Life7 Tips To Use Power Naps To Supercharge Your Day

7 Tips To Use Power Naps To Supercharge Your Day

A power nap is essentially a short sleep taken for a very short duration. A power nap will provide you with a much-needed break from the daily grind, and also give you a healthy dose of energy. The ideal power nap duration is 10-20 minutes. There is no fixed time of the day when you should take your power nap. There are many instances when you simply want to keep all your work and worries aside and rest for a while. There is no time better than this to take a power nap and rejuvenate your mind and physique. A short nap like this ends up restoring a lot of energy to carry out your remaining tasks for the day.

5 Must Know Benefits Of Power Naps For Your Mind & Body

Do power naps help? Is it possible to catch up on your sleep in just 15-20 minutes? The answer is yes. Power naps are more helpful than they are given credit for. Students, office goers, stay at home moms, all have their own set schedule with tasks and chores lined up for the day. Doing the same tasks over and over again can get boring. Everyone deserves and needs a break from their stressful routine. While nothing can beat the daily stress like a good ol’ vacation with family or a relaxing day at the spa, it is not a practical solution every time. This is where a power nap will come to your rescue. Power naps do not merely allow you to shut your eyes, but your thoughts as well for a brief period

Here are some ways in which a power nap is beneficial:

1. Brain Booster

A power nap does to your brain what a jump start does to your car. Taking a break in the middle of a busy day will help to rejuvenate your brain. Power naps enhance your creativity, increase your power of concentration and sharpen your cognitive capacity. You can certainly improve the quality of work you manage to dish out with a quick power nap.

2. Reduced Risk Of Heart Diseases

Your body and all internal systems get a much-deserved break when you squeeze in a power nap between your busy schedule. This helps to reduce the load on your cardiovascular system. Your heart can rejuvenate and work better after a power nap. Power naps also help to control elevated levels of blood pressure. However, studies have revealed that taking long afternoon naps is known to be detrimental to cardiovascular functions. So ensure that you keep your power nap duration under 30 minutes.

3. Promotes Mental Relaxation

Have you ever felt tired without actually being physically drained? That is your brain telling you that it needs rest. Mental fatigue is a very normal occurrence and can affect anybody. Officer goers can take a quick power nap at work to get rid of their mental fatigue. A power nap allows your mind to relax and rejuvenate. You will most definitely wake up from a power nap feeling refreshed and more energetic.

4. Overcoming Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is the inability to get quality sleep required to remain fresh and energetic. Many people face this problem due to anxiety, insomnia, the nature of work and more. New parents are the most likely to face sleep deprivation while tending to their babies. Taking a power nap is an ideal way to battle sleep deprivation. It gives you enough energy to continue with your daily routine.

A power nap will have a positive effect on the overall functioning of your mind and body. When they are done right, power naps go a long way in maintaining good health. You can enjoy power nap benefits at home or even in your office.

Find Out if Power Naps Are Ideal For You

Taking a power nap is not everybody’s cup of tea. While power naps increase productivity for many people, they may not be quite suitable for others. How do you determine if power naps are your thing? Are there any signs to indicate whether you should or should not take a power nap?

It is quite simple to determine if power naps will do you any good. All you need to do is assess your own physical constitution and health. Here are a few pointers to help you with this task.

You Know You Need To Take Power Naps If:

  • You feel drowsy throughout the day
  • You feel a drop in your energy levels frequently
  • You experience mental fatigue while focusing on your tasks
  • You do not wake up feeling refreshed in the morning
  • Your productivity gets affected if you do not rest 

These are indications that you need more sleep. A power nap will do you wonders if either of the above-mentioned criteria is applicable to you. But it is essential that you keep a check on your power nap time. Do not let the duration of your power nap exceed 30 minutes. Oversleeping may affect the remainder of your day’s schedule.

Do Not Take Power Naps If:

Not everyone benefits from a power nap. While it is a blessing for some people, some get affected by it rather negatively. Your brain and body will send you signals that it is not benefiting from power naps. 

It is advisable to avoid power naps if:

  • You feel drowsier and more tired after waking up from a power nap
  • You experience physical symptoms like headaches, indigestion or pain in the eyes after a power nap
  • Power naps disturb your nighttime sleep cycle 
  • Your productivity gets hampered due to power naps

Your body is always giving you signals about what it wants and what it doesn’t. All you should do is be alert and pick these signals. Decide whether you need a power nap or not depending on how it suits your mental and physical health.

How Long Should A Power Nap Last?

It is a lazy Sunday, the weather is cosy and you have had a large helping of your favourite meal! This is the ideal setting to laze around and simply enjoy much-needed sleep. You wake up an hour or two later feeling refreshed and yet lazy. 

This, however, does not qualify for a power nap. A power nap is a short nap lasting for about 10-20 minutes, or half an hour at the most. Anything beyond that would not be ideal for a busy day.

The basic idea of a power nap is to provide a short and yet rejuvenating break as you manage your hectic schedule. Getting too much sleep during the day is likely to reduce your productivity. It is suggested that you take power naps rather than a long relaxing sleep on a working day.

Simple Tips To Enjoy A Power Nap

It may not be an easy task to take a power nap every time. There is work to be completed, you may be at your office, there may be people and chaos around. There are numerous such factors that pose a challenge to take a refreshing nap. Follow these easy tips to enjoy a peaceful power nap.

  • Find a quiet corner at home or at the office to rest
  • Use comfortable bedding to avoid postural problems while you sleep
  • If there is no place to lie down, find a table and chair so that you can rest your head comfortably during your power nap
  • It is preferable to sleep in a dark room with the lights turned off
  • Set an alarm to keep track of your power nap time
  • You can always play some soft music to lull you into a deep sleep
  • Avoid taking a power nap right after a heavy meal to avoid feeling groggy later

Power naps are meant to be small breaks between your busy schedule. They should rejuvenate you and not leave you with a heavy head after you wake up. People often seek comfort in cups of coffee to remain fresh throughout the day. But power naps are certainly a healthier way to avoid getting tired.

Key Takeaways

  • Power naps are a great way to catch a break in between a busy schedule
  • Keep your power nap under 30 minutes 
  • Power naps help to maintain a healthy heart
  • Do not take power naps if they are hampering your efficiency to work
  • Avoid taking power naps in a noisy room
  • Power naps should ideally be taken in the afternoon or early evening

It may not be possible to take a power nap daily and at a fixed time. However, it is advisable to take power naps at least 2-3 times a week. Power naps do not just help you get fresh, they are also beneficial for good health. Including power naps in your daily routine will help to keep mental and physical stress away.

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