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Real Women Share Their Thoughts On The Outdated ‘25 Tak Shaadi, 27 Tak Baby’ Concept

Pick any random Bollywood movie and 90% of those will portray a single woman in her 30s as lonely, unhappy or “carefree”. As if being married before 30 stops some time bomb from going off! The truth is, women are now, more than ever, aware of their rights, thinking about their dreams and appreciating the freedom that comes with age in India. We no longer believe that a “compromise” is the only way to achieve happiness and that popping out a baby doesn’t mean “completing the family”. 

TC46 is highlighting the very thought process that age is just a number and society can no longer hold women back. They can marry whenever they want or not marry at all. Women can choose to not have kids, have one in their 30s, 40s, or simply adopt one. The pressure is no longer accepted and here’s what real women have to say about this jhamela.

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Indian Women Ditch The Burden Of Expectations At Certain Age

TC46 put out a post on Instagram here saying, “Being unmarried, with no kids, at 30 is completely normal, don’t let the society tell you otherwise.” And received a ton of comments where women shared their thoughts on this regressive, ageist concept. Here are 15 women sharing their thoughts on this outdated thinking style.

“For me, life has just started. I made the best of my 20s by experimenting with life, figuring out who I am and what I want the direction of life to be. And a great lesson I have learnt is to be comfortable with myself. I have seen friends take the “married at 25, baby at 27” route, making me wonder about where I am headed. But now I know that we all have our unique lives to lead. My advice would be to forget the past. Life is a string of mistakes and experiences so don’t regret anything. There are a lot of things that lay ahead of you.”Asmita*

“There’s gonna be a hell lot of pressure but stand your ground and do what makes you happy. Marriage and kids aren’t everything. And there’s no such thing as a set timeline! I’m almost 30, met the love of my life last year, we’re both taking huge steps towards our careers. Marriage can wait.”Avani*

“My parents support the thought that being unmarried with no kids at 30 is completely normal. They have never pressured me and won’t allow society to pressure me as well.”Koyal*

“Seeing our moms and aunts sacrificing their dreams and goals to become a bahu has taught us girls everything we need to know – that doing this leads nowhere. Women are still treated the same. So why not do as we please!”Ruby*

“It’s 2021! Time to ditch these regressive thoughts. Age has nothing to do with what you should be doing. Stick to what you want to do. Period.” Neelakshi*

“You don’t have to rush just because it’s right according to the society. Nahi karni toh mat karo, karni hai toh kar lo. Simple!”Krutika*

“I’m thoroughly enjoying my life as an “unmarried” 32-year-old woman. I have a stable business that I set up during the pandemic. That’s all I want to focus on right now and it’s absolutely OKAY!”Mukta*

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you how being single in your 30s is quite a dull way to lead life because it isn’t. That’s the number one reason my relatives give me and I am sick of it.”Aakanksha*

“You are the lead character of your life. Kisi aur ke saath na de dena saare decisions. It should solely be your decision if and when to get married. It’s okay to wait than go ahead and regret.”Bhavana*

“I’m glad I didn’t get married in my 30s. My self-esteem was so low that I now wonder how I could function in society! Today, as a 33-year-old successful cinematographer, I am much more confident about myself and certainly in the right mind space to find the right partner for myself.”Sheena*

“Why are we so interested in other people’s life decisions? Like nahi hui shaadi kyunki nahi karna tha “compromise”, nahi mila koi jisko dekh ke lage this is the one, nahi transform hui dating into marriage. Hota hai, apni naak kyun beech mein la rahe ho. In short – apne kaam se kaam rakho.”Jiya*

“Shaadi hai, halwa thodi hai jo chutki bajate hi bann gaya! Let me live in peace.”Vidhi*

“When you’re single, you have more free time to put into your hobbies and self care activities. Eating healthier, working out, taking fitness classes, or even picking up an artistic activity such as painting could be done because your schedule isn’t so cramped. And that’s what I want to do – pick up hobbies I couldn’t do in my 20s because of education and then work.” Hiral*

“Having dated plenty of Indian men in my 20s, I know how to spot a red flag from miles away. And trust me, finding a guy without a major red flag is a battle. So I would rather take my time to find a partner.“Nikita*

“Even if we do get married whenever society deems fit, the very next day you will be pressured to get pregnant. I had a cousin who received the suggestion from an aunty to start trying to conceive while she was still on the stage of her own reception! So no, the pressure is endless. Do what you please and stop caring about log kya kahenge.”Amruta*

So yes, age, as stated by these women, is truly just a number. Your journey is unique and special. And you certainly don’t need to conform to these stereotypical expectations that are only reserved for women.

Disclaimer: Please note that the responses have been translated and edited for clarity. Names have been changed to respect privacy.

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