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    The List: 20 Home Decor Items To Revamp Your House For The Festive Season

    Planning to jazz up your home with some fun, new decor elements? You aren’t the only one. Most Indians revamp their house during the festive season. Some believe that throwing out the old, broken, used up items and making space for new is a welcome sign for Goddess Laxmi. While others simply need a change. Though your reasons may vary, the goal remains the same; to make your house a home with decor items you find charming. So here’s TC46 to help with a list of 20 stunning home decor items to shop for this festive season.

    20 Items To Jazz Up Your Home Decor This Festive Season

    1. 3-Tier Dessert Stand By HN Hues

    Having a party with family and friends to celebrate the various festive events of 2021? Let this food serveware be the talk of the party. Layout your favourite desserts or mithai and let your guests feast. This versatile piece can also become a centrepiece for weddings, tea parties and other social events. There’s more, this artful charm of a trio of rounded platters has a central rod that disassembles for easy storage and transportation.

    Price: Rs 2,600

    Buy It Here: Shop for this one-of-a-kind decor piece from Red Dot Shop, TC46’s very own online destination for the best in home decor!

    2. Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf

    Macrame is a popular style of home decor that’s reaching every household. Rope hanging shelves are great wood wall decor, be it your office or living room. Hung with natural jute, this piece has a unique, rustic charm. This shelf is a perfect way to display your pictures, candles, plants and succulents, books, vanity and other little decor accents and accessories.

    Price: Rs 1,999

    Click here to buy this macrame wall hanging shelf on Amazon today!

    3. Blue Serveware By Vaani Crafts

    A must-have for your next house party, this Blue Serveware from Vaani Crafts makes events extra special. It’s perfect to serve curries and all kinds of pasta. It is ceramic, handmade and lead-free and is dishwasher and microwave safe. The lid design and the grooves make it a stunning piece on your dinner table. The subtle elegance of this decor piece is a great match for the festive season.

    Price: Rs 625

    Buy It Here: Place your order for this blue serveware piece on TC46’s very own curated e-commerce marketplace, Red Dot Shop!

    4. Rajasthani Bells & Birds Wall Hanging

    A wind chime can add just the right pop of colour to your home. This multicoloured parrot wind chime, which is made of wood and clay. Painted with vegetable dyes and vibrant enamel colours, it’s a great element to add to your bedroom or living room window.

    Price: Rs 999

    Click here to shop for this Rajasthani bells and birds wall hanging on Amazon!

    5. Metal Hanging Tealight Holder Pot

    Urulis or Urlis as they are popularly known is used as decorative bowls to float flowers and candles. These look great especially at the entrance of your home during festivals and special occasions. To display the bowl in the traditional way, fill it with water and then float flowers on top.

    Price: Rs 1,200

    Click here to buy this Urulis hanging piece on Amazon!

    6. Turquoise Streak Platter By Vaani Crafts

    This Turquoise Streak Platter is a great way to serve kebabs, sushi or burgers. It is a handmade ceramic piece that’s dishwasher and microwave safe. Add the perfect pop of colour to your serveware collection and make your guests go gaga over this exquisite piece that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye.

    Price: Rs 875

    Buy It Here: Shop for this trendy platter on Red Dot Shop, TC46’s curated online platform for the latest in home decor!

    7. Handmade Hammered Gold Moon Phase Wall Hanging 

    If cultivating a cosy space to reflect your personality is your goal, then opt for this unique home decor item. This stunning moon wall decor will provide personality and charm to any wall around your house. Display it over an entryway or on the wall behind your bed or sofa.

    Price: Rs 2,999

    Click here to buy this wall decor in gold metal from Amazon!

    8. Stars Curtain String Lights

    Fairy lights can level up your home decor unlike any other. Perfect for indoor and outdoor decorations, these especially look great during the festive season. The soft glow adds a charm to any room and the star shape makes it unique.

    Price: Rs 899

    Click here to shop for these star-shaped fairy lights on Amazon!

    9. Aqua Green Shade Coasters By HN Hues

    These natural-looking resin coasters are an enviable piece of home decor. This is a perfect product of presentation on office tables, dining tables, coffee tables for placing all types of beverage cups and glasses. The colours bring an elegant charm to any room of the house and are sure to get you compliments for your choice.

    Price: Rs 1,600

    Buy It Here: Pick up this delightful decor item from Red Dot Shop, TC46’s online store of desi, homegrown brands!

    10. Hexagonal Shape Floating Wall Mounted Shelf

    Quirky home decor is the trend and shelves in novel shapes are a great hit. It is the ultimate stylish yet functional piece for your living space and offers a surprising amount of space for storing books, pictures and other decorative items. The best part is that these shelves can be arranged in any order to make the desired look of your choice!

    Price: Rs 3,499

    Click here to buy this quirky shelf set on Amazon!

    11. Glitter Pineapple Trinket Dish By RaRiRo

    A candy bowl, trinket dish, jewellery holder; there are several ways to use this gorgeous piece. It’s perfect to use as a decorative accent on a side table or even at the entrance of your home for a convenient place to keep your keys. The unique shape and the added glitter make it extra special.

    Price: Rs 750

    Buy It Here: Shop for this dish at TC46’s e-commerce website for all things local, Red Dot Shop.

    12. Digital Printed Elephant Painting

    This set of 5 wall paintings with a colourful elephant is just what you need for a blank wall. The paintings are high definition, durable and long-lasting while being easy to use and ready to hang. A perfect piece of wall decoration, it’s sure to liven up your home during the festive season.

    Price: Rs 1,999

    Click here to shop for this set of beautiful paintings on Amazon!

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    13. Metal Plant Pot Set

    Add new life to your home and make any room look amazing with a planter that just steals the show. This trendy new plant pot with a rustic looking stand is a great piece of home decor. Put in your favourite plant that you have been growing with great care or get a bunch of artificial ones that you can keep changing.

    Price: Rs 3,399

    Click here to get this trendy planter set on Amazon!

    14. Black Pottery Teapot-Cups Set By Terracotta By Sachii

    It’s important to take an ideal break from the mundane and have a good cup of tea. Therefore, it’s a must to opt for an aesthetically designed teapot set. Longpi pottery from Manipur is made from a mixed paste of ground black serpentinite stone and special brown clay, which is found only in Longpi village. 

    Price: Rs. 3,300

    Buy It Here: Buy the gorgeous set from the Red Dot Shop, TC46’s curated online marketplace of homegrown brands.

    15. Vintage Twin Peacock Prabhavali Wall Hanging

    This old-world charm wall hanging is made of brass with beautiful peacock carvings on it. Hang it on any wall and create an alluring look and embellish your home or office space with this extremely elegant piece of home decor.

    Price: Rs 1,595

    Click here to shop for this vintage wall hanging on Amazon!

    16. Golden Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers

    What’s a fun way to add a dash of oomph to your home? It is mirrors that reflect the vibes of your home. This set of acrylic wall stickers adds timeless beauty to any room. It is a stylish way to jazz up your home decor with much effort.

    Price: 1,999

    Click here to get this versatile mirror sticker set on Amazon!

    17. Ocean In A Drop Wall Clock By HN Hues

    Functional art is the trend for 2021 and this wall clock is a great example of it. Put it up in your living room or your room. This resin charm will never fail to please you with its beauty. It makes your wall simple yet stylish. 

    Price: Rs 2,900

    Buy It Here: Get this wall clock today on TC46’s e-commerce website for all things home decor, Red Dot Shop!

    18. Wooden & Ceramic Drawer Chest

    A set of small drawers adorned with colourful ceramics. Its vibrant colours will brighten up the dull space and the eye-catching look is sure to get you plenty of compliments. It’s ideal for your jewellery, trinkets or even at the front of the house for daily must-haves.

    Price: Rs 1,999

    Click here to shop for this stunning chest of drawers on Amazon!

    19. Magnetic Hydroponic Planter

    This hand-painted ceramic planter merges beautifully with any household, be it traditional, modern, or artsy. You can stick this on your fridge, window grill, or on any iron surface and add a green element to your home decor. Stick in a live plant or add some artificial flowers.

    Price: Rs 579

    Click here to get this artsy fridge magnet at Amazon!

    20. ‘Matsya’ Serving Bowl By Terracotta By Sachii

    With eco-friendly, natural and sustainable products in organic materials like terracotta that aren’t easily available in the market, Terracotta by Sachii brings functional and decorative products showcasing beautiful heritage crafts. Made with ground serpentine stone, clay and cane, the Longpi Black Pottery ‘Matsya’ serving bowl adds an ethnic vibe to your home.

    Price: Rs 750

    Buy It Here: Shop for the bowl at Red Dot Shop, TC46’s curated online store for the best in home decor!

    Home decor is a reflection of your personality and is key to creating positive vibes in your space. Whether you choose to go minimalist or make it a canvas of colours, adding the right home decor element can elevate your house. So take up this curated list and get shopping for the festive season.

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