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Home Biz: 15 Lucrative Home Business Ideas For Women

Often, many of us have that thought to dump our mundane work life and start a business of our own, one that stems from our passion and promises good wealth. Well, this is the right time to do so as entrepreneurship is being promoted largely and provides an ample of business ideas for women at home. 

You can start a business at home, even if you have zero business or even work experience. Having a business at home will serve all the right purposes. You will be able to work on flexible timings, manage home, enable comfortable workspace and last but not the least, it will give the pleasure of being financially independent.

For various reasons, many times women either have to or choose to stay at home. Housewives have been wanting to start something of their own but fear no prior experience of work or business may hinder their vision of start-up. Retired women, senior women, everyone can be entrepreneurs. Willingness and passion will help plant the seed of business. But how to start a business from home may arise as a big question. 

15 Interesting Business Ideas For Housewives

1. Sustainable Lifestyle

Make Paper Or Cloth Bags

Leading a sustainable lifestyle has created a lot of buzz in this new age. As climate change is hitting mankind, many citizens have started to adopt a sustainable lifestyle consciously and become more eco-friendly. 

You can add to their goodwill and promote by providing facilities like glass or metal bottles, handmade paper or cloth bags for cars to be used as trash bags, composting materials, replacements to plastic decors with handcrafted decors. There are several societies and offices which are opting to be environment-friendly, you can take up assignments and audit their places to suggest required changes. Conduct workshops in locality or schools. Join the municipal corporation and help them with supplies of materials.

2. Gardening/Organic Veggies

Gardening/Producing Organic Veggies

This idea easily answers the question; how to start a business from home and make it a guaranteed success. If you have space for gardening or even a terrace garden, this is an apt business for you. You can plant different types and species of plants in your garden. For example, bonsai which aren’t easily available in the market. You can avail it for people in and around your locality. 

Similarly, you can grow different vegetables organically in your little kitchen garden and supply it to people at market price. Or turn to online grocery apps and sell organic, safe vegetables.

3. Online Tutor

Online Tutor

If you are a graduate and have teaching skills, this can be one of the most rewarding home business ideas for ladies. Today, with the availability of robust internet facilities, one can reach thousands across different cities. Tutors are experts in any language or subject and you can be one by making an account and providing specifications of your course online. Many students are preparing for competitive exams and you can conduct online sessions for them. You can also partner with online apps that take digital classes.

4. Food Delivery/Tiffin Services

Food Delivery Services

For women passionate about cooking, this is one of the most lucrative business ideas for housewives. Many students and working professionals come to cities from different parts of the state and country. One thing they miss is ‘ghar ka khana’. While many fail to cook for themselves every day, eating outside food also becomes expensive. You can start a tiffin service for these youngsters, delivering to their residence or office. Check out our detailed guide on how to start a tiffin service from home.

The concept of ‘at-home kitchen’ is a new yet flourishing concept and a fantastic business opportunity. Women are delivering speciality food items like biryani, kebabs and authentic regional cuisines like Bunts, Keralite. This is definitely a business idea that will make you a lot of money. 

5. Baked And Other Food Items

Bakery Business

Another idea leading the chart of business ideas for housewives. Cakes are always in demand and bakery businesses flourish quite often. People order customised and homemade cakes and pastries for different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, office parties and house parties. Similarly, a lot of authentic baked products are missed by people. In other food items, homemade pickle, jam, papads, farsan, dry products can be sold from home at a reasonable price. 

6. Own A Library

Start Your Own Library

If you are a bibliophile and have books that can fill your rooms, then here is a business idea for you. We understand your love for books and maybe you aren’t comfortable giving away your cherished stock of different books, but you can definitely rent them to book lovers. While the concept of libraries has started to fade away, because of the online reading habits; there are still many readers who would like to feel the essence of books and enjoy them. Also, many old books aren’t easily available online or in bookstores; those can be definitely rented out.

If you have a big space in your house, maybe a yard or garden area, you can also utilise the space to allow them to read there. You can even open your very own book cafe and start this business in your locality.

7. Rent Space

Rent Space In Your House Or Bungalow

Firstly recce the space in your house or bungalow you can rent out for different purposes like office, school, kindergarten, reading room. Learn about the tax ramification and laws related to renting properties. Accordingly, you can advertise in your area and market to host tenants. Just like you are seeking an entrepreneurial opportunity, several other entrepreneurs are looking for spaces to start-up their companies. You can create a co-working space as well, where you can decide the rent for a company or individual doing business. This will bring a lump sum amount of money home. 

With minimum spaces available for reading and study rooms, you can also charge a nominal price to students and allow them to use the space for work. You can also sign up on apps like Airbnb where you can rent out your space for hosting travellers or people coming to the city for temporary work.

Make sure you do all the required verification of people who will be utilising the space.

8. Tailoring/Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing

One traditional home business for women that guarantees good business is tailoring. You can add up to your skills with knowledge of exclusive fashion sense and designing which can gain popularity for you. You can even sell special sarees, dress material and other clothing items from home. 

9. Handmade Jewellery/Artwork On Sarees

Handmade Jewellery

If you are artistic, you can paint/illustrate an artwork on plain cotton sarees for suitable charges. The demand for unique clothing pieces or accessories is never-ending. Though a bit time consuming, handmade products are more appreciated and loved by consumers. Those who have a hobby of assembling different items and making jewellery out of it; you might as well make a business from it. Started advertising it by wearing it yourself. When it will grab attention, demands for similar jewellery will come up. This can be one of the most fulfilling business ideas for housewives. 

10. Consultancy

Providing Consultancy Services

Apart from traditional business, running a consultancy can be a fruitful home business for women. The consultancy firm can range between any specialisation like chartered accountancy, chartered secretary, physiotherapist, psychologist, counsellor, advisor to IT or industrial companies. You can take a couple of people on board with you for hassle-free functioning of the firm who can also physically visit your client whenever required. Many non-conventional companies also require an accounting consultant.

11. Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer

Women who are fitness freaks can turn their passion into a business by becoming a fitness trainer. Gather several ladies in your society and conduct fun fitness activities like yoga, Zumba or aerobics. You can ensure the growth of your business by advertising it through social media.

12. Dance/Music Academy

Start Your Own Dance/Music Academy

Trained dancers or musicians or singers can open a class where they share their talent with other aspirants. You can start a dance academy of a particular dance form like classical dances; Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Odissi, Kuchipudi and other dance forms. Or begin singing classes or train to play a musical instrument. 

13. Beautician

Start A Small Business As Beautician

If you are wondering how to start a small business at home, then here is another idea that can be done easily. Beauticians are always in demand and almost everyone needs their services. You can provide all kinds of beauty services like facial, waxing, massage, make-up, saree draping to taking training sessions for women. Today, with the availability of social media and apps, it has been easy to run such a business independently.

14. Nanny To Pets

Start Work As Nanny To Pets

If you are a pet lover, then this can be an adorable business you are looking for. Many pet owners are working professionals and are often worried about leaving their pets home alone. Many are reluctant to adopt pets because they are confused about how they will manage when they are at work or have to go out of town.

You can come to their rescue. This business will only require a healthy environment and space in your house where you can keep the pets safely. While the owners are away at work or holiday or business trip, you can nanny them and charge the needed fees.

15. Graphic Designer/Web Designer

Graphic Designing/Web Designing Business

You will find tonnes of opportunities to make a good business out of your graphic or web designing talent. Several companies look for graphic designers and web developers who can market their company to the next-gen. You can look for possibilities like freelancing too.

It only takes that one step towards success. Don’t overthink, take the leap, you may end up becoming a global success. Moreover, it is not always about earning money but also being productive and indulging into a valuable activity that keeps you rejuvenated and at peace.

A Checklist Before Starting Your Home Business

  1. Have a business plan.
  2. Think of a name for your company and manpower required to start it.
  3. Legal structure, partnership terms, licence, registration work, whether it will be an individual enterprise or a corporate company.
  4. Resources required for the business.
  5. Bank account by the name of the company.

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