Buzz 46Buzz 46: 5 Khoobsurat Mehendi Designs To Celebrate Your Marital Bliss On...

Buzz 46: 5 Khoobsurat Mehendi Designs To Celebrate Your Marital Bliss On Karwa Chauth

Swipe left to enjoy the gallery of fascinating mehendi designs that you can experiment with this Karwa Chauth.

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Buzz 46: 5 Khoobsurat Mehendi Designs To Celebrate Your Marital Bliss On Karwa Chauth
Karwa Chauth aur haath mein mehendi nahi! Yeh kaise ho sakta hai? Not just this occasion, it is an integral part of every traditional festival, especially in the northern part of India. Mehendi is an intriguing confluence of our art, culture, and heritage. Taking inspiration from the same stories of folklore and traditional motifs, a slice of imagination and a dash of creativity is what makes all the difference in introducing uniqueness in every piece of art on your hand. Here are 5 fascinating mehendi designs that you can experiment with on this Karwa Chauth.
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1. Traditional Design With A Twist
A twist from the ornate designs inspired by folklore and traditional motifs, the mehendi adorning the hands of new bride Richa Chaddha does take our attention. Not just unique for a wedding ceremony, it isn’t one that we get to see often around us even on other festive occasions. With repetitive motifs of the auspicious lotus brought to the fore by a dark colour of mehendi in the background, the design is definitely a conversation-starter.
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2. Folklore-Inspired Mehendi
These are one of the most oft-painted mehendi designs that never make us feel any less mesmerised. Old is gold, like they say. These designs celebrate the love for storytelling, which is deeply ingrained in our culture. Drawing from popular folklore and other traditional design ideas like flowers, foliage, peacock, elephants, etc., the mehendi designs bring mythical characters to life on the tiny canvas of your palms with sheer imagination and artistry.
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3. Mandala Mehendi Design
Mandala has taken on the world of art like a storm. Having its roots in Vedic, Buddhist, and Jain traditions, there is thehrav and simplicity in its symmetry. And yet it is so grasping. You can take the opportunity of Karwa Chauth to honour the reviving art of mandala and see it come to fruition on your hands.
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4. Arabic Mehendi Design
With captivating intricacy at its core, the elements of Arabic mehendi designs are distinctly different from those that bask in its Indianness. With floral designs and leaves making its presence felt, these motifs are seamlessly juxtaposed with subtle geometric patterns. All of these find their roots in Arabia that is deeply soaked in art since eternity.
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5. Simple, Clutter-Free Motifs
When you don’t want something that’s ornate or simply don’t have the time for it, let a simple and clutter-free design come to your rescue. Who said all desi traditional designs have to be elaborate? Simply paint the palm or the back of your palm with a round or diagonal pattern and be ready to make heads turn. Because simplicity never goes out of fashion.
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