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Teachers’ Day Special: Real-Life Educators Share Their Most Memorable Experiences With Students

With the echo of the bell ringing, hurried footsteps and morning prayers, you can feel the nostalgia of your school days with a few words. While sharing tiffins, playing on the ground during the break, and having high school crushes were the highlight of attending school, no one can deny the importance of teachers in a student’s life.

Teachers’ Day is a special day for the appreciation of teachers, celebrated in memory of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan on his birthday. As we reminisce about our childhood today, we take a look at the world of schools, tuition, colleges and universities through a unique lens. Here are some stories from real teachers that will melt your heart.

Interesting Fact

Some schools and universities have a fun way of making Teachers’ Day a memorable occasion. On the 5th Of September, students dress up as teachers and teach classes. The teachers get an opportunity to unwind and get pampered by the students. And the students soon realise that teaching is no piece of cake.

I, Srushti Pathak, hold an Early Childhood Children Education certification and have taught playschool at Canvas Play School & Nursery in Dombivli, Mumbai for a year.

I remember the very first day of the school year. 20 kids, some bewildered, some still sleepy and a few on the verge of tears. A few minutes were spent in stunned silence as the teachers offered a bunch of toys to make them feel comfortable. Soon, the excitement of playing around overtook hesitation and there was no looking back. I have danced with them, created art together and even fed them. There were tantrums and laughter, games and colours, something fresh every day and a chance to shape the minds of the new generation.

It is the greatest joy to see them walk into school early morning with a grin on their faces, ready to start the day. From dressing up for Navratri and Independence Day to celebrating Raksha Bandhan and Diwali, I had a fun year with my students. On the last day of school, there were tears all around as we said goodbye to each other; I am proud of having taught such wonderful angels.

Teaching preschoolers taught me a lot. From waiting patiently for every kid to learn the new song and storytelling time, to making them eat their lunch, this experience can’t be replaced. When I was a playschool teacher, I was more than just that. I was a guide, a friend, a nanny and at times, an aunt. And the bond between us still remains strong as we bump into each other on the streets.

Did You Know?

Vimla Kaul, Roshni Mukherjee, Geeta Dharmarajan, Vasudha Prakash and Mukta Dagli are a few noteworthy women in the education sector in India who are changing the education scenario for marginalised children.

Watch this fun video about things all desi teachers say and get all nostalgic on teachers day!

Sonia Thomas, an educator from Kolkata talks about how kids can touch your soul with their innocence.

I have been teaching for about 20 years now and what I really learnt from all these years is the fact that kids are extremely smart. Nowadays, they don’t need to keep up with us but it is exactly the opposite. I am glad that I get to teach kids as a part of my profession. However, I miss the school campus where it really felt like school. The best part about celebrating Teachers’ Day would be how these kids would make that extra move to make us feel special. We return the same love on Children’s Day too. One of the kids last week, cried over a call saying how much he missed playing with me in the activity class, and that really touched my soul and made me teary-eyed. 

A Government school teacher from Kolkata, Soma Hossain, shares how vital it is to bond with your students and the importance of counselling among kids.

I am new to teaching school children. Apart from the fact that I teach them their third language, Bengali, I get to learn more from them daily. It’s fun to teach children, especially teenagers. Personally, I resonate more with these teenagers than the kids. But kids are amazingly creative! I am really lucky that I get to teach them and I am honoured that I have some great students in my class. One day a class 8 student fell sick and I fought with the authorities to take that kid immediately to the hospital because though it looked like it was nothing serious, I felt something was gravely wrong with her. Later, she was diagnosed with clinical depression. 

The importance of teachers in our society can’t be underestimated. From inspiring career choices to acting as counsellors, teachers form an unbreakable bond with students. Teachers truly hold the key to securing our future. They are invisible hands that mould and shape society. And they form the next generation to be the pillars of the nation-building process.

And on that positive note, we’d like to wish all our educators a very Happy Teachers’ Day!

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