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    5 Must-Have Teejh Sarees To Kickstart An Enviable Personal Collection

    The 9-yard saree and nostalgia are very closely intertwined. The first time you wore a saree could have been the one you wore at your school farewell or college induction. It could have even been the one you wore on your D-Day. For many of us, sarees were among the wedding gifts we received, all wrapped up in love. Priceless heirloom pieces handed down through generations, you may have even gifted your Mom a beautiful piece of handloom from your first salary.

    As you grow up, you finally transition from wearing sarees you were gifted or handed down from a loved one to buying them for yourself. You develop your own personal tastes and preferences when it comes to fabrics, prints and designs—and before you know it, you have an enviable saree collection of your own. 

    The Channel 46 caught up with Teejh, an ethnic jewellery brand that’s just launched a collection of sarees. Founded by husband-wife duo Satish Singh and Maya Verma, they share their top 5 saree picks for today’s Indian women who love a blend of tradition and modern aesthetics. These sarees are more wearable and will fit seamlessly into your existing wardrobe. 

    1. Teejh Vaidehi Beige Block Print Chanderi Cotton Saree With Blouse Piece

    Florals for every mood, time of the day, and occasion. The simplistic maroon and black florals set against a contrasting background of classic beige breathe life into this chanderi saree. The traditional motifs all along the dual-toned borders break the uniformity of the floral patterns laid through the fabric, introducing an interesting play of hues and designs in these 9 yards. Most suitable as day wear, you can wear this saree in many different ways simply by changing the draping style or pairing it with different silver jewellery pieces.


    Price: Rs 15,999 Rs 3,999; buy here

    2. Teejh Shaniya Indigo Linen Saree With Blouse Piece

    The colour Indigo is as versatile as sarees. And that’s what makes this saree such a winner. Covered in white flowers, the linen saree is an exquisite piece of art that is sure to make you the cynosure of all eyes wherever you go. The desi patterns, reminiscent of deep-rooted Indianness, seamlessly flow into the matte silver border, adding more variety to the free-flowing canvas. Pair it with a crop top, belt it up, or even wear it the classic way—this saree can transition from traditional to modern with a few simple tweaks.

    Price: Rs 9,999 Rs 2,999; buy here

    3. Teejh Aarika Black & White Cotton Saree With Blouse Piece

    As 70s fashion makes a grand comeback with polka dots, tie-up hair bands, oversized shades, et al, embrace the playfulness of retro nostalgia by adding this saree to your wardrobe. Pay tribute to the era with a tight Mumtaz drape to accentuate your curves, or pair it with a halter shirt-style blouse and a choker neckpiece. You’re only limited by your imagination with this gorgeous drape.


    Price: Rs 7,999 Rs 2,099; buy here 

    4. Teejh Parakeet Green & Blue Mulmul Cotton Saree

    5 Must-Have Teejh Sarees To Kickstart An Enviable Personal Collection

    Not for the faint-hearted, make heads turn with your OOTD in this high-contrast mulmul saree. The green juxtaposed with rich robin blue on the pallu is a dramatic take on an otherwise unembellished garment. Finished with bright yellow tassels sewn along the hem of the pallu for a playful aesthetic, use jewellery and a pretty clutch bag to complete your look.

    Price: Rs 6,940 Rs 2,299; but here

    5. Teejh Aaisha Maroon Kota Leheriya Saree With Blouse Piece

    Channel your ‘main character’ energy with this pretty leheriya print saree. The white stripes meandering through the vibrant red of the saree is makes the garment fluid and playful. A traditional print that has stood the test of time, it is the leheriya’s minimalist charm that makes it perfect for office wear, some downtime with your friends, or even as a go-to staple when you don’t have the time to fuss over what you should wear. 



    Price: Rs 9,999 Rs 2,999; buy here 

    6 Tips To Care For Your Sarees & Increase Their Life Span

    1. Colour-Segregate Them To Prevent Ruining The Colours: Maroon and indigo dyes are usually prone to colour bleeding. So keep them soaked in water (at room temperature) mixed with a pinch of salt for about 20 minutes to make them colour fast. As in the case of all clothes, wash light and dark colours separately, so that the dark colours don’t bleed and ruin the precious light-coloured ones.
    2. Wash Your Sarees By Hand Or Dry Clean Them: Follow the cleaning instructions that you’ve received from the store or read from the e-commerce website where you bought it from. If not, do not squeeze or brush them aggressively while washing. Soak them in water mixed in mild detergent and gently wash them with your hands. If you’re short of time, it’s best to dry clean your sarees rather than putting them into a washing machine. Keep cotton sarees soaked in water mixed with rock salt for about 20 minutes to prevent colour bleeding. 
    3. Dry & Iron Them Inside Out To Prevent Colour Fading: While putting your sarees out to dry, hang them inside out to prevent their original colours from fading under the harsh rays of the sun. Do the same while ironing them to eliminate the chances of them fading under the heat generated by the iron.
    4. Control Musty Odours: Musty odours are a clear sign of fungal growth, which generally happens as a result of dampness. Give naphthalene balls a miss and instead go for dried neem leaves kept in a cotton pouch. This will ensure that the leaves do not come in direct contact with the fabrics but still protect your sarees from mould. Replace the neem pouches twice a year.
    5. Store Them Correctly: Wrap your sarees in muslin cloth bags; throw in a few pieces of cloves before sealing them shut. This condiment does wonders by soaking in the dampness. Preferably store your sarees in a wooden wardrobe to control the moisture. 
    6. Change The Folds Annually: Keeping sarees folded for several years together weakens the fibres along the folds, increasing the chances of tears when you finally pull them out of the wardrobe. So, make sure to fold the saree in a different way at least once every year to maintain its quality.

    For Indian women, sarees are an emotion. They are timeless. They have their own story to tell. The 9 yards serve as the perfect canvas for art, creative expression, tradition, heritage, and culture. So while you indulge in growing your extensive collection of these evergreen pieces, be sure to do justice to the garment by staying true to your personal style and caring for your sarees the right way. You never know, at some point you may be the one handing these down to your daughter, daughter-in-law, or other loved ones.

    Shop Now for silk, cotton, mulmul, linen, Kota, and Chanderi sarees from Teejh.

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