LifeDecorSelf-Starter: Expert Rohini Rajagopalan Helps You Declutter & Organise With Ease

Self-Starter: Expert Rohini Rajagopalan Helps You Declutter & Organise With Ease

From Marie Kondo to your own maa, everyone has their own tips, tricks, hacks and nuskhe to better organise your space. And doesn’t a well-organised wardrobe, or uncluttered room look inviting and fresh? We found someone who’s an expert and helping you sort out your mess, well, at home at least.

In conversation with TC46, the founder of Organise With Ease Rohini Rajagopalan talks about the idea behind her venture, milestones that made the journey worth it, and courses that can help an aspirant step into this industry.

1. What’s your educational & professional background?

I am a marketing professional with an experience of over 12 years in brand management. I have an MBA in marketing.

2. What prompted you to start ‘Organise With Ease’?

I have always wondered what my true calling was. To do work that was fun for me and also created value in other peoples life seemed like an impossible dream. Stumbling upon Marie Kondo‘s book and life made me realise professional organising was just what I was looking for. It was a great way to channelise the inner Monica (from Friends) in me.

3. Did you always want to work in this space?

I didn’t even know such a space existed a few years back. When I started in India, no one even had heard much about such a service. In fact, I don’t think professional organising was commercialised in a business-oriented format.

4. What was your first milestone?

For me, the biggest milestone was getting my first paid client. The experience validated that people are looking for a service like this and willing to pay for the ease and value it creates in their lives. 

5. How long did it take you to monetise? 

Monetising is subjective because for very long I was the sole employee and my costs were bare minimum. Am I getting paid as much as I would have at a regular corporate job? No, not yet. But today I have my own team, products being developed and the company is financially viable.

6. What kind of marketing strategies work best for your brand? 

Social media has been the only tool we used initially to market our brand services. But our business has grown mainly because of referrals and word of mouth. Client’s love our work and help us get more work by introducing us to new clients. That’s the only tool that actually has generated new clients.

7. Do you have any tips for an aspirant who wants to enter this space? 

For all aspiring professional organisers, my only tip would be to never give up. It might be tough to get work initially but stick it out, work for friends to create projects in your home and showcase them. Paid projects will flow in. NAPO runs a whole bunch of courses that I highly recommend.

8. What are some investments one should be ready to make when entering this space?

Focus on building basic hygiene from the ground up. Your introduction to a client should always be well-thought-out, like branding, visiting cards, website, and communication templates.

9. What are some unique challenges you have faced as a certified professional organiser? 

The challenge was to make people and potential customers understand the service and what you bring to the table. After the initial few months, word of mouth helped us get more clients. Today there is far more awareness on the concept and the service in metros, and especially Mumbai. People understand, appreciate and are willing to pay for the value of this service.

10. What role does organising or decluttering a space play in our mental wellbeing especially during the pandemic?

There are adequate studies to show how anxiety and clutter are interrelated. One of the first steps one is recommended while going through anxiety is to get their space in order. Given how much we all are indoors, our homes should be a calm space rather than a trigger. Hence lockdown has made a lot of relook at what and how we are owning things.

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