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Video: Lawyer Tanya Appachu Explains How You Can Legally Adopt A Child In India

You can decide to adopt a child because of various reasons. Many of those reasons can be personal, or maybe just the need to provide a child with a home and family. The decision to adopt a baby is followed by the promise of protecting and nourishing the child’s life and dreams and being someone they can trust. When you are in the process of adopting a child and obtaining a parent-child relationship, there are a few legal procedures involved. Watch this video by Lawyer Tanya Appachu to understand how you can legally adopt a child in India. 

5 Indoor Activities That Can Strengthen The Bond With Your Kids

The most important relationship is the one between a parent and a child. As they are growing and changing, children look to their parents for safety, love and guidance. A positive and healthy parent-child relationship ensures a happy childhood and adulthood. This relationship determines the relationships built in future. Parents can build a positive relationship by spending time with their children and creating an environment that is safe and comfortable. If you are looking for ways to strengthen the bond with your child, here are 5 indoor activities that you can do together. 

1. Build A Fort

There is no age limit when it comes to building a fort! Ask your kids to collect all the possible cushions/pillows in the house in one corner of the house or their rooms. Build a fort using cushions, pillows and some sheets. A fort is a great way to ensure that they spend a couple of hours building a steady one.  And having your family come together to build a fort is a great bonding activity. 

2. Cooking 

Cooking is a dangerous activity, but it is also fun when done under supervision. You can have your kids come together and try out a new baking recipe! Try and pick a recipe that allows your kid to use gross motor skills like stirring, grating, crushing things in their fingers, kneading, mashing and more. This can increase their communication skills as they would have to constantly check in with each other about the recipe. And if you are on the hunt for organic food brands and ingredients, buy from desi brands at the Red Dot Shop here.

3. Statue! 

We are pretty sure you have played this game! It is a game that’s a part of everyone’s childhood! This is a game where one person commands the others to freeze in their place. They cannot unfreeze until they are commanded to. As kids, they will learn patience, self-control and attention while playing this game. And it is also fun when the person in command tries to make the other laugh to lose the game! 

4. Make Your Own Story/TV Show/ Play

Kids are super creative and full of imagination! They can create random stories on the spot! If your children are bored, ask them to tell you a story for a change. And instead of just telling it, have them create a whole play or TV show with costumes and dance! This fun interactive activity will have the whole family bonding in no time!

5. Chores

Everyone has a list of chores to do, but this time spice it up! Have them do chores that require 2 people, like making the bed or putting away the washed dishes. You could also make this a routine. Even if your kids are upset and angry with one another or you, these chores will force them to talk it out. 

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