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10 New Year Party Themes & Decoration Ideas To Kick Start 2021 In Style

2020 has been a challenging year, but slowly things are starting to look up. Everyone has discovered plenty of things to be grateful for, and that’s worth celebrating. Considering it still isn’t advisable to be amongst large crowds, there are still ways to ring in the New Year in style. Here is a collection of New Year’s party ideas for the home that can help you celebrate responsibly. From decor ideas to party themes, there’s everything you need for a fun and fabulous party!

10 New Year’s Party Themes & Decoration Ideas For A Fun Celebration

1. Pop Some DIY Confetti Poppers

An easy New Year’s decoration at home idea is to create your own confetti by using old paper, tissues and more as a fun way for you and your guests to celebrate when the clock strikes twelve.

How To Do It:

  1. Knot the balloon, and cut off the tip. 
  2. Stretch the balloon tightly around the toilet paper tube, and secure in place with the tape.
  3. Use patterned paper, stickers, markers, glitter to decorate the tubes.
  4. Add your own confetti by using old paper, glitter, wrapping paper and fill in the tube.
  5. To launch the confetti, pull down on the bottom knot of the balloon, and let go! The confetti will shoot high up into the air with a loud ‘pop’!

2. Make An Instagram-Worthy Balloon Wall

New Year’s party themes need to be exciting for your guests. Instead of a regular photo booth station, set up a balloon wall backdrop with an inspirational quote or mentioning ‘Happy New Year’. With every guest uploading their pictures on Instagram, this will be the perfect backdrop and help you gain you brownie points.

How To Do It:

  1. Inflate your balloons to different sizes-small, medium, and large.
  2. Create the shape of your balloon wall using pieces of foam board. Then attach the foam board to the wall using double-sided tape.
  3. Attach your balloons to the wall starting with the largest balloons first.
  4. Once all of your balloons are attached to the wall, you can play around with decorative extras.

3. Play Party Drinking Games

One of the light-hearted New Year’s celebration ideas includes hosting a game night with friends. Whether it’s a classic board game or card games, playing with your friends is always lively. Another one from the list of fabulous New Year’s party ideas, a party/drinking game. From classics like ‘Never Have I Ever’ and ‘Spin The Bottle’ to the latest trendy card games, there are plenty of options.

How To Do It:

  1. Few strategy board game choices are Monopoly, Game Of Life, Settlers Of Catan, and Dungeons And Dragons.
  2. Card games like Uno, Poker, or speciality cards like Cards Against Humanity.
  3. Other games like Jenga, Pictionary, Taboo, Beer Pong, are fun party games too.

4. Rave With A Metallic Theme Party

A great one from the best New Year’s party themes is everything shimmery and shiny. Use a mix of gold, silver, and rose gold throughout. It’s easy, elegant, and oh-so classy.

How To Do It:

  1. Arrange metallic furniture in the main party area. Use a mix of colours like gold, bronze, silver.
  2. Use decor items like silver and gold planters, lanterns, and vases to decorate in addition to metallic streamers and balloons.
  3. Use gold-rimmed cutlery and use colourful, sparkling sugar for decorating the rims of cocktail glasses.

5. Experiment With Mixology

New Year’s party ideas at home have to mention cocktails. No New Year’s party is complete without some bubbly. Set up a bar cart as a New Year’s decoration at home with multiple liquor options and also arrange for pre-made cocktail mixes to make it easier to whip up a cocktail that your guests won’t forget. 

How To Do It:

  1. Stock up on a mix of alcohols, mixers like juices, soda, aerated beverages, fruits and garnishes like mint, cucumbers, lemons, berries, olives, and syrups.
  2. Set up the bar with stirrers, shakers, a cutting board and knife for cutting fruit and garnishes, plus you need different glasses for people to put their prepared cocktail.
  3. Google some cocktail recipes to get an idea of what goes good together.

Indulging in alcohol is totally up to you. And if you are accompanied by a hangover the next day, here are 3 remedies. Watch the video for more details.

6. Go For A Masquerade Party

From the endless list of New Year’s party themes, make yours a standout. Ask your guests to arrive wearing the finest disguises with a fancy masquerade-themed bash for an entertaining night.

How To Do It:

  1. Pick a theme based on colour or host a black-tie event.
  2. Send out invites with details clearly mentioning the attire of the party.
  3. Decorations set the mood at any party, and masquerade parties often have a dark and mysterious atmosphere by dimming the lights.
  4. You can either choose to provide masks to guests before entering the party or request them to bring their own. You could also have a prize for best mask/costume.
  5. Come midnight, don’t forget the main event: the unveiling where all guests remove their masks and reveal their identities.

7. Dance Your Heart Out

An unforgettable New Year’s Eve party idea includes a big dance party. Create a party playlist on Spotify or YouTube and ring in the New Year by dancing your heart out with your closed ones. 

How To Do It:

  1. Choose a venue with space to dance for guests to move freely.
  2. Set up proper sound equipment and the required permits if needed so that everyone can hear the music.
  3. Have a playlist prepared with a mix of the latest party songs and the top party anthems of previous years.
  4. New Year’s decoration ideas for this particular theme would be mood lighting and lots of fairy lights around the room.

8. Use Elegant Floral Decor

Florals are included in New Year’s decoration ideas as they can be used both for decor and can be extended as a whole party theme. The invites and food could have a floral theme like daisies or lilies. Even the dress code can include floral elements.

How To Do It:

  1. Choose your broad floral theme describing the kind of flowers that will be used.
  2. Set up floral pieces made up of real and artificial flowers placed around the room.
  3. You can make your own floral decor using paper or tissue paper.
  4. For food, decorate the cake or desserts with floral toppings to go with the theme. 

9. Indulge In Festive Centrepieces

One of the New Year’s party ideas is to host a dinner party for your guests. You can make it festive by having a central theme based centrepieces around the dining tables that bring a shine to the entire party. New Year’s decoration ideas will include candles, seasonal flowers, tea lights, and more based on the table shape and let your creativity flow.

How To Do It:

  1. If you have craft paper and some spare time, this centrepiece is a feasible party option that won’t cost you anything extra to make.
  2. If it’s a dinner party you choose to make an edible centrepiece made with fruits, berries, and herbs.
  3. For a simple and eye-catching centrepiece make one made up of candles, tealights, and decorate it with flowers and leaves.

10. Share New Year Gift Bags

A party is incomplete without a little surprise gift for your guests. For your New Year’s party ideas at home have a small gift bag packed with little knick-knacks like hangover remedies, some confetti, a few sweet treats or a mini champagne bottle.

How To Do It:

  1. Choose a simple paper or cloth bag of an appropriate size.
  2. Based on your theme, decorate the bag with colour, glitter.
  3. Fill the bag with confetti, gifts, and a simple card with New Year wishes.

Tips For A Great New Year’s Eve Party

  • Create a playlist that ebbs and flows with the night
  • Play a few games to break the ice and help with introductions
  • Send invites with all details like time and location mentioned
  • Pace the food and drink so that it’s available throughout the night
  • Have a plan for the countdown and keep track of it
  • Make sure everyone is safe either by arranging cabs or letting them stay over.

If there is one thing for sure, it’s that you need a plan for New Year’s celebration ideas so that your guests leave with memories of a night to remember. Choose the right theme based on the type of guests, location space and your budget. You can also host a party with two or three co-hosts in case you need help with the decoration or arrangements. If you are looking for party snack ideas, check it out here. Let the celebrations begin!

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