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Home Biz: 15 Lucrative Part-Time Business Ideas For Stay-At-Home Moms

Parenting has its own set of troubles and being a stay-at-home mom adds to it. Now that your child doesn’t need your presence constantly, you are cursed with so much free time that sitting idle feels unproductive. Along with that, the free time brings back your passion for a certain hobby or the motivation to pursue a career you have thought of for a long time. However, you still can’t take enough time out for a full-fledged career. Not to mention that you don’t miss the corporate drama. This situation calls for you to start looking up to part-time money-making ideas. Scroll down and, by the time you finish, you are good to start. 

Top 15 Side Business Ideas For Stay-At-Home Moms

1. Food Business

If your kids are proud of their mama’s lip-smacking recipes, the food business is for you. Food business tops the list of the most sought after side business ideas. Though the field is pretty competitive, distinguishing yourself isn’t a tough nut to crack.

There are a variety of available options. Tiffin services and snack distribution take less time and almost no investment, to begin with. On the other hand, chocolate making or starting a breakfast service requires you to put in some amount but, if things work out well, you might end up having your bakery or even a small restaurant. Read here 10 key steps to start a tiffin service business from home.

Nevertheless, if you are willing to splash out, go for a catering service. It requires you being on your toes the whole time but the money is so worth it. Also, you can stir up your creative side and go for something unhackneyed.

2. Tutoring

Utilize your skills to upskill others. Tutoring is one of the best side businesses for homemakers these days. If you are good at math, teach math. If you are good with computers, teach that. Help students prepare for their exams; help elders learn the things they want to. 

You can call the students at your place, go to theirs or stream online. The pandemic has opened up doors to new opportunities. People don’t mind virtual education anymore. Also, the internet gives you access to a larger student base. Stream live and recorded lectures now and earn from around the world. 

3. Writing

If languages have been your territory, writing is the best part-time business for you. Pick the language of your choice and wield your pen. Words stand at your disposal.

Remember that you don’t need to publish a book and bank on royalties to get paid. Explore blogging. 

You can be a freelance writer. Businesses require snappy tuneful content for their websites. Creative writers, copywriters and ghostwriters aid their purpose. The options don’t end here. People need someone to write their resumes, cover letters and even dating profiles. 

Set your computer up, optimize writing and build profiles on a few freelancing sites. You are good to go!

4. Proofreading

Proofreading means ameliorating a document before it is published. A proofreader checks content for typographical errors, grammatical mistakes and linguistic blunders. 

Spotting obscure erratum requires going through a document umpteen times. People often fail at describing their slips. That’s why businesses hire professional proofreaders to do the job. If you have a keen eye for mistakes, why not earn from it? 

5. Transcribe

Transcription industry hires freelancers regularly to listen to audio files and type their contents. Transcriptionists can earn a decent amount per hour. It promises flexible work hours making it one of the best side business ideas for ladies.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants do managerial jobs from home. They enter into contracts with business individuals or companies and run tasks for them. Regulating correspondence, supervising travel arrangements and scheduling their boss’ appointments are the jobs taken on by virtual assistants. 

You can also perform book-keeping, data entry or manage the social media handles of your employer. Specialization in the latter tasks gives you another set of lucrative side business ideas. 

7. Affiliate Marketing

Business requires an investment whatsoever. How about you sell someone else’s products? 

No, you don’t need to stay out 8 hours a day. Affiliate marketing allows you to recommend the item online and earn a commission per purchase when your referral code or link is used. Also, you get to be creative here. Start your blog (or a YouTube channel maybe). How about a Facebook or Instagram account? 

All you need to do is create a follower base and start making recommendations. Just make sure to go for quality products, the ones you believe in. It will help establish your credibility.  

8. Selling On E-commerce Platforms

The rise in e-commerce has allowed us to do business from inside the comfort of our homes. Now, you don’t need to bore yourself behind the desk for a sale or two. 

You can sell your products on Flipkart, Amazon and other popular e-commerce platforms. Or, if you have local vendors around you, you can sell theirs at a slightly higher price and keep the balance as commission. Amazon’s FBA platform is a tool you can make use of. 

9. Home Daycare

The kid has started schooling and lately home feels rather empty. You never knew you enjoyed baby-caring this much. Why not start a home daycare? Get some toys, clean out space, watch nutritious delicious recipe videos and you are done!

The business depends pretty much on your locality. If you live around working parents, you might even earn a six-figure amount. Also, your child will love the jolly home atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the operation cost can be high. Kids like to break and spill. See that all your expensive showpieces are stacked up. If your children have already grown up, remember the past days and plan accordingly.

10. Photography

Always been the aunt who clicks the best pictures? Have a gallery stocked with aesthetics? Photography is the best part-time work. 

A professional camera, a catchy Instagram or Facebook page and passion are the prerequisites of this line. If taking party pictures doesn’t please you, you can any day click for greeting cards, business websites as well as other people’s Instagram pages and blogs. 

Photography is a diverse profession. Start now and raise your prices with time. 

11. Art

If you paint, craft, weave, mould or do anything that catches people’s hearts, know that your artistic expertise can make you big bucks. 

Lately, the demand for aesthetically pleasing goods has increased which allows artists to effectively market their products. An Instagram or Facebook page is all you need to start. You can also consider going to trade fairs once in a while. 

Entering into contracts with interior designing firms, art galleries and gift-producers is a lucrative resort if marketing is not your thing. Look around for those who need your talents. Keep your eyes and mind open and you got yourself a gig. 

12. Party Planning

The demand for party planners is on a hike. The days of engaging them only for wedding ceremonies are far behind us. People need planners for birthdays, anniversary ceremonies, New Year’s eve parties, mitzvahs or, basically, any sort of gathering. 

Party planning is one of the most lucrative side business ideas for ladies. It requires money handling expertise, exceptional organizational skills and a lot of contacts. However, you have got it all with a pinch of creativity. Make use of your special talents like paper decorating or balloon do ups. Go out of the way to make yourself known. 

13. Beautician

Interested in the DIY hacks? Are you the one prepping your people for parties? Do your sisters come to you with their last-minute facial demands? Why not let the world benefit from your talent?

You can any day start a parlour at home or go to your client’s place and make them up for their special occasions. Just, put some money into beauty products. Make sure to maintain the quality. Then, pick up the phone to tell all your friends and relatives about it. You can hear the delight in their voices. If you are good, it won’t be long before you have your own established parlour. 

14. Part-Time Product Delivery

It’s not new to see homemakers engaging in clothes or jewellery business. Also, starting a gift store from home is conducive to growth, thus one of the most profitable side business ideas. If you have easy access to small-scale seasonal product shops like kites, colours and diyas, it might be good to make money during a few months of the year. 

Such businesses can any day grow into big offline or online stores and boutiques. 

15. Sports Coach

Professional sports coaching is a competitive field. However, if you love spending your days in the field with adrenaline rushing through you, it is the best part-time business.

You can train the kids in your locality for their matches or apply to schools and sports institutes that will pay you well in exchange for your services. Also, you get to acquaint young minds with the spirit of sportsmanship. For the inherent sportswoman in you, go for it.

These are some of the best part-time business ideas and present lucrative opportunities. All have been tried and tested in the market in the past few years and prove to be profitable side business plans. Nevertheless, you must not hesitate to start on an unprecedented path. This era is characterized by innovation and experimentation. People who create new jobs excel. So, let your creative cells kick in. Think out of the box and restart your career right now!

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