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The Channel 46 & Native Tongue Brings You A Navratri Giveaway With Bahut Sara Pyaar!

There’s nothing more exciting than the combination of gourmet products and the festive season! We, at the TC46, know that it’s impossible to resist a delectable giveaway. So this Navratri, The Channel 46 and Native Tongue are giving away 4 Assorted Nut Butter Minis Hampers worth Rs 595 each to 4 LUCKY WINNERS! 

The Channel 46 is a fast-growing digital destination for aspirational women. From sharing how-to tips and invaluable expert advice to desi ghar ke nuskhe and promoting women entrepreneurs, we offer a variety of content designed to help you learn and grow at all things big and small. 

As we aim to educate, engage and elevate the Bharatiya Naari, we are cultivating communities and promoting the #PowerOfThepack. After the successful launch of TC46 Paathshaala for online webinars, workshops and sessions, we are delighted to bring an element of pure fun with the Native Tongue Navratri Giveaway!

Native Tongue, a gourmet condiments brand, brings to you a range of artisan nut butters, fresh fruit preserves, sauces, spreads and gourmet condiments. All of their signature recipes are made with bespoke Indian produce! The brand’s irresistible product collection includes nut butters, savoury spreads, dessert sauces, fruit preserves, fruit cordials, and bespoke gift boxes!

Sign Up For The Contest In 4 Simple Steps

#ContestAlert! Sign-up for our Navratri special contest between 17th to 25th October. 4 lucky winners will be announced on 26th October! Hurry, and enter to win your Native Tongue Assorted Minis Hamper today!

To Enter The Contest, Go To Our Instagram Page

Here’s what you’ll have to do:

1) Translate ‘AUR BAHUT SAARA PYAAR’ In Your #NativeTongue in the comments

2) Tag a friend you’d like to send ‘Aur Bahut Sara Pyaar’

3) Follow The Channel 46, and Native Tongue on Instagram

4) DM (direct message) The Channel 46 your mail id

All About The Native Tongue Goodies Hamper

The Assorted Nut Butter Mini Series hamper consists of 45 gm Jars of each of the following:

1. Thandai Nut Butter

Made from Roasted Cashews, Pishori Pista, Mamra Badam, Pumpkin Seeds and Muscovado Sugar, this enticing butter contains Poppy Seeds, Peppercorns, Fennel Seeds, Cardamom, Saffron and Nutmeg. Just like the traditional way, the nuts and spices are painstakingly stone-ground for hours till they release natural oils and come together as a smooth creamy flavour-packed nut butter.

2. Gurbandi Almond Butter

This appealing food is made from Gurbandi Almond, Raw Sugar (8%) and Kerala Vanilla. Nutrient-rich Gurbandi badam is stone-ground for hours and flavoured with top quality Kerala Vanilla. Guilt-free indulgence!

3. Cashew Coconut Butter

Roasted Cashews, Desiccated Coconut, Sugar (10%), Cardamom and Saffron – these are the power ingredients of this product. Inherently sweet cashews from Goa and Coconut are stone-ground to smooth nut butter and perfumed with Cardamom and Saffron. This will remind you of a nariyal barfi, sans those extra calories.

4. Marzipan Nut Butter

An irresistible delicacy, this consists of Cashews, Raw Sugar (8%), Dried Rose Petals and Natural Rose Extract. Goan Cashews stone-ground into smooth nut butter and interspersed with actual rose petals makes for an additively delicious spread and a delightful holiday treat.

All Nut Butters can be blitzed into a milk smoothie, used for thickening curries, drizzled over cut fruit, rolled in a roti or had by the spoon. What’s more, vegans can replace milk with water for a lactose-free version of the smoothie. All nut butters are completely pro-vegan and power-packed with flavour and energy!

Picture getting all decked up during this festive season, lights and decorations galore and indulging in a feast of treats elevated by using the gourmet nut butters from Native Tongue.

Bring home the hamper and make your festive season even more memorable! Head on over to The Channel 46’s Instagram page, tag your friends and family, and DM us to WIN!

Making Of Native Tongue’s Irresistible Almond Nut Butter

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