your wrists and ankles, one by one, both clockwise and counterclockwise.
  2. Next, do some wrist extension and flexion exercises to help stretch.
  3. Then, move your shoulders in circular motions, both clockwise and counterclockwise.
  4. Do the same with your hands on your shoulders.
  5. Continue with swinging arm raise, hip rotation, toe touch and torso swing.

2. Targeted Exercises

You can choose whichever workout type you want. But to achieve maximum fitness, it is advised that women do some targeted exercises. Crunches help reduce belly fat while hip raises get rid of love handles. Squats help strengthen core muscles along with working out your glutes. Push-ups help tone the arms and build upper body strength. So choose and customise a routine to best suit your needs.

  1. For arms, try plank taps, tricep dips, inchworm, side planks and rolling push-ups.
  2. Various types of crunches like twist crunches, reverse crunches and leg raises work well.
  3. Try seated, lying, tractioned and supported leg raises for your lower body.
  4. Squat types like front, single-leg, parallel and plie are great ways to address mid-body fat.

3. Workout

Next comes the workout of your choice. You can choose a Yoga HIIT, Dance, Crossfit or any other routine of your choice. Make sure it spans up to 20-30 minutes. A mix of cardio plus high-intensity exercises will certainly help achieve your fitness goals.

A High-Intensity Cardio Workout:

  1. Jumping jacks and jumping lunges
  2. Plank Jacks
  3. Butt Kicks
  4. Skipping rope
  5. Burpees

4. Yoga

Experts suggest doing yoga every single day. Even if you skip your workout once a week, make sure to do some yoga exercises. These are simple exercises that help you stay connected with your mind, body and soul. They help get rid of tension, stress and overall negativity.

  1. For beginners, it is beneficial to include Kumbhakasana, Paschimottanasana, Paripurna Navasana and Dhanurasana in your routine.
  2. Yoga exercises like Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Garudasana and Natarajasana help improve your concentration.
  3. Sukhasana, Uttanasana, Sasangasana and Halasana are a few yoga exercises that help relieve stress.
  4. To get a good night’s sleep, try Ananda Balasna, Viparita Karani, Supta Matsyendrasana and Supta Baddha Konasana.

5. Cool Down

It is vital to stretch and let the body cool down post your workout. This regulates your heartbeat and blood pressure. A cool-down provides the body with a smooth transition from exercise back to a steady state of rest. Incorporating a cool down after your workout can help prevent injuries, and that goes for beginners as well as seasoned athletes. It also helps you reflect on your accomplishments and boosts your confidence.

  1. Start by stretching your upper body. Arms up in the air and stand on your toes.
  2. Do a seated forward bend to help relax the muscles in your legs.
  3. Next, do a reclining butterfly pose to help relax your thighs and hips.
  4. A spinal twist followed by a corpse pose will do the trick.

A complete at-home workout session with zero equipment can help you achieve your fitness goals. All you need is the will to do so, maintain regularity and change up your routine to beat monotony. So try these trendy workouts, customise your own routine and get going!

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