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10 Super-Easy DIY Nail Art Ideas For Beginners

Stepping out of the nail salon with a set of freshly painted nails can make you feel like a new person. There’s nothing like a little pampering and a fresh mani to make you feel like your best self. But it can get expensive fast. Especially if you opt for some nail art. That’s why we rounded up 10 of our favourite simple and easy DIY nail art designs that you can recreate at home.

Whether you want to rock a colour splash along your cuticles, a tonal gradient across all 10 fingers, simple glitter stripes, or a double French mani, you’re sure to find a look that you love, below. Strong nails are the foundation of great nail art. Learn how to grow nails in this article.

However, before you get into the depth of nail art, you need to get a manicure. It not only enhances the well-being of your beautiful nails but also helps increase blood circulation, keep hands soft and helps in instant relaxation. There’s never a bad time to master doing your manicure at home. Not only is there a real satisfaction to painting your nails, but also has therapeutic benefits. All it takes is 10 simple steps. Follow along for a mani so good you’ll have people asking for your manicurist’s address.

Get A Flawless Manicure At Home In 10 Simple Steps

1. Clean Your Nails With Polish Remover

To get a perfect manicure at home, do as the pros do by spending as much time prepping your nails as you do polishing them. Even if you don’t have polish on, you’ll still want to run a cotton ball of remover over each nail to get rid of any oils or dirt that could warp your polish. Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water after.

2. Clip, File And Buff

Clip nails first, if necessary. Then file gently, moving in one direction to get your tips square, round, or somewhere in between. Buffing your nails is kind of like brushing your teeth—it’s brightening, it makes nails look more youthful, and it gets rid of ridges.

3. Push Back Your Cuticles

Prep cuticles with cuticle remover—make sure it’s not an oil or a balm—to help dissolve dead skin and soften the area.

4. Exfoliate Your Hands

Exfoliate hands, wrists, and forearms with a scrub that eliminates dead skin cells and replenishes moisture. Wash hands afterwards and dry them thoroughly.

5. Moisturise Your Hands And Cuticles

Moisturise now to avoid smudging almost-dry nail polish later. Take the opportunity to give yourself a mini hand massage—just because you’re not at a spa doesn’t mean you can’t relax for a minute. To finish, wipe each nail with nail polish remover to get rid of residue.

6. Apply A Base Coat

Apply a base coat to hydrate and protect nails and prevent chipping. Then chill for a few minutes. 

7. Apply Your First Coat Of Colour

Now for the fun part: Apply a coat of your colour of choice, being sure to get the brush all the way down to the cuticle and into the corners of your nail. Maximum coverage on the first coat makes the second coat a breeze. Just keep the layer thin.

8. Apply Your Second Coat Of Colour

After a nice full two minutes, apply the second coat of nail polish. Sheer or pastel shades may require a third coat for full, seamless coverage. Just remember to keep it nice and thin. 

9. Finish With A Topcoat

A topcoat protects your manicure from chipping and adds shine to nails—don’t skip it, or you’ll significantly shorten the lifespan of the paint job you just worked so hard on. A word of warning: Be careful when you put your topcoat on since a messy application can ruin your entire manicure.

10. Clean Up Rough Edges And Let Your Nails Dry

Tidy up any mistakes or wobbly edges by wrapping a piece of cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover around the end of your cuticle stick and carefully tracing around your nails. If you have nail polish remover pads, try folding one into a triangle for more precise application. Then let your nails dry an additional five minutes—it’ll be worth it when you show off your nails and shock everyone by revealing they’re DIY.

Simple DIY Nail Art Designs For Beginners

1. White And Orange Flames Nail Art

You Will Need:

  • A white nail polish
  • Orange nail polish
  • Yellow nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Nail art stripes


  1. Apply two coats of white nail polish for the base.
  2. Place the strips diagonally across each other and apply a coat of yellow nail polish.
  3. Place another strip vertically at the centre and apply orange nail polish on one side.
  4. Place the strips as shown in the image and apply black at the base of your nail.
  5. Apply a coat of clear polish to complete the look.

2. Colour Splash Nail Art

You Will Need:

  • White nail polish
  • An angled nail art brush
  • Blue nail polish
  • Purple nail polish
  • Pink nail polish

Note: You can use any colour of your choice for this look. It will still look just as cool.


  1. Apply two coats of white nail polish for a good base.
  2. Once it dries, dip the brush in blue nail polish and, using your thumb, splash the colour onto your nails.
  3. Follow this process for each colour until you achieve the look that you want.
  4. Apply a top coat to set.

3. Strawberry Fields Forever Nails

You Will Need:

  • Red nail polish
  • Dark green nail polish
  • Light green nail polish
  • A mellow-yellow shade or white nail polish


  1. Apply two coats of red nail polish for your base.
  2. Using a thin brush, create dots over your nail with either white nail polish or a dull yellow shade.
  3. At the base, create the head of the strawberry using dark green nail polish with a thin brush.
  4. For a 3D effect, outline the dark green nail polish with a lighter green. This will instantly make the colours pop.
  5. Apply a coat of clear polish, and you’re done!

4. Diagon-Alley Pink And Yellow Nail Art

You Will Need:

  • Purple-pink nail polish
  • Yellow nail polish
  • Peach nail polish
  • Nail art stripes
  • Topcoat


  1. Start by painting your nails yellow.
  2. Paint the lower half of the nail with peach nail polish, going diagonally across the nail.
  3. Repeat the same with the purplish-pink nail polish, going diagonally across the other way.
  4. To finish, apply a top coat and you’re good to go!

5. Plastic Wrap Nail Art Design

You Will Need:

  • Light blue nail polish
  • Gold nail polish
  • Plastic wrap
  • Clear polish


  1. Apply two coats of gold nail polish for your base.
  2. Once it dries, apply a coat of blue nail polish over the gold.
  3. While it is still wet, dab crumpled plastic wrap over your nail.
  4. You will see the gold nail polish seeping through the blue; finish with a top coat!

6. Pink Ombre Nail Design

You Will Need:

  • A light-peach nail polish
  • Pink nail polish
  • Toothpicks
  • Sponge


  1. Apply a coat of light-peach nail polish.
  2. Pour a little of both nail polish colours on a clean surface or a plastic sheet.
  3. Using a toothpick, slightly blend the colours.
  4. Dab the mixed colours using a sponge.
  5. Gently dab the sponge on the nail.
  6. Apply a coat of clear polish to finish the look.

7. Two-Toned Blue Nail Art

You Will Need:

  • A light blue nail polish
  • Dark blue shimmer polish
  • Nail strips


  1. Start by applying two coats of light blue nail polish.
  2. Place a nail strip diagonally over your nail.
  3. Apply a coat of dark blue shimmer polish.
  4. Top it up with clear polish to set it!

8. Lavender Circles Nail Art

You Will Need:

  • Lavender nail polish
  • Nude-grey nail polish
  • Rounded-hole nail art labels


  1. For your base, paint your nails with lavender nail polish.
  2. Once it dries, place two round nail art labels on either side of the nail, leaving a gap at the centre.
  3. Apply a coat of nude nail polish to the middle of your nail and gently remove the sticker while the polish is still wet.
  4. Allow it to dry and apply a coat of clear polish to finish.

9. Smokey Grey Nail Art

You Will Need:

  • A dark smokey grey nail polish
  • Glitter
  • Clear polish
  • A brush


  1. Paint your nails using dark grey nail polish.
  2. On a clean surface, mix your nail polish with some glitter (you can use craft glitter).
  3. Using a brush, apply this to the ends of your nails as seen in the image.
  4. To finish, top it up with a clear coat of nail polish!

10. Yellow Grapefruit Nail Art

You Will Need:

  • A yellow nail polish
  • Pastel pink nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • A thin brush
  • Nail strips


  1. Paint your nails with yellow nail polish for your base.
  2. Place a nail art strip on the upper-base area of your nail and paint it using pink polish.
  3. Use white nail polish with a thin brush to create lines over the pink area.
  4. Apply a coat of clear nail polish to complete the look.
  5. You can wear this design on your next beach vacation!

Why go to a parlour when you’ve got it all covered at home? Flash your Insta-worthy nails without having to fuss over the execution. Try these and let us know which ones you loved.

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