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Video: Top Business Ideas Inspired By TC46’s VFL Entrepreneurs

Every week, we cheer on local women-led businesses that you can support through online and offline purchases. The initiative also hopes to inspire more and more women to pursue their entrepreneurial journeys, so if you’re looking for ideas to start your own business, here are some real-life examples that will help you get started on the right foot.

Top 5 Tips From Our Women Entrepreneurs

If you’re someone who is looking for business tips and want to start your own venture, then you’ve landed on the right page. Women have been stealing the stage all along and TC46 is here to give you the necessary push to nurture your dreams and guide you down the correct path. Read on to learn more about the top 5 business tips coming directly from our featured women entrepreneurs.

1. Use Instagram For Your Business

After creating an account for your business on Instagram, make sure you use Instagram analytics to get insights regarding your business and top-performing posts, stories, reels and videos. You can even check your engagement metrics and audience demographics to better understand and optimize your marketing strategies. Apart from that, use the platform to engage and collaborate with influencers to grow your reach. Research when’s the right time to post on Instagram for better engagement and follow that pattern. Always remember consistency is key.  

2. Book Recommendations For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

As you might have heard that a lot about business and entrepreneurship is learned on the job. But, some of the most successful individuals in the world cultivate the habit of reading books to improve their knowledge and develop a more well-rounded way of looking at thins. Some of our favourite books by successful women include Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, Thrive by Ariana Huffington, Follow Every Rainbow by Rashmi Bansal, and so on. 

3. Business Communication Guidelines

Make sure you also improve your business communication skills at work. First, assess the areas which need improvement and work on them. Learn to speak in an approachable and friendly manner. Keep in mind that every conversation with a stranger can actually be a sales opportunity. Exude confidence and avoid writing long paragraphs with no concrete goal. Whenever you’re writing business emails, make sure you are precise and accurate. 

4. Set Up Your Blog/Website

Another significant business tip would be to start your own blog or website. Keep in mind that content drives a blog or any website so work on churning out the best content for your blog. In the end, there are many ways you can follow to monetise your blog like affiliate programs, selling different services, advertisements, and so on. 

5. On Getting Loans For Your Business

You’re thinking about getting starting a business but aren’t sure how to fund it? Please know that the availability of small business loans for women are aplenty. Some of the most popular business loans include the Stree Shakti Package, which can give you a maximum loan up to Rs 5 lakh, the Annapurna Scheme, the Dena Shakti Scheme, and so on. 

Read more about effective business loans for women entrepreneurs here. 

TC46’s Vocal For Local entrepreneurs have shown you how a simple passion can drive a successful business. It’s your turn now to deliver to the entrepreneurship ecosystem and let us know in the comments what are your ideas on starting a successful venture. 

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