Buzz 465 Fashion Trends Inspired By Deepika Padukone’s Looks In Pathaan

5 Fashion Trends Inspired By Deepika Padukone’s Looks In Pathaan

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Buzz 46: 5 Dhamaal Fashion Trends Inspired By Deepika Padukone’s Looks In Pathaan
The movie Pathaan has been in the spotlight for a few months now. Now that it has been released at the theatres, the adulation it has been receiving is phenomenal. It has all the makings of an ideal masala B’wood flick. While DP gets the charts soaring with her sizzling. here’s visiting 5 of these looks that you can take inspo from.
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1. Neon Swimwear
Damn, that neon thigh-high swimwear! So hot is the hue and the diagonal slits, with gold rings holding the swimsuit together, raise the temperatures several notches higher. A perfect eye candy for all. Saying she looks “scorching hot” in it doesn’t do justice to the unparalleled oomph that she exudes in the one piece.
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2. Femme Fatale Chic
The most popular Pathaan meme till date has the star adorning a navy blue and black full-sleeved bralette, paired with regular khaki pants. We bet the hatke outfit has caught your eye, other than the dance steps, of course. So the next time you go shopping and are looking for something to stand out of the crowd, you know what to look out for.
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3. Wavy Bob
Let’s face the reality. Short bobs are easy to maintain, considering the hectic lifestyle that we lead. And Deepika sets the stage for all the women out there regarding how a bob should be sported with aplomb. Add some waves and curls to the strands to experiment with your look, just like the sultry diva sports in the movie.
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4. Chunky gold jewellery
Truth be told, chunky jewellery pieces aren’t for everyone. It takes a certain degree of panache to be able to carry them off with elan without feeling overpowered by them. But Deepika adorning it like a pro only ensures that they will become the “it” piece to look out for the season. So bid goodbye to the oxidised jewellery that had taken the market by storm for the last few years and stock up your wardrobe with a few gold chunks.
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5. Bold Necklines
Deepika sets the movie theatre ka parda on fire yet again with her deep-necked outfits. Her seductive body language breathes life into these outfits, ensuring that her presence on the screen does not get marred by these ultra-alluring ensembles. The deep V-necks perfectly complement the contours of her bosom, making her look irresistible.
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