WorkCareerAmbition Does Not Mean A Lack Of Sanskaar: Real Women Crush Sexist...

Ambition Does Not Mean A Lack Of Sanskaar: Real Women Crush Sexist Stereotypes

A perfect Indian naari means someone who will perform all duties, touch the feet of elders, visit temples, wear “appropriate” clothes, but also wear trendy skirts and dresses to parties, drink (but in limits) and work and also manage babies. This might as well be the new definition of superwoman, right? Every Indian woman is subjected to heights that are humanly impossible to reach, being expected to take care of everything on their own is not fair. Women are made to feel guilty if they decide to put themselves and their goals before the family needs, but should that be the case?

15 Real Women Share Opinions About Sexist Typecasts 

TC46 put out a post here saying, “In our society, working women feel guilty because their ambitions and financial independence are interpreted as them lacking Indian culture and values. Agree or disagree?” Here’s what the real women had to say!

This is true and it came from my sasural side, my parents and relatives were always proud of me being independent and stable in life (without anyone’s help).” – Chaaya*

I never understood why and how it became a woman’s responsibility to maintain that so-called balance? It should be equal, everything must be divided and shared. Both partners have to work towards the family goals!” – Kiara*

I was meeting some people for an arranged marriage and this guy said to me that I’ll allow you to work after marriage and I was dumbstruck! Who is he to give me permission?” – Parul*

Just because I have a goal set in place, doesn’t mean that I forget my values. Who decides these values and why are they gender-based?” – Ruchika*

I am a 40-year-old woman with a successful career and a happy family. I am grateful that I got all the support needed to fulfil my dreams.” – Simone*

I think there’s a double standard in our society, family members have no problem with our salaries, but they don’t like it when we go to work. How is that logical?” – Avani*

My parents worked hard to help me educate and I worked hard to reach where I am, why wouldn’t I be financially independent?” – Chelsia*

Indian culture does not say that women can’t have goals other than family ones, we have the right to fend for ourselves and be our best versions. AMBITIOUS WOMEN ARE SANSKAARI. PERIOD.” – Nayra*

After I got married, I was earning more than my husband and you would think that this will lead to arguments but nope. He is happy for me and sometimes asks me to spoil him a little haha!” – Ishani*

“I love being a housewife, but that’s my choice. I hate being quoted as an example of being a perfect Indian naari. Women are individuals, capable of making their own decisions. WE SHOULD NOT BE COMPARED!” – Nimaayat*

I have a wonderful stay at home husband, he loves being at home and I love working, it’s beautiful how we share responsibilities without any anger or hatred.” – Rizvi*

I was 32 when I decided not to get married, faced a lot of criticism and my family stopped talking to me. But I knew what I wanted from life, I am now a CEO of a big company, doing what I love. I never look back because I am happy.” – Kanan*

I got engaged a month ago and my mom started the whole gharelu bahu training. When I said that this is not what I want from my life, she was actually shocked. She even tried to convince me that a career always comes after family but I stood up for myself. I had to break my engagement since his family shared the same views. I met my soulmate where I work, and now we help each other reach our true potentials.” – Nishtha*

I love my family and what I do as a housewife is also like a full-time job, I am happy that my husband and kids appreciate me (even if my in-laws don’t.)” – Aashi*

I have always been ambitious, just like my mom was, she was put down for focusing on her career, she was told that her kids will end up being resentful towards her. But look at us now, we both wear suits and have our work calls from home, together. And my dad is so supportive, he cooks and brings us fruits! They are my role models.” – Roohi*

You now live in an era where you can keep your heads held high and not feel guilty for living your life! Read here about 10 things you need to stop feeling guilty about!

Ladies, stop feeling guilty for putting your ambitions first! You are your own person who gets to decide how to live your life! Find people who understand and respect your goals and those who can’t, deserve no place in your life. Let’s be a little cliche and say, ‘live life on your terms’!

Disclaimer: Please note that the responses have been translated and edited for clarity. Names have been changed to respect privacy.

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