LifeDecorMommy Blogger Roopika Shares 10 Easy Home Decor Ideas For Busy Moms

Mommy Blogger Roopika Shares 10 Easy Home Decor Ideas For Busy Moms

Mom and home decor, these two terms might not sound like they complement each other, thanks to kids and their antics. But the fact is that having a disorderly home makes everything even more difficult. With the onset of the pandemic, we all have been spending more time at home. While on one hand, it does mean a messier and unorganised home, but on the other, it also reflects a need to create spaces around us that enhance warmth, comfort and positivity. Keep your home smelling fresh with these potpourri decor ideas.

Did you know, as per a study done recently, it has been found that sales of the home decor segment increased manifold during the lockdown period? The reason is the necessity of comfort and the need for hope that everyone desired since the pandemic began. As everyone was spending more time at home, they felt the need to make their home environment more aesthetic and conducive to mental and physical well-being. See, what difference home decor makes to one’s life!

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Okay, I agree, being a mom isn’t an easy task. There aren’t enough hours every day for you to do all your tasks, forget about thinking of home decor. Taking care of kids, working, handling online classes- there’s so much to take care of every day. No wonder decorating and organising homes are usually in the bottom part of our to-do list.

But sometimes I find that just the smallest changes in our surroundings make the biggest difference in home decor. The right art piece or accessory can really bring everything you need and tie it all in! And trust me, organising and decorating your home can make it easier for you to do all your duties. A clean and organised house can enhance your mood and improve your family’s wellness. So here I’m sharing some easy home decor ideas for all you busy moms.

10 Simple & Chic Home Decor Ideas

1. Less Stuff Means More Space

The first simple home decorating idea if you want your house to look clean and classy is to declutter by purging the belongings you truly don’t need. Ask yourself- if the object is used? Is it needed? Is it easy to store when not in use? You don’t have to go all “Marie Kondo” and ask if the item brings you joy, but you get the gist of it.

If you have less stuff to store and organise, then you’ll likely have a highly functional and clean looking home. How can you get rid of all that extra clutter? Go through as much of it as you can and sort it into piles (or boxes) to keep, trash, donate and sell. Simple, isn’t it?

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2. Add Greenery

The most classic and simplest of home decor ideas is adding a green touch to your home. One of my go-to options when looking at freshening up the look and feel of my home is to have fresh flowers in the house. You don’t have to spend a lot on flowers to make your kitchen or living area look great. Have some fun learning flower arranging and playing around with the flowers and greenery to add some class to your home decor.

You can also improve the environment of your home by adding potted plants in painted pots and hangings. Alternatively, you can also keep succulent or bonsai plants in gorgeous metallic or glass pots. Greenery brings beauty, character and good energy to any space. I just love how pretty they make my kitchen look and feel.

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3. Frame It!

There’s nothing like having a signature wall that adorns bits of your life. Add a pop of colour to that wall and put up adorable moments of your family from different occasions. Pick up frames of different colours, mix and match the size and fill up your feature wall. I personally love family photos and get them in canvas, so much of our walls are covered with family canvas. Remember, there’s no rule to be followed here. Abstract patterns look great.

If you have young children at home, you can appreciate their artwork and design your home by framing their paintings in beautiful frames and hang it up in your living room or entryway. It gives a personal touch to your home and the message of a loving, modern family.

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4. Keep Countertops And Tables Clutter-Free (Good Luck!)

This might be literally the hardest possible thing for any person to do. I feel having a coffee table is an amazing feature in a living room, but it’s also just a giant catchall for all the crap you drag in and out on a day to day basis.  The kitchen counters are the hardest to keep tidy because we tend to just drop stuff where we hang out, which is usually the kitchen and the living room.  If you want your house to keep clean then come up with an alternative system for your kitchen and dining/ coffee tabletop.

Try a wall-mounted key holder for all the keys. A platter on the centre table or near the entrance works great for keeping general nicknacks. Get your junk drawer in tip-top shape too. Do a speed clean for 5-10 minutes once your kids go to bed each night.

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5. The Power Of Cushions

Cushions may not be one of the first things you think about when you redecorate your home, but they can give some of your rooms an entirely new vibe. For example, if your current living room looks bland and boring, adding a couple of modern cushions with bright colours could spruce your living room right up! When choosing cushions for your living room or bedroom, you still need to take your current interior into account. For example, if you have a traditional interior, it is essential to stick with traditional colours and patterns. 

However, if you have a contemporary or modern home, you can be a little more creative where the choice of cushions is concerned. You can pick cushion covers in pure cotton or similar versatile fabrics that can be washed easily. Just pick as per your budget and add some drama to your home decor.

6. Spruce Up Your Entryway

If you don’t have a grand foyer or you do but it needs some love, introduce a small console table. For a formal yet modern aesthetic, opt for a traditional table and then hang modern abstract art above it. You may lean some mandala art piece against the wall for a laid back take.

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7. Lay Down A Rug

Boho? Rustic? Traditional? The rug you choose can instantly change the whole aesthetic of your room. Pick thick rugs for your home because it’s a safe and warm space. The thick piled carpet is easy to clean, and it doesn’t require a rug pad that reduces the falling chances. Due to the thickness of the rug’s pile, the mats will not move when you stand and take steps on it. Also, thick carpets are essential for the kids because it is safe for them.

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8. Put Your Collectables On Display

If you’ve been collecting something for a long time and aren’t sure where to put it, install a floating shelf in your room of choice and then line them up. It can be vintage glass bottles, travel memoirs or anything that’s been getting piled up in your collection for a long time.

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9. Add Seating To Your Floor

You could sit on your couch or you could sit on the comfiest floor pillows ever. I’ll take the latter. There are abundant options in this category and each piece adds a dash of fashion and comfort to the space.

10. Screw In A Colorful Light Bulb

For an unexpected (and easy) pop of colour, trade in your classic bulb for a bright one. It adds the same vibe as a neon sign without taking up any space on the wall. Try it in a hallway or entryway, where decor moments are precious and square footage is limited.

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I hope you liked these simple home decor ideas which literally require no over-the-top expenditure and can be executed by simply making a few changes here and there.

Some people think that home decor is not easy because it requires professional know-how and a creative bent of mind in the art of designing. But the fact is, home decor is nothing but your comfort, personal style and attitude. Enjoy the process and turn the entire home into a new and elegant look, despite having very little time!

Go Mommy!

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