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    How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work


    We often hear that long distance relationships are difficult. But if you give it a thought, what’s not difficult? The issue is that most of us are clueless about the things to do in a long distance relationship. 

    Long distance relationships have their own pros and cons. Starting a long distance relationship is always a mix of emotions. You love your partner but also you don’t know how they are when you aren’t around. You trust them and you possibly look for things to do in a long distance relationship. Instead of focusing on how long distance love doesn’t work, think about how wonderfully you can make it work. When the time finally comes and you start living together, you know all those things were worth it all. But there are some things you have to do to get there. 

    The successful and beloved jodi of Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are always in the limelight, radiating ‘happily married life’ vibes, even across continents. Their work has them travelling around the globe and have them managing long-distance with utmost grace and ease. In an interview, Sonam said, “When it comes to marriage, small things matter a lot. We eat meals together, even if we are in different time zones, on Skype. We also actively make sure that we don’t go over two weeks without seeing each other.” Her Instagram post had the cutest caption that would make anyone in a long-distance relationship go ‘aww’. It said “I miss you terribly… can’t wait to see you“, melting hearts all around.

    12 Tips On How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship

    Here are some ‘how to maintain a long distance relationship tips’:

    1. Respect The Reason

    Respect The Reason For Long Distance

    You are in a long distance relationship because either you or your partner decided to move because of some major important reason. Understand and respect that reason.

    2. Do Things Together, Even If You’re Apart 

    Do Many Things Together In Long Distance Relationship

    Thankfully, we live in the digital age. The internet exists to bring people closer. Starting a long distance relationship is also the start of hanging out online. Video calls are an inevitable and vital part of a long distance relationship. You can also take this digital relationship further by watching series and shows together. This gives you something to talk about with your long distance partner, and have something in common while you lead separate lives.

    3. Communicate But Don’t Force It

    Communicate In Long Distance Relationship

    One of the most romantic things to do for your boyfriend long distance is to tell him how you feel. Conversing with your loved one should come naturally and it shouldn’t feel forced. Communicate because you want to talk to them not because you have to talk to them. Remember your long distance love still needs space.  Let the conversation flow organically instead of forcing it.

    4. Sexting

    Sexting In Long Distance Relationship

    When the person you love is far you miss the physical intimacy too. Sexting is a solution, as it keeps the sexual spark alive even though you aren’t really having sex. But make sure that the pictures are deleted from both your phones if you are sending nudes. This is just a precaution to avoid trouble ahead.

    5. Trust Your Partner

    Trust Your Partner While In Long Distance Relationship

    Trust is the foundation of any relationship and you need it, even more, when you are in a long distance relationship. When it comes to trust, keep it simple and communicate if you have any doubts. Don’t overthink when you aren’t sure what the problem is. Have faith in your partner because that’s what is going to hold the relationship together.

    6. Hope For A Future Together And Work For It

    Work For Future Together In Long Distance Relationship

    If you are in a long distance relationship right now that’s because you want to be with that person in the future. If there is no possibility of you being with that person ahead, put a stop to it. But if you really want to be with them talk about how you can do things to get together and tell them how much you want this.

    7. Take Vacations Together If You Can

    Go On Trips Together In Long Distance

    This might not be possible for all of us but try and match your vacation timings and spend some time together outside your hometowns. This will help you to know them better too. Plan yearly or quarterly trips beforehand and adjust your schedules accordingly.

    8. Update Each Other Of Major Life Events

    Update Each Other While Staying Away In Long Distance

    We understand that staying away from the person you love can be difficult and at times both of you might miss a lot of events from each other’s lives. And sometimes you’d forget to tell something to your partner because you were too busy, try and not do that. Your partner’s support is very important for your personal growth too so try and tell them every step you climb in your life. Let them know how you are becoming a better person that will encourage them to do good as well. This is one major aspect of how to maintain a long distance relationship.

    9. Know Your Routines

    Know Your Routines While Staying In Long Distance

    Especially when the time zones are different and you both are in different geographies, find some time when you both are free. It is possible even if there is an 11 hour difference between your time zones. Leave each other texts if you get some extra time to talk, so the other person can adjust accordingly.

    10. Let Them Make New Friends

    Don't Stop Socialising In Long Distance Relationship

    Know that the other person is still adjusting into their new life there and it is okay if they meet new people and socialise. Encourage them to go out and meet new people and tell them you are okay with it.

    11.Your Relationship Is Unique

    Find Ways To Make Your Long Distance Relation Work

    You will mostly find that not so many people around you are in long distance relationships or maybe they are. It depends. No matter what, your relationship is different than theirs. So try and find ways to keep this relationship that works for you and your partner because clearly what works for other people might not work for you and vice versa. 

    12. Send Each Other Small Presents

    Gift Each Other To Strengthen Your Long Distance Love

    Send them gifts and things you know they like. They will always remember you when they see those things around them. Sending gifts is also a way to remind them that even though you are far, you remember things they like or need. 

    Long distance relationships absolutely work if you both put effort into it. Just trust and communicate and work for a future together. These long distance relationship tips will help you put an effort the right way in your relationship. But remember love is love and goals are goals do not clash them both. Have a mindset which helps you to concentrate on both.

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