We all remember the first time we wore a saree; for some it was the school farewell, for others the college freshers party or a cousin’s wedding, and for some it was the first ethnic day at work. And as we grew up, we built a whole saree collection, especially for those of us who got married. From borrowing Mumma’s and Didi’s sarees to finally buying one for ourselves, Indian women and their love affair with sarees is never ending. But taking care of these precious looms, organising them neatly and maintaining them is no easy feat

So, whether it’s a Banarasi shalu, Kanjeevaram, chiffon or cotton saree, here are some tips on how to preserve them in pristine condition.

Tips To Care For Your Beautiful Sarees

Surprising Care Tips For Your Sarees

  1. Avoid perfumes, sprays or deodorants while wearing sarees.
  2. Sarees are vulnerable to oxidation and chemical exposure, so keep the mothballs away.
  3. Experts maintain that silk sarees shouldn’t be washed recurrently, or they would lose their sheen.
  4. Avoid washing or dry cleaning your rich silks after every wear.
  5. Some silk sarees, especially the heavy thread count ones, are traditionally washed at home.
  6. Avoid wringing or squeezing delicate sarees while drying.
  7. To dry without squeezing, roll your sarees in a clean, absorbent cotton cloth or a light, neutral coloured towel and press gently from all sides to remove water.
  8. Direct sunlight is not advisable for sarees and drying them in shade is a great option.
Srushti Pathak
Srushti Pathak

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