LifeDecorDIYLife: 10 Ways You Can Use String Lights To Elevate Your Decor

DIYLife: 10 Ways You Can Use String Lights To Elevate Your Decor

Twinking, soft strings of light is a decor upgrade and a crowd-pleasing decor item. If there is one house decor item that can almost immediately brighten up the room, it’s string lights. Available in different shapes, colours and patterns, these lights are perfect for any occasion. Be it a birthday, anniversary celebrations, or just room decor, they are perfectly versatile. It adds enough light to light up a room and keeps the mood warm. The latest LED lights offer great technological features such as timers and remote controls, making setting the mood even easier. They burn more safely and they are looking more aesthetically pleasing than ever. Decorating your house gives it a personality. So try these 10 DIYs with string lights or head on over to the Red Dot Shop here to shop for the latest in home decor.

Top Reasons Fairy Lights Make The Best Decor Items

1. Cheap & Easily Accessible

The biggest benefit of using fairy lights decoration is the low cost and minimal hassle of getting it. These are now available at any store for under a hundred rupees as well. It has hence turned out to be a budget-friendly way of making your room look better.

2. Better Ambience

Hanging string lights can set the mood for an event both indoors and outdoors. They give a nice warmth and glow to every event and help everyone feel relaxed in the midst of a large social gathering.

3. Low Power Consumption

Unlike other light decors, these are relatively more energy efficient and last almost 10 times longer than normal incandescent bulbs.

10 Fun DIY Fairy Light Decoration Ideas To Brighten Up Your Space

Now that you know why they are a great decor option, here some amazing ways to use these lights to add a unique touch to your room or event.

1. Bottle Lamps

The classic utilization of string lights is in jars and bottles. Multi-coloured lights in a frosted vase or jar are perfect to uplift the vibe of your house. Be it for an event or a regular decor item, leave this vase in a dark corner of the room and it’s sure to fill up your room with some light and energy. While you can make these by bunching together an entire string of light and putting it into the bottle or vase or jar, you can also purchase this readymade. Readymade bottle lamps come with a battery pack on the side to help you avoid any long wiring to decorate your room. 

2. Picture Gallery

Another classic string light decor idea is using it to create a picture gallery on an empty wall in the house. This is a great way to only bring your old photos to use but also give your living space a more warm and welcoming look. Usually, a zig-zag pattern is followed but you can go with any pattern you like. Simply stick the string light on your wall or add hooks on all ends to keep it stable. Use small clothespins to hang the photos on the string. The lights and clothespin can be easily picked up from a general store or novelty store near you.

3. Princess Room Decor

If you have a canopy bed or the ability to hang drapes from the ceiling to the sides of your bed, then this DIY is for you. Fairy lights room decor can change the way your room looks without making it an expensive adventure. Simply hang the string lights on your draperies on the foot corners of your bed and you’ll be good to go. These twinkling draperies are perfect to make your room a little more magical and princess-like. This is perfect, not just for kids, but also for adults looking to create a cosy environment in their room. It is simple, yet elegant and works with any colour scheme of the room.

4. Hallway Table Cover

This is a home decor idea that’s unique yet gives you sure-shot results. We all have a table of sorts in the hallway to hold a few decor items or just to keep things. You can simply buy a fairy lights net or lace a sheet of these and lay it over the top of your hallway table. It gives this simple table an elegant makeover and makes it look very luxurious. It also adds extra light and energy to the otherwise dark and empty hallway. It is guaranteed to have guests smiling as soon as they enter your house and hence is a perfect ice breaker.

5. Headboard Rest Lights 

If you don’t want string lights to hang down and fill up spaces, then this is the decor idea for you. Simply line up fairy lights on the top of your headboard and they will give a nice and soft light to the room. These provide enough light to enjoy a book at night or a cup of coffee at dawn. You can also wrap them on your bedpost to give the room a warm and inviting glow.

6. Statement Lights

This is perfect for events and is sure to catch everyone’s eye. Simply use white fairy lights to write words on any wall inside or outside the house. The sweeping curves and bright lights make a bold statement at any event. You can use it to create words like “happy birthday” or “dream” or “smile” and it will surely stand out. It surely is a sight people will never forget. You can also use this as wall decor in a room and write thoughts, words, and ideas that relate to the word you have written with lights. The bright lights plus deep messages create a great collage wall which is a constant source of motivation for you.

7. Antique Tools To Illuminate Corners

Every house has a corner that is left empty because you don’t know what to do with it. Fill this up with fairy lights coupled with antiques to add a classy and artistic touch to that room or area. An easy and tested idea is using an old ladder. Simply wrap some string lights around it and voila, you have eliminated a dark and untouched corner while also giving some character to the room. You can also use an old cycle wheel chassis wrapped around in lights to add as a showpiece or a wall hanging. 

8. Multi-Coloured Ping-Pong Lights

An easy one from the book of fairy lights decoration ideas, it is also a great way to amp up the simple string of fairy light. First, slice a cross in ping pong balls. Next, take a multicoloured light and insert one led light of the string into each ball. And that’s it! These lights are set to decorate your kid’s room or the living room for a movie night. These provide soft illumination and also work as perfect night lights to give you or your kid’s a perfect night’s sleep. For best effects, put it up on a wall that is plain in colour and does not have anything to block the light or cast a shadow in the room. This string light decor idea can also be used during ganpati decoration at home.

9. Stuffed Animal Night Light

Another perfect way to use fairy lights in the room as a night light is by stuffing the lights into a stuffed animal. It gives you or your kid great bedside company while also giving you perfect soft light for good sleep. The next time you have to wake up in the night to find something in your room, you don’t have to trouble your eye by turning the light on because of this trusted friend on your side table. To make it, simply remove some stuffing from a stuffed animal, enough to let the light reach the outer cover but not so much that the animal loses shape. A stuffed toy that is white or any light-coloured is perfect to make this night light.

10. Wall Art

Apart from these simple methods of using fairy lights in a room, there is one unique way that can change the way your room looks with a very minimalistic look. First, spread some glitter onto a canvas in any style or pattern you like. Next, poke some holes into the canvas and insert the individual LEDs through these holes. Paired with the shining glitter, this makes a perfect wall art that is not too bright and provides a unique touch to any wall.

While there are many fairy light ideas, these are just a few that help your decor stand out and appeal to every eye. You can also mix and match these ideas to create a combination of decor that changes the looks of your home. Fairy lights add a very unique touch and are the most versatile room decor elements. They are soothing to the eye while they also maintain a good vibe and ambience for any type of event. So, go beyond using them only during festivities and make them a permanent part of your house decor. Do let us know which DIY you liked the most in the comments below and share pictures if you do try some of these out!

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