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5 Underrated Brother-Sister Relationships All Women Have

Not all brothers are necessarily born from the same womb. There are some brotherly relationships that you forge over time and these bonds often run as deep as the blood you share with your own brother. Because they are your brother from another mother. They stay in touch with you, come what may, irrespective of wherever they are. They are constant support whenever you need help, and put themselves in your line of fire because you need them there. 

Here are 5 such underrated brother-sister relationships that deserve to be celebrated not just this Raksha Bandhan (11th August) but throughout the year.

1. Relationship With Your House Help 

If your house help has been there with you for quite some time now, you know he is no less than a brother to you. He completes all the required household chores every day, without leaving any room for complaint. Not just that, he goes out of his way to help you with other tasks as well, even those that are not expected of him. He nurses you back to health when you are ill and overstays his stay at your home whenever needed. It’s a relationship that is meant to be nurtured. 

2. Relationship With Your Parlour Wala Dada

Everyone talks about the parlour wali didi, but no one mentions the parlour wala dada. In gender-neutral salons, male hairdressers are a reality. Because they are as competent as their female counterparts. They understand your hair type, know the haircut that is tailor-made for your face, guide you through your hair care routine, take care of all your hair woes, and whatnot. He knows all about everything that you’re likely to have no idea or not enough knowledge about. He is a friend of your luscious hair and is hugely responsible for how your locks look and feel.

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3. Relationship With Your Doctor

When your health goes tas se mas, you run to your doctor to know what’s wrong with you. He asks you questions about the symptoms you’re facing and gives you his expert opinions, after perhaps recommending some medical tests. You take his prescribed medications or undergo other treatments and soon you’re back to feeling good. Doctors give you their valuable time and nurse you back to health so that you feel on top of your health. Always.

4. Relationship With Your Kiranawala

Bhaiya, ek packet Maggi Masala bhejo na jaldi. That one call saves you from the sudden hunger pangs for junk food that you have once in a while, especially on those godforsaken period days. When you prefer visiting his karana ka dukaan, he welcomes you with a hearty smile and guides you with whatever you’re looking for. If stocks are available for what you want, he promises you that he’ll get it for you and leave it at your doorstep. During the lockdown, he has been a valuable support to keep yourself alive, leaving your list of groceries at the main gate when your housing complex did not allow outsiders to enter. 

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5. Relationship With Your Chowkidar / Security Person

Closer home, your chowkidar keeps you away from harm’s way. He is your security guard like Shera is for Salman Khan. He protects you from outsiders whom you don’t want to entertain at home like salespersons. He informs you about the time when you wouldn’t receive water in your taps because the water tank will undergo maintenance work. During the lockdown, he even volunteered to carry your groceries to your doorstep from the main gate because the kiranawala wasn’t allowed inside. What would you do without him when it comes to feeling safe at home, right?

There are so many brother-like people that we need to express our gratitude for being there for us when we need them the most. They are our pillars of strength, giving birth to a relationship that is meant to be valued and protected with the sacred thread that celebrates the eternal bond between a brother and a sister.

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