StyleClothingStyle City: 10 Silk Saree Shops In Bangalore With The Finest Collections

Style City: 10 Silk Saree Shops In Bangalore With The Finest Collections

Think of a wedding down south in India and you can picture Alia Bhatt in 2 States or Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express. From Mallige flowers adorning a braid to the temple jewellery and royal silk sarees, a bride in the southern states stands out because of these factors and more. The Kanjeevaram saree, especially, holds a special place in every bride’s heart from the southern part of India. Silk sarees are known for their lavish visual appeal, royal look and intricate work that needs the attention of a skilled artisan. Considered as sacred and auspicious, silk sarees are even offered to the revered Goddesses and to respectable women relatives.

If this is making you yearn for your very first pure silk saree or tempting you to shop for more and build your very own collection, then this guide is for you. Here are 10 fabulous shops to buy a pure silk saree or two in Namma Bangalore!

10 Stores In Bangalore That Offer The Best Pure Silk Sarees

1. Vijayalakshmi Silks

Located in several areas in Bangalore, this multi-storied shop is a saree lover’s haven. There’s a ton of variety of sarees like pure silk, Kanjeevaram, designer silk along with a huge blouse collection. Not just silks, but the shop also offers sarees in fabrics like cotton, chiffon, georgette, tussar, net, satin and more. It definitely caters to consumers who opt for pure silks that are generally worn on special occasions, weddings and religious events. 

2. Mysore Udyog

This Commercial Street gem is a revered place visited by families for generations. There’s nothing like a good Mysore silk saree and this place is the one to go for a plethora of options. Another special saree offered by this shop is Venkatagiri sarees. Dating back to the 1700s to the rule of Venkatagiri, the sarees were initially woven for queens and other royalty, and zamindaris.

3. The House of Angadi

Who can forget Deepika Padukone’s wedding to Ranveer Singh! From the weave to its motifs, every element of Deepika’s Kanjeevaram wedding sari was a beautiful ode to her roots. The bride’s burnt orange Kanjeevaram sari honoured her Konkani roots with intricate work and Gandaberunda, a mythical two-headed, symbolic of Deepika’s home state of Karnataka. The brocade silk Kanjeevaram saree was crafted using pure zari threads, and took approximately 45 days to complete. It was from Advaya by The House of Angadi, the luxury store located in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

4. Prasiddhi Silks

If elegance and subtlety is what you are looking for, then this is the perfect store for you. Along with traditional prints, the shop offers stunning contemporary collections that are eye-catching. It is a great place for the new generation who is on the hunt for contemporary designs and patterns in traditional weaves and fabrics.

5. Deepam Silk International

This MG Road store is a wedding season favourite. Organic cotton, cotton silks with floral prints, dupion, and grand silks are all part of the classy collection. They have a great mix of traditional prints as well as new-age designs that would be perfect for you to pick from. The colour selection is worth a visit.

6. Janardhana Silk House

Started in 1950s, has been a favourite with saree lovers. Get everything from expensive and regal Kanjeevarams to delicately embroidered Tussar silks, hand-woven Patolas, and breezy chiffons. Make the next wedding, pooja and festive season a celebration with a saree from Janardhana. 

7. Rukmini Hall

Opened in 1942, Rukmini Hall offers its customers a curated collection of Kanjeevarams that showcase traditional, centuries-old motifs etched on resplendent yards of silk. They also have rich weaves where the zari is intricately woven into the entire body of the saree along with colourful silken threads. While most saree stores will have the same pattern in ten different colours and the same colour in ten different patterns, this store in Chickpet offers a limited collection.

8. Pothys

This gem of a find is located in Majestic and the first three floors of Pothy’s is dedicated to just sarees of all kinds. Buy Kancheepuram silks of all colours, designs and prices for all occasions and events here. The store offers super grand designer silk options for the bride along with a variety suited for every budget. Their modern mixed take on silk is worth a visit.

9. Sudarshan Family Store

A budget option for those who want to give pure silk a try, this store located in Chickpet is a great option. A favourite with brides and their families, this shop offers a range of beautiful silks that add sheen to your big day. While their choice is limited, there are plenty of options for daily wear.

10. Nalli Silks

This crowd-pleaser is located all across India and the globe. With 90 years of experience and expertise, this brand has carved a niche for itself in the saree market. Shop from a range of traditional designs in Kanjeevarams, Mysore silks along with Chanderi, Maheshwari, Kerala Kasavu, Bengal Taant, and more. An iconic heritage in the world of sarees, this is the place to start your pure silk saree journey for sure.

Sarees are a symbol of grace. It is timeless and passed on through generations, worn by women of all ages throughout centuries. It is a must-have piece in your wardrobe that’s versatile. And a pure silk saree is what completes your collection. So shop at these stores and share your favourite in the comments below.

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