StyleClothing10 Kurti Styles To Ace Your Back-To-Work Wardrobe Like A Boss!

10 Kurti Styles To Ace Your Back-To-Work Wardrobe Like A Boss!

Yaar, there’s nothing to wear” is a mantra that you chant every morning when you open your closet. You buy a bunch of clothes and then leave them to sit idle in the back of the wardrobe, and then be like “ Ye bhi tha mere pas?

One way to solve that is by buying clothes that can be worn in not just one but in har type ke occasion. And do you know one of the most versatile clothing items? The ever-popular and loved kurtis. With pandemic restrictions almost gayab and gone for good (hopefully). Workplaces are going offline and calling out to employees to work on-site. And you want to walk in style (and comfort). 

But coming back to the problem, the question remains “Har roz kya pehne?” You want to look professional and also live your filmy dream. And with summers looming over our heads, you also need comfort in this tapti gamri, right? 

To ease all these problems, we have curated a list of 12 cool and summer kurtis to ace your back-to-work style.

10 Summer Kurtis For Your Work Wardrobe

1. A-Line Kurti

A-line Kurti

This classic design is crafted to be casual. It can be worn in so many styles that chance hi nahi hai ki you’ll ever run out of outfits. They can be paired with leggings, churidar, jeggings, salwar and jeans. They’re comfortable to wear and an awesome choice for the summer heat. You can also style them up or down with accessories based on where you’re wearing them. 

Style It As: Block printed kurtis in subtle colours like pink and white, paired with palazzos or white leggings. 

2. Anarkali Kurti 

Does it get more desi? Nooo! Anarkali style has ‘timeless’ written all over it. And the best thing is you can just transform your anarkali by pairing it with different assortments and create looks for so many events. Office meeting? After-work parties? All using just one piece and styling it with various jewellery and bottoms. With new designs popping up every day, you’ll find a fine balance of traditional and modern feel. 

Style It As: Long anarkali kurti with matching set of palazzos in pastel colours like mint green and lavender. 

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3. Tail Cut Kurti 

Ekdam trendy or fresh! This style of kurti has recently flared up interest among young women. One of the reasons could be because of its loose and modern fit. It looks like you’ve put in the effort to dress up but at the same time looks effortless. So pick up a few tail cut kurtis in your next shopping spree and amp up your workwear!

Style It As: Block or floral printed kurti is best styled with leggings of the same or complementary colour, or plain blue jeans. 

4. Angrakha Kurti 

Angrakha Kurti

Did you know that angrakha means tunic in Hindi? A modern twist on shahi tunic worn by royal musicians in olden times. Think of it as anarkali’s trendy behen. In this kurti, what happens is, that either two similar or contrasting flaps are tied on the side with the help of straps. This style is also a hit among the B-wood celebs due to its feminine and elegant look. 

Style It As: Choose a simple printed short angrakha kurti and pair it with jeans to get a modern office look. 

5. Indo-Western Kurti 

This style is outfits ka khazana. There are a sea of options for to venture into and try in this mix design. You only get lajawaab results mixing two beautiful styles together. This type of kurti is perfect for summers because you can opt from literally hundreds of options to pick the best fit. This also allows you to explore numerous footwear because no matter what you choose, it’s gonna look great. You can also pick up a simple and functional side bag to enhance the whole look. 

Style It As: A short printed or plain cotton kurti paired with a jacket and soft leggings or jeans. 

6. Long Straight Kurti 

This kurti is always on full demand. Because of its hemline, it makes you look taller, making it the perfect choice for a professional look. Remember Deepika Padukone’s long black and white kurti with palazzo in the movie, Piku? Elegant and clean, right? Give your closet an ethnic and funky makeover with some long straight kurtis

Style It As: Colour-blocked simple printed kurti with leggings and palazzos. 

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7. Shirt Style Kurti 

Another trendy and professional-looking choice is shirt style kurtis. They look absolutely crisp and are the perfect fit for your everyday office look. There are options for more fun and outgoing styles too. By picking a skin-friendly material like cotton and crepe, you can say tata bye-bye to summer itchiness. Goodbye inconvenience and hello comfort! 

Style It As: Checked or striped kurti in colours like black and blue, or any colour you want, to go with white leggings. 

8. High Low Kurti 

In this modern kurti, the front hem is shorter than the back hem. This cut gives another dimension and gives you a stylish and feminine look. You can easily dress up the simple kurti with earrings and tribal necklaces for going out and during the festive season. They go with almost all bottoms and look chic and beautiful. 

Style It As: Simple or flower printed kurti with cigar pants looks the best for any office attire. 

9. Asymmetric Kurti 

Bore ho gaye with the same cut hemlines of your old kurtis? Just try an asymmetrical hemline that gives you the illusion of height, making it perfect for office settings. Runaways have been replete with this silhouette with even the most glamorous designers and celebs loving this style. Why should you miss out on it? And they’re ideal for this garmi because they’re usually made of lightweight materials like chiffon, crepe, and georgette. 

Style It As: Casual printed kurti with tight-fitting bottoms like leggings or loose wide-leg pants in subtle colours like white or cream. 

10. Reversible Kurti 

Ek pe ek free! C’mon who’d wanna miss this deal out? The kurti can be worn inside out too which means you have two new pieces for your wardrobe at the price of one. They’re available in such variety and designs ki chakkar aa jayenge. They’re very comfortable to wear and easy to style because they’re simple yet graceful. You can wear them daily to your office or for a chill walk in the park. 

Style It As: Choose simple coloured kurtis and avoid heavy designs you can pair them with the same leggings and create two outfits!

Kurtis are back in style. Or rather, they have always been in style. But their designs have undergone quite some changes throughout the years. You can always play around with different accessories like finger rings, earrings, necklaces, and handbags to create looks that fit your style and occasion.

Now that you have a good list of kurtis, are you ready to step out and show the world your A-fashion game? #BeALittleMore stylish and comfortable at the same time with these trendy but awesome kurtis. Do you have other styles of kurtis in mind? Or have some styling tips for the working ladies? Comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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