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Video: 5 Ways To Deal With Burnout At Work

With the career world’s shift to a WFH environment, it is tough to separate work and personal life. You often tend to work more than usual, have your comfort space taken over by office assignments and deadlines with no place to relax and unwind. While assignments and deadlines are a daily ongoing process, overwork and stress are bound to leave an individual in a state of burnout. 

While we celebrate Stress Awareness Month, let’s pay attention to burnout. Burnout is emotional exhaustion due to prolonged stress. And they are unable to cope with the demands of life. This is most common with working professionals who struggle to cope with workplace stress. Hence it is important to look out for yourself and take a timeout to unwind from your bustling working schedule.

5 Fun Things That Help Beat Burnout

Burnout is always caused by an unhealthy work environment, extreme exhaustion or cynicism. And it is crucial to draw your limits and boundaries beforehand. Here are 5 things that will help kick burnout to the curb! 

1. Explore A New Hobby

Hobbies like drawing, craft, dance, help you relax and take your mind off anything stressful. When facing a stressful situation, go back to your art supplies and unwind by drawing a pretty view or some good ol’ music.

2. Have A Side Business

Although work might take all your time, try having a side hustle that can change your mood and gain a little side cash. Nothing too stressful, remember to work as per your time. If you like cooking, reach out to a few friends who’d want a caterer for a small party.

3. Travel

All work and no play makes life dull and boring. Chuck your phone and plan a quick weekend trip to the nearby destination of your choice. Exploring new places will refresh and re-energize you for your work ahead.

4. Try Self-Care

Self-love and self-care are crucial at every stage of life. It is important to forgive and pamper yourself. Have a relaxing self-care session with a calming mask with DoYOU, Calming Mousse Mask, some groovy music and great food!

5. Workout And Exercise

The daily routine and being stuck in one space can get to you. Hence, it is important to stretch your body. As gyms and open spaces are not reachable, home workouts are the best way out. Simple stretches or exercises that require no equipment help lift your mood and strengthen your immune system. 

Burnout does affect a lot of working professionals and at times like such, you must remember to take a timeout. Shut your laptop, kick back your feet, put on a calming mask and groove to your favourite tunes.

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