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Symptom Checker: Take This Quiz To See If You May Have PCOS

Regular menstruation symptoms or PCOS? Sometimes PCOS/PCOD can be hard to diagnose. Take this quiz to see if you should get yourself checked out by a gynecologist.

Expert Talk: Dr Veerabhadra Gupta Explains How Drinking Alcohol Affects Your Kidneys & Has Advice For The Weekend Drinker

Our expert & medical advisor at Bangalore Kidney Foundation, Dr Veerabhadra Gupta shares how drinking alcohol can affect your kidneys and some of the healthy drinks and foods that can actually help your kidney functioning strong.

Expert Talk: Gynaecologist Dr Suhasini Inamdar Lists Signs You Have PCOS, Endometriosis (Or Both!)

Although PCOS and endometriosis are very different, they are similar in that they both involve hormone imbalance and inflammation. Here’s some expert advice on these conditions, and how to deal with them if you have both.

8 Breathing Exercises To Improve Lung Health & Calm Your Mind

Being in good health can be as simple as breathing right. Here are some exercises that can improve your stamina, boost your lung health, reduce anxiety, and even alleviate headaches.

5 Online Platforms If You Wish To Consult A Therapist Privately In India

The pandemic has spiked a rise in cases of depression, anxiety and stress. Here are some trusted online portals to connect with a mental health expert from the comfort, privacy and convenience of your home.

Expert Talk: Gynaecologist Manjiri Mehta’s Advice On Rekindling Your Sex Life After Having A Child

Most parents think that having a diminished sex life is part and parcel of having children. But, education, communication and expert advice can help you rekindle your passion in the bedroom.

Expert Talk: Yoga Guru Sohan Singh Recommends Functional Yoga Asanas For Women Over 40

Women of all ages need to build strength with functional training, and this is especially true post the age of 40. Yoga asanas that mimic everyday movements help your body age better and prevent common problems like knee, joints, and back pain.

Everything You Need To Know About Practicing Walking Meditation

Curious about how you can bring your body and mind in sync while you're out and about? Learn and master the art of walking meditation and enjoy its innumerable benefits.

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