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#NotSponsored: Real Reviews Of Desi Home Decor Brands That Need To Be In Your House

Your home is only complete when set up with the right decor. Pots and pans stands and tables accentuate your house corners, and lighting and give it a sense of you. Your comfort space to breathe and unwind. And while there are many home decor stylings found on Google, finding brands that offer them and that have honest reviews is quite difficult.

We brought in some women to give honest reviews about products by desi home decor brands that offer products that match all your preferred aesthetics, from bohemian to minimalistic.

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Real Reviews Of Decor Brands

1. Address Home Review By Sheetal Kapasi

Your favourite products by the brand:

I love and own a few candles and candle stands. They are stylish, elegant and can be easily used as statement pieces in a room. The store in Andheri, Bombay is beautifully set up which gives a better shopping experience. They also had more options in decor. 

Price: Value For Money, Affordable

Rating: 4/5

2. FabIndia Review By Arlene Mehta

Your favourite products by the brand:

There is no single product that I can pick out from the lot. Their fabric as a whole is beautiful and something I’d go back for. The linen colours, cuts, and designs are meant to last and are easy to maintain. Their essential oils are soothing when you want to unwind from a tiring day. Love the colours, the clean lines, the elegance of their furnishing, home accessories and jewellery. 

Price: Value For Money 

They are rather expensive for certain items but if you consider their linen, food items or accessories, they are worth the money. They are best when on sale!

Rating: 4/5

Here is a list of 20 more items from local decor brands that you can spruce up your home with.

3. The Bombay Store Review By Yashna Kapasi 

Your favourite products by the brand:

They have beautiful diya stands and trays. The diya stands are a perfect gift, and the trays can be used as a centrepiece on the coffee or dining table. The entire store has only an ethnic collection, which is a must in every Indian home.

Price: Value For Money, Affordable

Rating: 4/5

4. Vaani Crafts Review By Karishma Roye 

Your favourite products by the brand:

  • Leaf-shaped platter dish: This is available in yellow and red, and I have both. The unique whimsical shape makes this piece a conversation starter on the dinner table. Multiple people have asked me where they can buy them.
  • Blue serveware: This is an aesthetically appealing substitute to that basic casserole. At dinner parties when the food is out buffet style, I love serving my curry dish in this piece. It keeps it warm and looks great as part of the place setting, and again, I’ve bought 2, so one is for my rice and the other is for the gravy dish to make a set.
  • White eating bowl: This one is like a deep plate that’s perfect for a shared portion for 2. I and my husband usually use this for pasta night or even for those midnight Maggi munchies

Price: Totally value for money. It’s like an affordable version of FabIndia tableware.

Rating: 4.5/5

*Please note, all opinions and reviews are of the individuals alone and none of the recommendations are sponsored or paid for in any way.

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