Beauty5 Friendship Day Gifting Duos That Work #BetterTogether

5 Friendship Day Gifting Duos That Work #BetterTogether

The samosa to your chai, the rabri to your jalebi, the marshmallows to your hot chocolate, and friends complete your life in more ways than one. Whether they’re your chaddi buddies from school or college friends from those “joint study” sessions, or even roommates you’ve stayed up eating Maggi with, and of course, those colleagues-turned-confidantes. They are your comfort zone, your happy place—the two of you as a duo are just #BetterTogether.

And just like your relationship is a match made in heaven, here are 5 Friendship Day (7th August) duos that complement each other like you and your BFF. Add to cart, because two is better than one!

1. Global Beauty Secrets Thai Lemongrass Bodywash + Greek Yogurt & Lavender Body Moisturiser 

Friends are often an extension of who you are. And that’s exactly how this body wash and moisturiser duo works too. Both of them deeply moisturise your skin with high-performance botanically-extracted ingredients, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated. A bathing ritual that includes this heirloom-inspired duo not only cleanses off the extreme build-up of dirt, sweat and grime on your body but also offers the unwavering support of de-tanning your skin like a genuine friend. And, oh, the lovin’ doesn’t end there. You get a 20% off on the duo till 7th August 2022.

Thai Lemongrass Bodywash

The Thai Lemongrass Body Cleanser flushes toxins from your skin, hydrates it, and also controls signs of ageing. 

Greek Yogurt and Lavender Body Moisturiser 

Embalmed with soothing actives like vitamin-rich yoghurt and lavender, this lightweight moisturiser acts as a second layer of hydration, keeping your skin plump and looking healthy throughout the day. 

Price For The Duo: Rs 1,850

Buy the Global Beauty Secrets Bath & Body Skin Rejuvenating Ritual here

2. Earth Rhythm Sunscreen SPF 50 + Organic Aloe Gel

A good friend is like the cool breeze of air on your face on a hot summer day. At times, their presence with you is as soothing as the presence of Earth Rhythm’s Aloe Gel with its Sunscreen SPF 50. With an impressive 100% concentration of Aloe Juice, the Aloe Gel is the perfect soothing agent to go with your sun protection. Try this Summer Skincare Kit with the one friend who boosts your mood with their presence.

Sunscreen SPF 50

Protect your skin against the harmful effects of the sun and its UV rays. The formulation has both mineral and chemical filters for protection that lasts long, just like your bond.

Aloe Gel

This product boasts of having 100% pure Aloe Vera juice. It’s like that one friend you go to for advice, extremely calming and gradually helps you get rid of skin irritation. Works great for people who need some TLC.

Price for the duo: Rs 1,214 Rs 789.10

Buy the Earth Rhythm Summer Skincare Kit here

3. Gush Beauty Stacked In Your Favour Face Palette + Play Paint Liquid Lipstick

Your friend has the best in mind for you. When you are with your friend, you light and lift each other up to be a better version of yourselves. And, when you are together, you are a power-packed combo much like this face palette and liquid lipstick combo from Gush Beauty. When you add qualities like cruelty-free, vegan, and zero-sulphate, the products are as unadulterated and eco-friendly as you are genuine to each other.

Gush Beauty Stacked In Your Favour Face Palette

The multi-purpose face palette works wonders as a creme blush, contour, and highlighter—all in one package. Now, how cool is that! Quite the hassle-free multi-tasker that you and your friend totally deserve, so that your makeup bags are not spilling over with a myriad of beauty products. 

Gush Beauty Play Paint Liquid Lipstick

Available in 6 bold hues, these creamy-textured liquid lipsticks come in a versatile palette of colours to suit your individual personality. They’re hydrating and long-stay, nourishing and loyal just like your friendship.

Price: Gush Beauty Stacked In Your Favour Face Palette, Rs 1,550
Gush Beauty Play Paint Liquid Lipstick, Rs 550

Buy the Gush Beauty Stacked In Your Favour Face Palette here & the Play Paint Liquid Lipstick here

4. Kiro Kajal All-Day Comfort Kajal Liner + Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner Pencil 

Hey, drama queens, it’s time to have some fun with a duo that’s a conversation starter, just like the two of you. Inseparable and #BetterToghether, the Kiro kajal and eyeliner duo are a match made in heaven with the blue of the eyeliner adding just a pop of colour and playfulness.

Kiro Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner Pencil

The eyeliner pencil in dark blue glides over your skin like a dream. It is transfer-proof and smudge-resistant like a friend who stays with you through thick and thin. It defines your eyes and gives you that much-coveted sultry look, making you stand apart from the crowd.

Kiro All-Day Comfort Kajal Liner

This pigmented kajal liner works its long-lasting magic and is so easy to use with its precision tip. It is smudge-proof, transfer-proof and basically, the perfect everyday buddy that will bring out the best in you, night or day.

Price: Kiro Kajal All-Day Comfort Kajal Liner, Rs 800
Kiro Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner Pencil, Rs 900

Buy the Kiro Kajal All-Day Comfort Kajal Liner here & Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner Pencil here

5. Juicy Chemistry Eye Care Kit for Dark Circles & Fine Lines

Two are friends but three is a crowd? Nah, not always. The power of three sometimes only makes the company stronger, just like this trio by Juicy Chemistry. From fine lines and dark circles to puffiness and pigmentation, the Revitalising Under Eye Serum, Damask Rose & Coffee Under Eye Cream, and Prickly Pear, Chia and Tamanu Under Eye Roll-on can fix it all.

Revitalising Under Eye Serum

The coffee-enriched eye serum is a boon for a friend with puffy, under eyes. An inevitable sign of stress, help your friend brush away tiredness with the relaxing properties of this serum.

Damask Rose & Coffee Under Eye Cream

The dual benefits of antioxidants and caffeine in the under-eye cream are just what you need to take the load off your ageing skin and also treat puffiness.

Prickly Pear, Chia and Tamanu Under Eye Roll-on

Enriched with antioxidants, the smoothing oil in this under-eye roll-on fights fine lines on your face and also visibly reduces those dark circles around your friends’ overworked eyes. 

Price for the kit: Rs 1,999

Buy the Juicy Chemistry Eye Care Kit for Dark Circles and Fine Lines here

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