LifeRelationshipsVideo: Lawyer Tanya Appachu Shares Women’s Financial Rights After Divorce

Video: Lawyer Tanya Appachu Shares Women’s Financial Rights After Divorce

When it comes to divorce, the topic is considered taboo. It is often swept under the rug or convinced to avoid that part. Mostly because ‘log kya kahege’ or ‘beti barbad hojayegi’. And mostly in terms of a divorce, it is often the woman who faces such stereotypes and allegations. After most divorces, a woman is often faced with questions about financial support and financial rights. As a woman, you need to be informed and educated on different aspects of your financial rights post-divorce. They mainly include alimony, child support, custody for joint property and investments. Here are the important financial pointers that one needs to know when post-divorce.

6 Ways To Rebuild Your Life Post-Divorce

1. Accepting And Letting Go

Post-divorce, breaking out of your daily cycle and habits can be difficult to overcome. But you need to accept the loss rather than having your emotions be bottled up. When moving forward in life, it is crucial to acknowledge your feelings and to learn from your past experiences to prepare yourself for the next exciting chapter of your life. Acceptance is a step towards letting go. And help you move on, effortlessly. 

2.  Forgiveness

There is no good when you stay vengeful and petty. Sometimes you need to forgive yourself or your partner in order to move on. Forgiving your partner is something personal and something you need to decide on, but forgiving yourself is a must. Forgiveness helps you lighten and dissolves all unconscious guilt. 

3. Take Support And Network

After your divorce, it is common to steer clear from the outside world to avoid gossip. You would also like to be left alone and wallow in sadness. But after you take your much need break and self-care away from the world, step back out and face the music. Cat up with your friends and network with people. They will support you and remind you how special and strong you are as a human being. Lean on your family for extended support. 

4. Seeking Professional Help

While friends can be your guardian angels during a divorce, you could also consider getting professional help or therapy. A therapist can help you in various ways like jump-starting your life, teaching you acceptance and forgiveness. Just share your thoughts with the therapist and try to implement his/her suggestions. Consider therapy for your kids too! Being children of divorce, they can be affected and blame themselves. Let a professional therapist help you and your kids to deal with this matter. Don’t let your divorce affect your babies. 

5. Become Independent

Independence is one of the most important factors to lead a better life post-divorce. You need to learn to depend on and support yourself. Get the job you have been dreaming of or complete your studies. The sea of scope is endless here.  You could also try a side hustle or follow your passion to increase your earnings. Getting a job does not only mean increasing your finances but also increasing your happiness. Now that you are responsible for yourself, do things that make you happy. 

6. Putting Yourself Out There

‘Putting yourself out there’ does not mean start dating again. It means that you can start chasing every wild dream you have. The dance class that you shrugged off or the trip that you postponed; do everything you ever wanted. You could also start dating again (whenever it feels right). There are many online dating apps with tons of eligible men that would suit your taste. Go on dates and meet new people. 

Divorce is a scary time. But it is just like a bad hour that will pass with time. You need to keep your head high and know that you will be ok. And the process of sorting out legalities, moving on is a long process. You don’t need to rush it. You don’t need to think about remarriage after divorce. Just keep it light and have loads of fun figuring out your new life. 

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