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Vocal For Local: Flourishing Creative Entrepreneurship Ventures Led By Women

The new wave of ‘vocal for local’ proved to be a boost for Indian entrepreneurs. It has promoted local businesses during COVID-19 and given customers the ability and motivation to shop locally with ease. This rebranded version of ‘Made In India’ has our support, and every month, TC46 will spotlight small businesses and ventures you can champion and back easily through online and offline purchases.

Artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries and experts, Indian women are shattering glass ceilings and breaking out of boxes. Success, tied with skills and hard work, is what makes those featured in our list today an inspiration for many. And the journey, for these women of incredible talent, are stories that must be told.

This week, here are some brands we’re cheering on; check them out!

Home Decor by House At House

House At House is a venture founded by Pranjali V., a home decor enthusiast and an artist. Whenever she sees a space, her mind starts to swirl with creative thoughts where she can see things and ideas to make it better. House At House is an amalgamation of art and home decor. She created this platform for unique handmade home decor art pieces and products which she started making herself starting last year.

The products majorly include ceramic wall plates, wooden crafts, painting, macrame hanging and runners. She is good at digital art too, which allowed her to expand her profile even more. Her Instagram profile can vouch for it. It is more or so her catalog for now and she plans on launching the website very soon. She understands that everyone is different and one’s home should be styled according to one’s own taste and memories. So she always keeps an option of customisation for her customers. She believes one does not necessarily have to find a niche when one can do so many things.

She quit her job in March of 2020 and started working in her creative studio at home to pursue her passion for arts. She stays in the outskirts of Raipur. A lot of her inspiration comes from the scenery that surrounds her and mostly from the parallel universe in her head. What she creates is an outcome of pure passion and hours of failure and learnings. Her Instagram is full of random creative things she keeps on trying starting from doodling, painting, trying new DIYs, home decor tips and more. To get your hands on her wonderful products, head on over to the brand’s Instagram page. 

Ceramic Kitchenware by Vaani

Vaani is the brainchild of two creatively hungry souls, Purva and Chandni, who decided to mould their friendship into a beautiful and inspiring partnership. They started as professional colleagues and the mutual admiration for creativity helped cement the friendship. While they love their profession, the constant urge to explore this creative side compelled them to think about an outlet that would justify it. After discussing it for months, they finally ventured into ‘kitchen decor’ and are looking forward to this new and exciting chapter. 

The idea behind launching this brand was always to cater to everyone right from homemakers to people living by themselves. With Vaani, they want people to ‘feel good’ while they enjoy their meals. The concept was pretty simple – it was to infuse creativity into kitchen decor. They personally handpicked different products that would cater to a variety of buyers with different tastes. From coffee mugs, food platters, salad to soup bowls, the product range is distinct and striking and the hope is that everyone loves it as much as them.

They believe that ‘a kitchen is the heart of any home’ and decorating it is never too much. While they are hopelessly in love with their products, they want the customers to experience the same obsession. Ask them to define the range and they tag it as unconventional. The colours are neither loud nor dull and the decision to have a subtle colour palette was intentional. The love for crockery cannot be described in words but they would definitely like to share it with everyone! 

The brand truly supports the ‘vocal for local’ cause and hence all the products are proudly Made In India. So, while you are busy cooking some delicious dishes, allow the brand to garnish them with their beautiful products. 

While the category is restricted to kitchen decor for now, they plan on moving beyond it. The brand loves exploring and look forward to offering more products in the near future. The possibilities are endless and they are striving hard to make ‘Vaani’ a household name. The journey ahead is exciting but tough at the same time and all the brand needs is support. 

Bigger things are coming and the brand is excited to work on them, one at a time. The average price range is between Rs 400 to Rs 700. To buy their unique products, take a look at the brand’s Instagram page.

Pure Skin & Hair Care by Vyasa Ayurveda

Vyasa Ayurveda is a skin and hair care company founded by Dr Ishani. P. Vyas. The founder noticed the necessity for good skin and hair care products as the available products in markets were either too expensive or loaded with chemicals. Purity in skin and hair care products along with being pocket friendly seemed a dire necessity. With the intention of providing excellent quality products, Vyasa Ayurveda was established in winters of 2019. 

Dr Vyas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery. She has profound Ayurveda knowledge and is highly passionate about providing customers with nothing but the best! She is the Production & Creative Head of the brand.

At Vyasa Ayurveda, all products are made with fresh, hand-picked herbs and based on deep knowledge about Ayurveda. All the products are exclusively customised as per skin or hair type, needs and dosha constitution. All those who seek to have amazing skin, hair and wellness are their target audience. Get a sneak peek at the products and the brand on Instagram.

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