Buzz 46Buzz 46: 5 Weight Loss Tricks From Fit & Fab Bhumi Pednekar

Buzz 46: 5 Weight Loss Tricks From Fit & Fab Bhumi Pednekar

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Buzz 46: 5 Weight Loss Tricks From Fit & Fab Bhumi Pednekar's Diet Diaries
Bhumi Pednekar turned heads by losing a whopping 32 kg in less than a year post Dum Lagake Haisha, bringing her weight down from 89 kg to 57 kg. On her birthday (18th July), here’s taking a sneak peek at her phenomenal diet tips that helped the well-endowed girl to shed the extra kilos and become how she is today.
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1. Home-Cooked Meals Are The Saviour
She has revealed how she, along with her Mom, came up with a diet chart after the success of her debut film. And that is ghar ka khana, inspired by her Mom’s immense knowledge about food and Google search. The result is all of us to see with awe-struck wonder!
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2. Puts A Reign On Carbs
She banks on her regular home-cooked meals that include ghee, butter, and buttermilk. The only restraint on food is carbs. That apart, she exercises portion control in whatever she eats and strictly stays away from bingeing.
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3. Quit Having Sugar
Be it the white or the brown variety, sugar flavours food but is a major source of calories. To top that, the body gets emptied of a lot of vitamins and minerals while digesting sugar. Although quitting sugar was a huge challenge for the actor because she has a sweet tooth, she has made a switch to natural sweeteners like honey and stevia.
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4. Follow A Strict Fitness Routine
The diva loves including cardio, weight training, and pilates in her regular fitness regimen. Not just that, she also goes on morning walks, swims, dances, and plays badminton and volleyball.
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5. Binges Once In 5 Days
While she is very particular about not bingeing even when she has home-cooked meals, she leaves restraint on unhealthy food and treats herself to a cheat meal once every 5 days.
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