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10 High Salary Jobs For Women In 2020

We live in an era, where gender equality is at the fore. Whichever sectors you look at, in the professional or personal sphere, women have got their grips over it. Firmly and fantastically – owing to their sincere talent. Women have also slowly entered into the highest paying jobs in the market.

It has been observed that many highest paying jobs are dominated by men. But, little do women know that many highest salary jobs are waiting for them in different sectors from government to private jobs.

 Being financially independent feels great, for it allows you the freedom to lead your life the way you want. If you too, are wondering where you can put your talent, passion and education to work in a manner that you can earn a decent income, you’re at the right place. Here’s a list of jobs that pay well in return for your hard work and determination.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs For Women

1. Human Resources

HR Job

HR posts are mainly dominated by women and are one of the highest paying jobs. Employers too, prefer female candidates, considering women have the quality of soft skills. With growing experience and success, this job can pay you well.

2. Healthcare Professional

Healthcare Professional Job

Healthcare is a sector that will never fade away, especially in India. You don’t have to only be a doctor or a nurse. You can build a career in related fields like pharmacy, physiotherapy and cosmetology and they all are one of the highest salary jobs.

3. Transcriber/Interpreter

Transciber/Interpreter Job

Well, we have always heard knowing an extra language other than your native language or mother tongue or compulsory languages like English, adds to your skills. You can put this skill into fetching a lucrative job. 

India hosts numerous foreign companies, and several foreign delegates visit our country for various business interests. Hence, making this profession one of the highest salary jobs. You can look for an opportunity of a transcriber or interpreter of a foreign language. There are many Indian origin companies and organisations which work in different parts of the country and give a brownie point for knowing the native language of that particular area.

4. Teaching Profession

Teaching Job

Gone are the days when a high school teacher salary was below average. Today, the teaching profession has gained a position among the highest paying jobs. Especially government school and higher educational institute teachers. 

With a revised pay scale and seventh pay commission, a high school teacher salary is quite high. And it is one of the highest paying government jobs. In the private sector, you can look at private schools, tuition classes or even online teaching. This profession is one that can also allow you great flexibility in work, as well as conducive work timings. 

5. Government Jobs

Government Job

Cracking exams and interviews for government jobs might be difficult, but once cleared, you may land into a secure and stable job for a lifetime. There are different posts in departments including ministerial offices, defence office, government-run universities and schools where you can find the highest paying government jobs. For example, if you want to work in communications, you can get a job in the Ministry of Communications. You can teach in a government-run school. You can also work in one of the multiple NGOs that the government runs. Whatever be your interest, you can get a job in the Government – one that is stable, and also allows you multiple perks and benefits. 

6. Psychology Or Counselling Profession

Job In Psychology Or Counselling

With changing lifestyles and work culture, more and more people are getting into a stressful and depressing pattern of life. The stress and depression aren’t only restricted to working professionals but also to children who stress upon exams or are targeted in the competitive world. Counsellors and psychologists are highly in demand, which makes this one of the highest salary jobs for women. Plus, given a quality – women are more empathising and patient listeners, good advisers – which helps become a better and learned counsellor. 

7. Fitness Trainer

Fitness Instructor

Erratic lifestyles and work culture have played a major role in unhealthy living. With increasing awareness of the consequences of leading an unhealthy lifestyle, people have become more cautious and are switching to healthier choices. Fitness has become an essential part. A role as a yoga trainer, Zumba instructor, gym trainer or even a nutritionist can put you in the highest paying jobs category. 

8. Hospitality

Job In Hospitality Sector

From airlines or hotels, hospitality is an evolving sector in India. One that clearly offers some of the highest salary jobs. In an airline job as cabin crew or on-ground staff, you might even get the opportunity to travel. 

9. Media Professional / Public Relations (PR)

Job in Media/PR

If you enjoy writing, communication and meeting people, a role in media or PR can be just the right fit. What’s more, you don’t need a degree in media, just the passion and energy. While PR jobs often sound interesting and glamorous, it also involves a lot of hard work and erratic timings. However, this is also a very well paid sector, so definitely worth it in the end. 

10. Fashion Industry

Job In Fashion Industry

While initially the fashion industry only catered to the rich and famous, things have changed now.  With the fashion industry has grown a lot over the last few years, you can find success as a designer, fashion stylist or even work as a manager at a company that is into fashion. 

You might have taken a break from their career to manage your personal life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get back. With various new positions and opportunities opening up in the market, your dream job is only a few steps away. Add to your education qualification and make a switch if needed. Brush up your skills, get updated with the current requirements and get ready to conquer the dream career you wanted. For success sees no gender. 

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