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What Causes Breast Cancer? 8 Myths That Are Total BS!

When it comes to cancer, ignorance can be a very dangerous thing. We're here to bust the most common myths about what causes breast cancer.

Signs You’re Having A Heat Stroke & How Treatment Options For Symptom Relief

Heat stroke occurs as a result of hot, humid and unbearable weather conditions. Know about its symptoms, causes, home remedies, prevention, and more.

Feeling Nauseous After Sex? Why This Symptom Should Not Be Ignored

If you've been feeling nauseous every time you have sex, here are 7 reasons why this might be happening.

Buzz 46: 5 Startling Facts About HIV/AIDS You Should Know About

Let's discuss the history & significance of World AIDS Day, along with some facts, treatment, & preventive measures of the disease.

Expert Talk: Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Lightening Creams On Your Vagina

A gynaec explains why your privates are often darker than the rest of your body and whether it is safe to use a lightening cream to treat the pigmentation. Read on.

Fertility Consultant Shares 8 Tips To Prepare Your Mind & Body For The Best Shot At IVF Conception

To make the IVF process easier, here are a few tips one should implement to achieve an ideal lifestyle while undergoing treatment.

Asana 46: 5 Asanas To Strengthen Core Muscles Postpartum 

The Channel 46 caught up with Radha Gupta from All About Birthing, to discuss five effective yoga poses to strengthen the core muscles postpartum.

Uncomplicate: What Is The Clitoris?

Also often called clit, is the pleasure centre of your anatomy. It is an integral part of the reproductive system of a vagina owner.

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