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5 Online Platforms If You Wish To Consult A Therapist Privately In India

In India, getting online therapy for mental illness can be daunting. This is especially true with lockdown still in effect at some places, and social distancing a must. With mental health still not being given the priority it deserves in the country, the sudden change during this pandemic has dealt a setback to those who were planning to seek help. While the shift to online therapy was essential, many Indians are struggling to adjust to discussing their thoughts and fears without being in the same room. The lack of space and privacy in homes along with financial burdens, loss of job security and the need to save money, are just some of the many factors that are hampering mental health progress.

But the world is adapting and so are people in need of counselling and therapy. To make this process of seeking help for mental health issues easier, here are a few platforms that offer online therapy and counselling for you.

8 Advantages Of Online Therapy

1. Easier Access

Clients who live in remote areas or who have limited mobility or limited access to transportation may be more motivated to participate in online therapy.

2. Reduced Cost

Online therapy eliminates the costs associated with travel and also saves time.

3. Consistent Therapy

Online therapy decreases absences due to poor weather conditions or sickness, allowing clients to participate in therapy on a regular basis.

4. Focused Therapy

Online therapy can be scheduled more frequently, as clients do not have to commute long distances.

5. Increased Progress

Since online therapy provides more intense therapy, it can accelerate progress.

6. Better Access To Specialists

Online therapy can allow individuals in remote areas to get help from specialists who may not be available in their geographic location.

7. Psychological Comfort

Online therapy can help with eliminating the social stigma related to receiving mental counselling or other therapy.

8. Flexibility

Clients have access to more specialists and can select the specialists who can work with their schedules.

5 Places Online You Can Seek Therapy

1. Manastha

An online counselling and therapy consultation platform, this organisation is all about no judgement and no mental tags. Manastha Health Solutions is co-founded by the two Psychologists who post-graduated in Psychology from the University of Delhi, Dr Ankit Deswal and Dr Vikrant Yadav. They provide psychological tests along with services like therapy sessions for a variety of issues. From career management to sexual wellness and eating disorders to depression, you can connect with a professional on this site. They have a 24×7 support platform and promise privacy, confidentiality and security. You can visit their website for more information.

2. YourDOST

This website says, “No matter what’s troubling you, get the support you need, right here, right now”. With advisors onboard like Dr Pradeep Yammiyavar, Dr Archana Tyagi and many more, YourDOST provides not just therapy but a self-test to help you evaluate your mental state. There are several experts available during various slots for therapy and they have a discussion forum as well. The organisation also has a steady stream of blogs and provides COVID-19 resources too. You can connect with an available expert as per your convenience and learn more about YourDOST on their website.

3. HopeQure

Under the guidance of Dr Praveen Tripathi, HopeQure serves people going through a rough mental health phase. Along with a self-assessment option, the website has a blog for viewers. HopeQure offers online therapy and counselling services to help you with any, every mental health challenge you’re going through. Some of the issues they provide solutions for are OCD, addiction, phobias and various disorders. There are several online therapists you can choose from. They offer online counselling (chat and video counselling). To know more about how to get the best out of HopeQure, visit their website.

4. Minderapy

Minderapy helps you consult some of the best psychologists, counsellors and mental health therapists. You can book a session in simple steps and the process looks like this:

  • Choose the package: Take the best therapy and counselling package for yourself or for someone who wants the therapy. Chat/Phone Call/Video Call Available ( via Apps like Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, Duo)
  • Fill the form & get acknowledgement: A simple form will be sent to you for the basic information and needs of your therapy. Based on that information, they will assign the best psychologist & mental health therapist for your case. You shall get an acknowledgement within 24 – 48 hours of your booking.
  • Start the therapy and the healing process: Once you get an acknowledgement, you can mutually fix the session with your therapist. 

You can visit their website for advice, insights and consultation.

5. IPH

The Institute For Psychological Health is a safe space for all those seeking solutions for mental health issues. Founded by Dr Anand Nadkarni, this organisation is run by a team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists and Counsellors. It is a sanctuary for people seeking such support and provides an ‘Umbrella’ approach,  many services for many age groups, under one roof. Apart from events, books, CDs and DVDs, IPH offers help for an array of mental health problems like developmental issues, distress issues and disorders. They provide a list of available therapists along with contact information. You can connect with them on the website and embark on the journey to better mental health.

Using online therapy can be convenient for many who are looking for help in this pandemic or live in areas without the proper sources. Technology can contribute to an evolution in how people receive psychotherapy or work with a psychologist. More psychologists are exploring online sites and apps just as more patients are interested in using them. So use them to seek help yourself or share this with a loved one who needs it.

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